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  1. Mel Bourne

    Thanks Cameron Pedersen

    Just announced his retirement. Always loved his style. Great poise, athleticism and kept a cool head out there. Was a big part of our rebuild and played some great footy for us as recently as late last year. Thought he was stiffed not to get more of a look this year, but that’s how it goes. Thank you for your service, Mr. P.
  2. Mel Bourne

    GAMEDAY - Preliminary Final vs Eagles

    Lewis has to retire after this. He must put his head on the chopping block voluntarily, as act of atonement. He has a leadership role, yet played like a young fool. Enough.
  3. Mel Bourne

    GAMEDAY - Preliminary Final vs Eagles

    Jordan Lewis has been horrific. Costly, classless. A spent force.
  4. Mel Bourne

    GAMEDAY - Preliminary Final vs Eagles

    This is obviously heartbreaking, humiliating and painful. But we’ve learned something this year, fellow supporters. This is a team we can feel genuinely proud of now. Maybe not today. Well, obviously not today. But....you know what I’m saying. They’ve played their guts out and are obviously cooked for the year. But be proud. Don’t be a [censored] about it. Love your Demons.
  5. Mel Bourne

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    I’m so sick of this thread popping up. Enough already.
  6. Mel Bourne

    Our supporter stereotype

    What’s with people on this thread discouraging the use of the term “C’arn”? ”C’arn” is a tremendous “word”, synonymous with our great game. I will never stop saying it.
  7. Mel Bourne

    GAMEDAY - Elimination Final

    Didn’t that happen last year? 🤓
  8. Mel Bourne

    Go and get Gaff!

    Some folks may recall the Leigh Matthews/Neville Bruns incident back in 85. Leigh Matthews was charged with grievous bodily harm by a police officer who was on duty at the match, and was deregistered by the league for a period of weeks. Now this was back in the “tough old days” before all the regulation and ultra-professionalism that followed over the years. One would imagine the same would apply in the current epoch. Regardless of Bradshaw’s wishes, the message it sends to society by banning someone from work for a few weeks for an outright assault is disturbing. Damn the game. It leaks into the popular culture. And that’s the last thing we need more of as a society. He should be formally charged.
  9. Mel Bourne

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 20

    Where’s J. Hunt at? I heard he might’ve been up for selection last week. Could be a good match to ease him back in.
  10. Viney too. Bone stress in the toe is what’s currently ailing the poor bugger.
  11. For the official record, it’s just a dumb joke. Unless it’s his little toe. Then srsly dude, lop it off and get out there. (Which toe is it?)
  12. Mel Bourne

    Jake Lever injury - Confirmed ACL

    Is it nuts to send Cam Pedersen into a defensive role? He’s a quiet achiever and keeps a cool head out there. Hes 31 and only contracted till the end of the year and because of this, I reckon he’d be up for playing out of his skin and earning a place in this particularly special Demons outfit.
  13. Mel Bourne

    2017 Post Mortem

    It's a It's a real factor though, isn't it. If I was a recruit from.....anywhere else, and looked to the crowd for inspiration and saw Sir Joffrey Toffrey and Lady Implanté cheering me on I'd be tempted to throw the f$&king game.
  14. Mel Bourne

    2017 Post Mortem

    Yep. Personally I don't fit the stereotypical image of a Melbourne supporter. I come from a huge Pies family, but as a kid I got interested in the Dees because "Melbourne" made a lot of sense to support, and even a five-year old I wanted to ruffle some magpie feathers (how I'm cursing my flawed, childlike logic this weekend). The Tigers/Pies/Dogs/Blues/Roos/Bombers/Saints supporters among my mates are almost interchangeable and it's harder and harder to see a specific "type" attached to any specific team. It's a changed game, and a lot of the financial/social advantages some teams had over others have greatly diminished over time. It's a much more level playing field, which is great. But does Melbourne still promote their elitist bullshite to younger players? Does anybody here have any access/insight to the general attitude at the club? Is that Range Rover malarkey is still a thing? I would hope that given how egalitarian the league has become, that shite would have been phased out. If not, is it possible the "Toff Factor" at the club is doing untold damage? Does the club need to start metaphorically eating the rich? Keep Sir Basil Caviar out of the f$&king change rooms? Hard to feel like a street fighter when people keep giving you manicures.