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  1. Sponsorship Problem?

    FYI Lite & Easy used to sponsor the Tigers - they were the coach sponsor to be precise. Dima was a ripping bloke yet had a good sense of humour about his sponsor. However, original owners sold out and I have a feeling it was to a Hawthorn supporter - but dont quote me on the second part - hehehehe No Ive never been a member of Lite & Easy, no I dont work for Lite & Easy.
  2. Preseason Training - Week commencing 4/12/17

    Not a problem - I only had time to do one lap so I focused on the language used by coaches Mission, McCartney & Rawlings who are were running different group sessions on different parts of the ground. Each coach was running a completely separate drill. OMG - OMG - OMG - its all consistent, its all positive instant feedback one on one or two,three & four on one coach. If the coach picks something up he pulls them up - no joke says about 10 words and gets them back into it. Everything is done at an intense pace - the language short sharp and too the point. Heaps of nicknames, heaps of encouragement from fellow team mates, a few four letter words - then we keep that ball moving at high speed.
  3. Preseason Training - Week commencing 4/12/17

    Just some quick snap shots for our interstate and overseas members - sorry Im not great with my spelling so you want get much chatter from me. - boys looked very positive, plenty talk, plenty one on one work with coaches - some of them never shut up. Big Jake Levers - nickname is snake. I will leave the rest of the write up to wiseblood he has a good handle on what to say Go Dees
  4. The Ox says the Dees in danger ....

    Oh - I should make it clearer. If an AFL umpire makes a decision - and the player on the mark screams and shouts at the umpire and we get a 50m penalty against us - I would instantly drag the player, irrespective if I agree with the umpire or if I dont. Then I would in-struck my player - if the umpire makes a decision just get on with it no complaints. A culture is built both on and off the field.
  5. The Ox says the Dees in danger ....

    If we are in there in the finals - I dont care who we play or where we play them, I dont care what we wear. If I had a choice out of but of course I understand we dont get a choice a/ Richmond , Collingwood, Carlton and Essendon and playing at the MCG or b/ Adelaide, Port, West coast or Sydney and playing interstate Its a no brainer I'm going for A every time, but ( note that word but) if we are told by the AFL we have to play a team on the B list - not a problem, I will take the good with the bad - no complaints from me. If we dont make the finals - I could not give a rats clacker who plays who where. Just to make it even clearer idiots like Bartlett ( and his fanboys) would find something to complain about even if their team made a grand-final. Then if they won they would start complaining they didnt win by enough. Myself on the other hand - if we made a grand final and we won by 1 point - I would be over the moon and no complaints from me. Same as the fixture, same as the venue, same as the time, same as what you wear - I'm happy to take what the AFL gives us the AFL has 17 other teams to try and keep happy - hell thats no easy task. Go Dees
  6. Sponsorship Problem?

    Nay I'm happy to support Tom - for a $1m dollars a year over 5 years contract and the perfect job for my dad - hell I probably would have done the same. Just damn annoying we took him at pick 1 - but GWS where kind enough to give us Big Jesse Hogan so you win some you loss some. ( but please note I'm not commenting in public if I thought we won or lost the deal in the end - but no complaints from me. ) It could have been worse.
  7. Sponsorship Problem?

    Great idea - has my support I'm happy to support any past or present player of our club.
  8. The Ox says the Dees in danger ....

    Well said - Yes, "sports scientists" where AFL CEO Andrew Demetriou "pet hate" - I always listened to his warnings on them, AD was always happy to listen to us, but some at the MFC never want to listen to the AFL. I on the other hand support the AFL so I'm happy to listen to what they say. Yes, its also great to see Bulldogs and us increasing FD spending to the levels we are - makes me one happy little Demon. If it means we have to play games in Alice Springs - you will get no complaints from me if it means more money into our Footy Department. If it means we have to play games at 3.20 on a Sunday at Ethiad against whoever because thats what the AFL tell us to do - you will get no complaints from me. We have a bright future - at last we are getting a fair go from the AFL & the MFC, long may it continue. After we win a premiership, build our crowds, build our memberships, build our alternative revenue streams - Im sure things like fixtures, games in the Alice, clash guerseys can come back on the agenda. But I wont bother me where we play and against whom. Go Dees
  9. The Ox says the Dees in danger ....

    Finally we have agreement - I too look forward to that day . Thank-you again for your personal attacks on me.
  10. The Ox says the Dees in danger ....

    Chazz you need to do the work for yourself. I'm happy with the AFL, with the MFC and Demonland, I especially like the removal of the AFL media filter and talking direct to MFC staff both past and present - IMHO all are doing a good job.
  11. The Ox says the Dees in danger ....

    Why, you support that idiot Bartlett on SEN, I can see why the station is going bust with idiots like that on the radio. I must confess he does think like a 6 year old child. I could not give a f where we play, when we play, who we play and what we wear when we play - as I said I leave that up to you to worry about. If it matters that much to you - go for it - give the "both" barrels. Ironically - You are starting to sound like a ex-CEO we had but today big boy its a whole new ball game. But I was happy to tell the last CEO I dont want to get involved in politics and picking fights with the AFL - I want what the AFL want. I care about our players - if we win - why great lets do more of that, if we lose why - lets do less of that but there is always next week.
  12. Sponsorship Problem?

    I think what you say makes perfect sense. However, some brands will be a tad more aggressive and try to get in front of the wave, not just ride the wave. Then you can build a long-term relationship that can ride the highs and the lows - but I concede easier said than done. But if you remain positive, stay focused and consistent with your message - big brands are always looking for the right opportunity to grow in a partnership.
  13. The Ox says the Dees in danger ....

    I also forgot to mention - for your benefit I could not give a f who we play I could not give a f where we play I could not give a f at what time we play I could not give a f what we wear when we play. But feel free to give the club "both barrels" on any of the above topics For me what i do care about I care about how much money we are speading inside our football department - so we can develop our players - we can help prevent or treat injuries - we understand our player welfare needs, - we can support our players both past and present - when it comes to recruiting in both drafting and trading we understand the players and assess their "coachability" with our coaching staff. But unlike you, when asked by Mr Jackson I dont want to talk about negative subjects, I want to build a whole new positive culture at the MFC. Go Dees
  14. The Ox says the Dees in danger ....

    Not a problem for me - in the past I've seen and heard many people give both our current & past employees "both barrels" but giving somebody "both barrels" when you come from outside a club can be somewhat interesting - I'm not sure you actually get your point across or find out why they made the decisions they did. But each to there own - I'm happy with the AFL, I'm happy with the direction of the MFC, I can live with the decisions of the past, I might not like the outcomes - but that is life. Thanks to the time of many people I have went and sought out or they have come to me in football Im content with the direction we are heading. Sure, I also appreciate people want a flag in 2018 and Im happy to hope for that also. I found AFL football is a tough game - we have good football people who give their best both past and present. Oh and just for the record - I like the direction Demonland is heading, those podcasts are outstanding.
  15. The Ox says the Dees in danger ....

    Ahhh Chazz just came across your post - Thank-you for your personally attack on me. But last time I saw BP that was on draft night at the North Melbourne table and before that at the Carlton table - geez he must be doing something right. Im happy with BP - no animosity from me, no abuse and vitriol from me on or offline. Last time I saw CC he was sitting with the Gold Coast boys, before that the GWS boys and before that the Richmond boys - geez he must be doing something right, especially now Gold Coast is under AFL control. Im happy with CC - no animosity from me, no abuse and vitriol from me on or offline. Im sorry I can learn things from other clubs and people - I respect the position of head of football at all clubs, I respect the position of head of recruiting at all clubs, I respect the postion of head of junior development at all clubs. Football is not an exact science - you are dealing with human beings - I'm sorry I respect that fact. Do they get everything right - dont think so. But on draft night just out of interest - What table were you sitting on? And if you every do get the chance to meet them - Im sure you will share your animosity, abuse and vitriol towards them - or will you? Personally, I cant change the past - so I dont even bother wasting my time thinking about it. I will leave that up to you. Personally, I like the way we are heading as a football club, AFL "recommended" CEO, AFL "approved" board, we are happy to increase our spending inside our footy department and rebuild a positive vibrant culture free of politics - geez I could not ask for any more. I'm sorry, I dont share the same views as you. Go Dees