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  1. It’s been a tough week for some at Demonland here is an interesting article that might help a few .... https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/en.amerikanki.com/advantages-positive-thinking/amp-list/
  2. Welcome Johnnie Walker (we all need you!)

    4th new sponsor in a month - I will drink to that and yes it will be Johnny Walker. Geez we are becoming multi-cultural Swiss, Scottish, Japanese & Australian. Go Dees
  3. Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 5

    Yes, I would listen far more to the Ethan type trolls - "haters". They are just upset they have no idea what is happening apart from what they read in the newspapers - such is life. Your choice.
  4. Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 5

    Not a matter of going wrong - more a matter of you can only spend your money once. Tigers over the last 10 years have worked hard to build memberships, crowds and "sponsors" - all trivial stuff I know compared to fixtures, clash jumpers, songs and "hating" the AFL but we have to leave the important stuff to our MFC footy keyboard / armchair experts on Demonland. We can beat them - you must break down their defensive structures both in the air and on the ground. Im not going to say much more - but we can beat them, we will have a red hot crack.
  5. Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 5

    Its more than just fitness - its a total player health & welfare plan, almost every aspect of the players life is covered. They (the Tigers) spent an absolute fortune in this area even down to buying gaming consoles - so in their down time the players can amuse themselves. Seriously everything was covered. Its all built on the theory of body, mind & soul - based on 100% honest between club, coaches and player - during and extending to after their playing days. But some people will tell you it was all luck why the won the flag last year - hahaha - or Neil Balme - hahaha
  6. Missed Opportunity - ANZAC Eve Crowd

    A real missed opportunity - Should we not wait till after the game till we make a comment like that. I would of thought at this stage its - a potential missed opportunity. Its our home game this year so the only club we would be hurting by not turning up is our own - the MFC.
  7. Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 5

    Demons to win by 31 points in-front of a 80K+ crowd - we understand the Tigers game plan, we know how to beat it. Now its a matter of taking our opportunities and beating the 2017 AFL premiers on this great day - Anzac Eve. Huge thank you to the Tigers for allowing us to be their partners and create this blockbuster game ... but Go Dees.
  8. Left behind again - ground upgrades

    Looks like club updated the site http://melbournefc.com.au/news/2018-04-18/melbourne-delighted-by-casey-funding Chief executive Peter Jackson said the club was delighted with the Andrews Government’s commitment to Casey Fields. “We think this is a great investment, not only for the City of Casey, but also for female football and for the further upgrade to the facilities at Casey Fields,” he said.
  9. 2018 Membership Thread

    Yeah think he was angry at the club the AFL and many other volunteers / club employees and he took his frustrations out on me - anyway I’m over it moved on and wish him well. I’m rapt the club is building a positive culture, growing our membership growing our crowds and building a strong business. I’m a huge supporter of PJ and thank the AFL for their assistance in helping us find key personnel when we needed them.
  10. Left behind again - ground upgrades

    The club have placed a statement on their website - sounds like they are pretty positive about the deal http://m.melbournefc.com.au/news/2018-04-13/big-boost-for-footy-facilities
  11. Round 4 Non MFC games

    Yeah Carlton, Gold Coast & Lions chock full of earlier draft picks got smashed by teams with less than a hand full of early picks. Geez this “draft” is such a great equalisation tool. But that’s only my opinion.
  12. Round 4 Non MFC games

    Don’t cash out on the double - north are killing them - you are home with a few extra dollars in your pocket - well done
  13. Round 4 Non MFC games

    West Coast & Fremantle are both very well run sports entertainment businesses- think they can afford it to keep their supporters happy. Think they made a few errors but I’m sure they can fix them up.
  14. Round 4 Non MFC games

    Think you will find Australian wages are very high compared to many countries around the world. Just a thought.