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  1. Robbo (Mark) doesn't think we'll make finals

    Robbos opinion ( and that's all it is an AFL journalists opinion ) could/should be very motivational for our whole football club. It is up to us as supporters to help the players prove him WRONG. Everybody has there part to play - so we can stick it up him if/when we do make the finals. Lets embrace the challenge and prove him wrong. Go Dees
  2. This is symptomatic of the way the game is evolving - larger mids - less talls in your forward line, find match-ups that interrupt with your oppositions game-plan. Evolving a game plan that is less predictable and more suited to planned mid-game adjustments or tinkering instead of haphazard adjustments.
  3. A Day at the Races

    - yeah there are some funny names. I like the horse called - Near Queue which is a bit of a play on Far Queue ... that always makes me chuckle
  4. Ology and high speed internet

    With any infrastructure project somebody somewhere needs to make some very important decisions. Australia has many unique geographical & climatic issues you must factor in, then overlay our relatively small population dispersed over vast distances - what option is "best" and a what cost do you have to draw the line. Fibre vs Copper? Cost vs performance? Time frames ? Minimum standards vs Possible standards? Future predictions? Lack of knowledge from the general public. Seriously, the list could go on and on. Irrespective who started or finished this project in Australia you will always have variances and somebody somewhere will have some form of complaint. Unless you allocate a bottomless pit of money - Is Australia prepared to do that?
  5. You will never know what you dont know. But yes, that is a by-product of their data - has proved to be a commercial bonus.
  6. The trend is your friend, till you meet the bend - then never catch the falling knife. Champion Data doesn't need to interpret their data - it is up to you to build the model. Champion Data is a goldmine.
  7. A Day at the Races

    Cheers Didn't see Maccas input. All the best hope you make a tidy profit, tough game and it is not an easy business.
  8. A Day at the Races

    If you are backing all combinations at level stakes you will find it hard/impossible over the long-term to turn a profit. Now I'm assuming 2 & 6 were not the same price and your selection for 3rd "the field" all cant be the same price.

    Time to get rid of the "sooks" once and for all - Well done Dees that was fun to watch.

    Maybe worth considering another way to look at it - Exciting really, but sport has now become totally professional, where business forces work for collective and individual enrichment of the whole game. Where all stakeholders i.e. players, coaches, umpires, administrators etc concerned are properly financially rewarded.
  11. Robbo's Club Ambassador Role.

    Seriously, are you sure you are in the right forum? I'm loving your contribution, keep up the outstanding work. You are a refreshing change. All the best & Go Dees
  12. Ollie Wines

    I'm confident we will get a deal done if Ollie elects to leave SA - but with a huge emphasis on the if.

    I enjoyed watching some of the kids get a fair crack at some game-time - not sure if this format is 100% right yet for Australian markets, still some tinkering needs to be done. However, certainly looks like the best product we have ever had for the export markets. I could see during finals times teams that dont make finals - play this game on an international level to promote the game. Im looking forward to watching how our kids perform tonight.
  14. A Day at the Races

    Don Scotts ratings are a tad outdated for obvious reasons. However, his principles hold true. We smashed the bookies, over 3 sports, over a 5-6 year period. We had professional analysis's in each sport & a database/price computer team. So much so we ended up working/partnership with certain companies in their price assessments we even happily took part of the exposure. So you are up against the professionals - You need to work your butts off or over the long run you will just be "another mug punter".
  15. A Day at the Races

    You guys need to get yourself a copy of the best book ever written on horse racing - Winning More by the legendary Legal Eagle - Don Scott ( not Don Scott of footy fame ) He will help with your multiple betting options and even more importantly how to frame a market to maximise returns. I've sold my business in this sector. But if I was ever looking to get back into this sector I would look at Tennis Betting.