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  1. Yeah well - dont think in practical terms that is correct. At trade time "the voice" of the coach carries most of the weight. However, definitely from an external point of view that is the line all clubs push - the "decision" was made by the whole of the FD.
  2. Poorly thought out by Freo. Can I ask what are they going to do with picks 2 & 5 in this draft? Can I suggest they will take 2 highly rated Victorian kids - if they are any good they will be targeted and induced by the go home factor in 2-3 years, if they are no good Freo can keep them. Freo should have banked the picks and targeted better quality WA kids next year - but maybe the coach cant afford to do that.
  3. But thats what the deal basically was allowing for the picks coming back. Think the best thing we did was spread it over two drafts - next year never comes - we can easily trade back into 2018 first round when that trade period arrives. We got Lever for minimal impact on this years list.
  4. Trade rumours

    Easy to say due to lack of results but maybe our opposition was just doing it better with more $$$$$$ available. AFL football is a professional business - like it or hate it many supporters just cant grasp that fact. Sure in the 1960's when we where doing well it was an amateur sport but today its all about the money.
  5. Farewell Jack Watts

    Hi Sue - Honestly, I've known Denis very well for many years. At times he can be quite eccentric in his thinking process. Think even he would admit he has lost touch with what is going on these days. Nice bloke, genuine bloke but at times can be as mad as a hatter
  6. Well said. At times I get the impression many posters on this site are Collingwood trolls because as sure as night follows day they dont know how to support us.
  7. Not sure Gaff is a Goodwin type player - quite a bit of convincing would need to be done. Hogan, I'm sure we will put a contract to him some time this year - again I can tell you for a fact Goody wont let him come out of contract - if he stays of if he goes.
  8. Overall I gave us an 8/10 with the only teams outscoring us being Essendon on 9/10 and Port at 8.5/10 However, the Drug Cheats and Port have put all their eggs in the trade basket - so I see us having a better draft day than both those sides. So yes, in the short term this trade period favors them but in the medium to longer terms things can swing back our way. Importantly, I should add this trade period in my opinion has elevated us into a very close 2nd in the Lynch race. Think Tigers and Drug Cheats have spent all their $$$$ so both are out - Tigers on Dusty, DC on Stringer, Smith & Saad. .
  9. Logan Austin

    Great to see young Logan get more opportunities at the Saints - this kid can play and I wish him all the best.
  10. Fantastic week for our club, think they achieved all their objectives and secured the players they needed to improve our list Picks Available - 29, 31, 36 and 47 1/ Lever - huge get, the best kid traded to our club in many, many years. 2/ Balic - good upside for the price we paid I saw this kid a number of times in WA this year. 3/ Picks - essential brought in an extra usable picks into this years draft ie pick 36 Outs 1/ Pick 10 - pretty much a raffle pick in this years draft so I'm not worried about exchanging it to get Lever & another raffle pick pick 36 2/ Watts - sad to see Jack leave and wish him all the best at the PAFC, he will always be a Demon to me. Wish to thank the FD for all their efforts in this tough, stressful and often emotional week. Im very happy and looking forward to embracing our very positive and bright future. Go Dees.
  11. Good pick up and a good punt for a pick we where unlikely to use. Kid needs to get stuck into it now and work his butt off to get a slot in our 22.
  12. Port the big winners in Trade Week?

    No such thing as "easily" any more in AFL football. Every goal, every tackle, every minute of ever game counts, every minute of training and preparation counts - you have to play for a 100 minutes like its your last minute - because it might well be. We missed the finals by the smallest margin in history - it now motivates us in everything we do. No half arsed efforts are acceptable irrespective if its in game 1, game 22 or a practice match.
  13. Calling all Trolls

    Flying High - and dont call me Shirley
  14. Farewell Jack Watts

    I'm confident you will see a further evolution of the game plan and standards that need to be met in the 2018 season. Again, I appreciate it hurts, we are all hurting but we need to move forward together as a united unit. Jack is no longer a Demon, lets wish him well and embrace the positive times ahead.