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  1. he looks like he's pilling off his head
  2. I like it! should be 70K+ against the bombers. potential for that and more if all of us, pies and rich still going strong at the back end of the season. loads to watch on tv. might meet my WCE mate in NT. bring it on!! Why doesn't he AFL leave the extra game out for the 4 teams in ANZAC and either previous or after and then catch it up during the bye round? China too) similar to the EPL, where a team could have played a game less/ more than those around them?
  3. just completed the club survey. suggested that they somehow strike a deal with the companies that provide drinks at the venues to have MFC logo/ branding on cups etc. obviously logistics and cost would be big, but IMO it would be awesome to drink a beer with the logo on the side @ the games. make it exclusive to reinforce that we are the only home team at the venue. serve drinks in MFC cups @ all games! feck em!!
  4. so where do we find the 47 goals that he kicked this year? my concern is that we will be 282 points worse off, brings us well back on %. we give these 282 points to Fremantle and it brings them into contention for the bottom part of the 8. Fremantle are not the basket case we think they are, they are a bigger club than MFC two years from now he will kick 100 goals in a season it will set us back, no doubt. keep at all cost. if we can....
  5. I asked the club to contact me so I can upgrade my membership to the GFG, when they emailed me last week. there might be loads of people thinking to do the same
  6. thanks for this post. if you had said at the start of the year that we would make a prelim, I would have taken it! even if you said it would be against west coast in Perth, I would have taken it there was a brutality to the game at the weekend that was unexpected yes, but IMO there was some honesty to it as well. its not like the boys didn't try, they never gave up. its not as if they weren't prepared, we just don't, at this stage, have another level. as you said we have pretty handy players to come in, and the next few seasons will be pretty exciting. I am in absolutely no doubt that this is the team that will win us a flag, its the best set and prepared team I've seen in my lifetime (40 years) am I disappointed by the result at the weekend, yes. am I optimistic about where we are heading, absolutely I think I'm more disappointed that Collingwood are in the final than us losing... GO DEE'S
  7. thats game over! 5 goal rule. pies will be in the final
  8. walking out the school gates, time to get excited. headed to Y&Js for a few pre game drinks, and begin one awesome night!!
  9. gonna turn off the tv, after last week I can't watch the final Q
  10. why did 3 go up for the mark. where are their voices?
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