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  1. I've enjoyed a few podcasts on the commute to work. I really enjoyed Serial. I love TEAM Effort for a laugh. It's Ed Kavalee, Tony Martin and a range of guests. The early Cracked podcasts are interesting and funny. They've really gone downhill over time though.
  2. Thanks guys. I figure it is easy to just bring him in but I want to be sure. For the past 15 years seats haven't really been an issue but I'm thinking (and hoping) that they'll be a bit more in demand from this year on. We'll see how we go.
  3. Apologies to everyone if this has been posted elsewhere - I did a cursory search and couldn't find anything. My wife and I are both Redlegs members. It's been a great way to attend the footy and while we've had a baby and now a toddler a really comfortable way to do so too. As the young bloke's had his 2nd birthday now we're wondering if he'll need a Redlegs membership to sit in the area too? It looks like GA packages are available for kids aged 2-6 and junior Redlegs packages are next bracket up for under 15s. I can't find ticketing info on the AFL site. I'mat a bit of a loss and I know this sounds cheap but right now my 2 year old doesn't pay a lot of attention to the game so buying a $220 membership over a $60 one seems pretty steep. Does anyone have any info on this? I assume I'll need to contact the club for the official word but any assistance is really appreciated.
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