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  1. Cotchin out?

    Gone. Only needs a fine, MRP just have to follow their guidelines and he's out for 1
  2. AFL Finals Week 3 - Prelims

    Wow Adelaide as a whole organisation makes us look exactly what we are.....
  3. The Jake Lever Thread

  4. The Nick Meese Thread

    our ruck backup needs to be mobile. close fred.
  5. Bernie Vince Re-Signs for 2018

    A few around here need to be reminded: contract does not equal = best 22. I'm sure Bernie will have to work for his spot.
  6. Tomas Bugg Opens Up

    Amazing how people think he is a thug. Players have done way worse over there careers, take for example Alex Rance his hit on watts who wasn't even facing him I see as more of a thug act
  7. Trade rumours

    It was easy for people to [censored] the Hogan to Perth Rumour because unfortunately as we found out his father was very ill. I don't think these people realise what has come of this now, Hogan is happy in Melbourne and he loves the club.
  8. Goodwin: Cats Must Play Menzel

    Those people I suspect know how to perform at their job and be consistent in their output. MFC is not
  9. Goodwin: Cats Must Play Menzel

    Because a finalist coach would listen to Goodwin
  10. VFL Semi Final - Casey Demons v Richmond VFL

    Wouldn't say that just yet. JKH is a certified spud though.
  11. AFL Finals - Week 1

    Suck it in port you flogs.
  12. The Andrew Gaff thread

    No thanks. Very crucial errors late in the 4th although he would fit it
  13. AFL Finals - Week 1

    So many flogs playing for port
  14. VFL Semi Final - Casey Demons v Richmond VFL

    JKH is a spud at VFL level
  15. VFL Semi Final - Casey Demons v Richmond VFL

    Atleast benken is cracking in. JKH is done, do not want. Stretch not looking good either