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  1. david_neitz_is_my_dad

    Fox Footy's 2019 Top 8 Predictions

    Kingy getting them all onboard
  2. david_neitz_is_my_dad

    Dees to take on Pies in Scratch Match (22/2/19)

    thats fine, Id be a lot more interested in seeing the rookies and Preus out there than the common players going 60%
  3. david_neitz_is_my_dad

    GWS jumper, Grey is getting too close to Blue

    Orange G on dark grey yet "We need to protect out brand" I suggest spec savers
  4. david_neitz_is_my_dad

    Dees to take on Pies in Scratch Match (22/2/19)

    Different training methods
  5. david_neitz_is_my_dad

    Dees to take on Pies in Scratch Match (22/2/19)

    Way back at the start of preseason I dropped by after watching our boys train and they were doing match sim with tackling, looked serious high intensity meanwhile we were doing running and light skills.
  6. david_neitz_is_my_dad

    Misson Leaving at End of 2019

    If he put in 2 weeks notice we’d be [censored]
  7. david_neitz_is_my_dad

    Training - Tuesday 12th February, 2019

    Only the ruckman would be inclined to not improve on their 17/18 year old times. More power, efficiency and training would slash the times.
  8. david_neitz_is_my_dad

    The Co-Captaincy?

    It will just be Viney.
  9. david_neitz_is_my_dad

    Kangaroos Intra Club 13th February

    Not surprised Boomer tore them up, as will we.
  10. david_neitz_is_my_dad

    New Major Sponsor - Jaguar CONFIRMED

  11. david_neitz_is_my_dad

    Training - Saturday 9th February, 2019 @ Casey

    They years of Jonesy carrying us have caught up with him it seems
  12. david_neitz_is_my_dad

    May Hamstring Injury Confirmed (8/2/19)

    Smokescreen to avoid the dribble that is AFL X, we are smart.
  13. david_neitz_is_my_dad


    Fair bit of water to go under the bridge between now and the next "public session"
  14. david_neitz_is_my_dad

    Dees to take on Pies in Scratch Match (22/2/19)

    Would any good actually come from this? Itd be awkward as hell like how hard do you tackle? Do you crunch the [censored] drifting across in front of you?
  15. david_neitz_is_my_dad

    Farewell Dean Kent

    Pretty surprised to see this thread getting light