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  1. david_neitz_is_my_dad

    Changes vs Adelaide

  2. david_neitz_is_my_dad

    Changes vs Adelaide

    Unchanged team.
  3. david_neitz_is_my_dad

    Wallace Urges Adelaide to Target Lever

    Trust me Jake Lever will eat that [censored] [censored] up. Hes a boxer who grew up on a farm. Loves it.
  4. david_neitz_is_my_dad

    Tom McDonald Contract Talks

    Sneaky bugger, worth a lot more now than a month ago.
  5. david_neitz_is_my_dad

    Alice Springs game

    Id imagine their ban list would be huge, given youre probably back on page 22 from the current 89 pages
  6. david_neitz_is_my_dad

    Post Match Discussion - Round 9

  7. david_neitz_is_my_dad

    Post Match Discussion - Round 9

  8. david_neitz_is_my_dad

    Post Match Discussion - Round 9

    Kicked slightly more goals than they did
  9. david_neitz_is_my_dad

    GAMEDAY - Round 9

    Inside 50's shouldnt even be counted when we play because we do [censored] nothing with it. pointless
  10. david_neitz_is_my_dad

    GAMEDAY - Round 9

    percentage booster
  11. david_neitz_is_my_dad


    Maybe. See how he is going at the end of the season and if hes up for it he can teach the boys at Casey how to party in 2019
  12. david_neitz_is_my_dad

    The Curnow Brothers at the Tribunal

    One done is better than none
  13. david_neitz_is_my_dad

    What's Our Most Iconic Number?

  14. david_neitz_is_my_dad

    Demons on Masterchef (16/5/18)

    Not surprised, all those cooking and reno shows are fake as [censored]