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  1. Some perspectives on resilience

    Talk about kicking us poor supporters while we are down......Mine went straight in the bin. But not after my dorks supporting partner made a few smart ass remarks.....Give me strength in my darkest hour!
  2. Round 23 Non MFC Games

    Thank goodness for this forum. I don't feel so alone in my bloody disappointment
  3. Demonland New Member Meet and Greet

    I am a newbie. Signed up in July. And to further put myself out there, I AM FEMALE. I love the dees, hate the hawks & have brainwashed one of my daughters to support the grand old flag. The other daughter is a work in progress....
  4. Embrace it

    I feel so sorry for me too deebug. And yes "those" posters really have only one use..... poo & wee wipes
  5. Embrace it

    Agree JV7 with your words "let other posters dream of September and talk about it, we haven't had this chance for 11 years". I am loving finally being able to get caught up in the September buzz. It is perhaps made even that bit sweeter by my partners team, the dorks, not being involved. Our house has far too many poo & wee premiership posters.......
  6. Places not to go as a dees fan

    My mother in laws. She is a die hard hawks tragic & thinks Jordan Lewis is god. Apparently I orchestrated his deflect to the dees......
  7. Neville Jetta Unbelievable

    It's a long story. My grandfather used to work for the MFC. Us grand kids thought he barracked for them so we started following them too. He in fact barracked for South Melbourne.....Sydney Swans.....recent success........
  8. Neville Jetta Unbelievable

    I remember watching Jetta at a Luna Park family day a few years back. He was there with his partner & young child/children. No fans around him & quite inconspicuous. Don't imagine it will be this way at the next family day..... P.S. 1st post on this site.... long time reader. My love for Jetta took over & compelled me to type