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    MFC, Gawny's beard and thumping Collingwood
  1. Retro gear

    Whilst I like the crazy eyes from the 80s, I really like the current design, I’m embracing it!
  2. The Cam Pedersen Appreciation Thread

    Love his ground ball action, always gets it to a clean pair of hands or snaps without resistance - go pedo, you wonderful thing! with Hannan, Garlett and Kent/Harmes cramming - it’s a scarily potent fwd line!
  3. Are we ready for 580 Brownlow votes?

    Maybe post Rd 1 will look like this?
  4. Are we ready for 580 Brownlow votes?

    It’s certainly going to be an exciting game - win or lose - it will be a great contest! Having said that, I’m hoping that Vince gets into Dangers head so that by hafl way through the first quarter, he’s dragged by the coach. Given the twos history, it’s likely to be a pretty scrappy affair early on, so whilst our big bodies (Bugg, Vince, Viney, Jones, ANB and Kent) are keeping the cats in check and wrestling, I hope our 2nd tier runners are smart enough to play on and give TMAC all the opportunities he needs to hurt them early. By half time, GAJ should have suffered a chicken wing from Viney and Selwood might have dropped his head a little too low and one time too many, onto an oncoming Frost Gigas, unfortunately rendering him unconscious. Our class will sort out the rest of the afternoon and then the fans of the defeated will commence their long, awkward and uncomfortable pilgrimage on the highway back to Geelong. Sounds like the perfect weekend really, better get down there!
  5. Tim Watson's outrageous faux pas

    Haven’t heard of Funk n Wagnells in years!!! 😂😂😂😂😂
  6. Maroochydore training camp

    Classic 😂
  7. Maroochydore training camp

    Cut like a snake!
  8. Time to ditch the Runner

    In practice though, if you want a free kick, just kick it to their runner. Probably wouldn’t work. Maybe restrict it to goal stoppages?
  9. JLT Experiments

    If he were to pull through, that would send a message to Geelong for Rd 1, but if not, we might be tagged as heavy underdogs. Because I'm flying down to Melbourne for that Rd 1 clash, I want to give Viney every chance of success - so cotton wool for me during JLT..
  10. JLT Experiments

    When you say defensive skill did you mean forward pressure (lock it in) type skills?
  11. JLT Experiments

    Yeah good points, Keilty is another I forgot we had, might be a good look. But agree, don't need to see wins (per se) but just some game time, the younger fellas feeling the pace and the bigger bodies and as you quite rightly said - no bloody injuries!
  12. Jake Lever

    Yeah I still have a soft spot for Bruce, he's such a passionate lover of all sports, a rare talent in Australia's media, and in my mind, totally unbiased and generally sticks to the topic of the day. Cometti, Bruce and Whateley are our best, although I think Cometti has since retired.
  13. JLT Experiments

    Hey DL! Just wondering what we'd all like to see during the JLT? For mine: -Fritch and Weidermann having a solid crack up forward -Trac, Bugg, Jones, Oliver and ANB in the middle (pre-Geelong setups) -GNinja and Petty roaming on half forward Thoughts?
  14. 2018's 'breakout' player

    Agree, Harmes has slid a little under the radar, but boy is he aggressive. He's about the only MFC player that has a Dustin Martin-like fend off, can break lines, and throws his body on the line time and time again. I see Bugg in the same vein, stringing solid aggressive and self-less (dare I say it, but very un-Watts-like). So here are my predictions for a few of the list: Harmes - kills it, tank is better than last year Petracca - disappoints somewhat, still too much pasta, his tank not quite there Hogan - delights with the new structured fwd line, really settles and finally starts kicking beyond 50m arc ANB - solidifies permanent B22 Oliver - terrifies all opponents, gains a second tag for most of the year Salem - has a few blinders, but no change Frost - makes better decisions and improves greatly