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    MFC, Gawny's beard and thumping Collingwood

    Holding the ball!!!!!
  2. Where to play TMac?

    Given our relatively sustained I50 count, TMAC and his tank and speed, you’d have to have him forward and available to head back when needed. Both TMAC and Hogan can rotate up the ground a bit together where necessary. If you have both in the forward line and it gels, well... many sides will struggle to contain both (again noting our I50 count).
  3. Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 5

    Dare I ask, but did we tank it last week knowing we had 9 days and 5 days break? Knowing we had the premiers and presumably wanting to hit them hard on a big stage? Or was there enough failure in the forward line and the lack of scoreboard pressure to explain the horrible performance?
  4. Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 5

    When he makes a contest he brings the ball to ground very well. There’s also absolutely no confusion who should be jumping at the pack, making the forwards stay down!
  5. Lyon on Brayshaw

    Gaz, the epitome of wisdom, good character, judgement and honour.. ... Speaking of absolute fl0gs, did you also all hear Eddy commentating on the weekend and nearly put his foot in it regarding Tarzan or something?
  6. Changes vs Hawthorn R4

    Noting the secret training session today, anyone seen Viney or TMAC around Melbourne today?
  7. Hawks on Sunday - Predictions

    I like your optimism, but I understand Razor Ray is umpiring...
  8. Hawks on Sunday - Predictions

    If Frost can ‘accidentally’ take Mitchell’s head off with a stumbling, collapsing hip ‘n’ shoulder, we might go alright? Hawks by 5 goals for mine......
  9. Changes v North Melbourne

    Just watched the Roos/Saints replay. I’m concerned about marking contests, and north’s ability to run fwd in numbers and string a few - albeit sloppy - possessions together... their contested game wasn’t too unlike ours, although we have Oliver’s quick hands and better stoppage clearance due to petracca’s and jones’ ability to command ground. the discussion on brown/frost and a free lever is valid, but not at the expense of effective marks and clearance work around the ground. shall be another tight one I think, but we might just have the edge - go dees!!!
  10. Gaming - we are out!

    I would just like us to take advantage of such a decision and market ourselves in positive way - I wonder how some of the other bigger clubs would cope without gambling profits?
  11. Name 3 good things

    #1. Q3: (7:41) Garlett, Fritsch and Melksham apply the right forward pressure to prevent the Cats from letting the ball roll out of the boundary resulting in a goal - watch it again, it’s amazing! Keep that up lads and they’ll have no chance! #2. Wagner’s tackle on Selwood, but also his consistently applied drive, bash and movement with total disrespect for his own safety during Q3 and Q4! He’s done enough for mine for re-selection next week. #3. Fritsch gliding through the field, positively influencing almost all of his engagements, although his disposal efficiency doesn’t capture his influence. Super debut, demonstrated aerial and ground level class! Just want to thank the OP on such a good idea for a thread, there’s a lot of good to take out of this one! IN: Tyson, Frost OUT: Maynard, Hunt ON NOTICE: ANB, Salem and Garlett
  12. Petracca wants to start in the guts.

    And eats less of his mums pasta.. if he really wants to improve his endurance, reduce the mass bro! He’s got so much going for him: - commands ground with his bulk, like a Sherman tank - always finds his feet, like a cat you’ve thrown off a roof (figuratively) - has goal sense, like a frenzied sniper in Afghanistan - is an aerialist, like a red bull stunt pilot, and - gets the team and crowd going with his infectious celebration, like its Merv doing stretches Ok, so I might have over exaggerated there... but you get the point.
  13. Every theme song will be re-done by AFL

    Just listened to it, agree. write your letters everyone!
  14. The Jack Watts in 2018 Thread

    My best mate from high school (a demon fan and supporter) who I’ve know for 20 years, recently bought a pair of JW board shorts - haven’t spoken to him in a month...
  15. Demonland Podcast LIVE 21/3 @ 8:30pm

    Assume their best is in please! Assume our injuries prevail...