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  1. Yze_13

    Rumour File

    Does anyone have any concrete mail on a supposed fight between Hoges and Milkshake at a dinner that required them to be physically separated?
  2. Yze_13

    Post Match Discussion - Preliminary Final

    Geelong Collingwood 09 Collingwood Geelong 10 Syd Nth 14
  3. Yze_13

    Who's going to Perth?

    I’m in section 146 too - row G
  4. Yze_13

    Pre-match brunch

    I’ll be there! My plane lands at 9.30 so timing works out really well.
  5. Yze_13

    Post Match Discussion - Elimination Final

    A really gritty and tough finals performance. No passengers. So many huge moments, you couldn’t help but be emotional. You could grizzle at the conversion and some wasted opportunities but that happens in finals. We put scoreboard pressure on early and didn’t ever let up. I got the feeling that of the 91,000 there (sorry OldDee you were about 36,000 off) 65,000 of them were Dees. The roar when Chunk kicked the winner was spine tingling. On to next week and a much different challenge - can we break the Hawks possession game with our running power? Can’t wait!
  6. Yze_13

    Finals Tickets

    Great - I’m in the middle of row G.
  7. Yze_13

    Finals Tickets

    I guess we don’t have too long to wait to find out. I haven’t been through the previous 31 pages but anyone else in N14?
  8. Yze_13

    Finals Tickets

    I have an Asahi open to celebrate our AA participants. Hard to predict the weather but if its a night like tonight there will certainly be 80k+. You’re forgetting that at least 10k of neutrals will turn up.
  9. Yze_13

    Finals Tickets

  10. Yze_13


    It might sound silly but I thought West Coast hitting the front as ‘early’ as they did was helpful. It refocused and galvanised us. So incredibly proud of all of the players. A fantastic effort over there. Shout out to the recruiting staff. What did we give up for Hibberd & Melksham? Where were Tom McDonald, Hannan, Harmes, Jetta and Fritsch drafted? What a day. Let’s all get to the G next week and bring back a home final.
  11. Yze_13


    As bad a side as I can remember seeing us play. Got the job done - really strong performance aside from some third quarter inaccuracy. We need now to bring that same effort next Sunday.
  12. Yze_13


    15 minutes before bounce and there’s literally 47 GC supporters here.
  13. Yze_13


  14. Yze_13

    Post Match Discussion - Round 12

    Crows - average yes particularly with Sloane and Walker out - subsequent form bears that out. North - hadn't really got its season going when we played them.
  15. Yze_13

    Post Match Discussion - Round 12

    Great post. Certainly happy with 8-4 at the bye. My only issue is that apart from the Geelong game we haven't been close to beating an above average side. We need to establish some credibility - no better place to start than on the road against a top 8 team on Friday week.