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  1. Yze_13


    It might sound silly but I thought West Coast hitting the front as ‘early’ as they did was helpful. It refocused and galvanised us. So incredibly proud of all of the players. A fantastic effort over there. Shout out to the recruiting staff. What did we give up for Hibberd & Melksham? Where were Tom McDonald, Hannan, Harmes, Jetta and Fritsch drafted? What a day. Let’s all get to the G next week and bring back a home final.
  2. Yze_13


    As bad a side as I can remember seeing us play. Got the job done - really strong performance aside from some third quarter inaccuracy. We need now to bring that same effort next Sunday.
  3. Yze_13


    15 minutes before bounce and there’s literally 47 GC supporters here.
  4. Yze_13


  5. Yze_13

    Post Match Discussion - Round 12

    Crows - average yes particularly with Sloane and Walker out - subsequent form bears that out. North - hadn't really got its season going when we played them.
  6. Yze_13

    Post Match Discussion - Round 12

    Great post. Certainly happy with 8-4 at the bye. My only issue is that apart from the Geelong game we haven't been close to beating an above average side. We need to establish some credibility - no better place to start than on the road against a top 8 team on Friday week.
  7. Yze_13

    Post Match Discussion - Round 9

    A true 4 quarter performance with no passengers. Thought they got a little bit handball happy in the last quarter trying to share it around but only a very minor criticism. Having bounced back over the last month and beaten 4 objectively inferior teams comprehensively, the challenge now is to bring that standard against a team who played in last year's grand final and whom the football world would consider our equals.
  8. Yze_13

    Name 3 good things

    1. Speed of ball movement and risk taking was excellent. With Viney back our midfield will be elite for 5+ years. And we have the best ruckman in the competition. 2. Pushed a hardened top 4 team in a milestone game to within a kick even with 6-8 below average performances. 3. Oscar's ongoing development.
  9. Then you could also say that our loss was Fritsch's fault. His smothered kick, by not going back over the mark properly, led to the ball being kicked to the 50:50 contest, which led to the free kick, the 50m and the goal. Attributing the loss to one specific event is so difficult. That being said, agree that you want your leaders to show passion - in the right way. Vince in the 3rd term in a contest was a good example - Lewis not so much.
  10. Yze_13

    2018 Ladder Prediction Competition

    1. GWS 2. Geelong 3. Sydney 4. Adelaide 5. Richmond 6. Melbourne 7. Port Adelaide 8. Western Bulldogs 9. Essendon 10. Hawthorn 11. West Coast 12. Collingwood 13. St. Kilda 14. Fremantle 15. Brisbane 16. Carlton 17. North Melbourne 18. Gold Coast
  11. Yze_13

    Trade rumours

    Pretty sure it's Dalhaus. That's my educated guess.
  12. Yze_13

    My 3 word end of season player analysis

    I think the problem is that his best is so good and so explosive that the "ordinary" stuff doesn't really register. With another full preseason he should take the next step next year.
  13. Yze_13

    Nathan Jones Media Conference

    Nonsensical comparison considering who they had out last year.
  14. Yze_13

    2017 Post Mortem

    So how do you account for the first quarter performances against Port and St Kilda, the win over the Bulldogs, beating Adelaide and West Coast away...? Or is that the players?
  15. Yze_13

    Hand in your membership

    I sit in N12 and have sat there for 21 years - he's been there about that long. A real pest. My worst habit is punching the seat next to me...