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  1. Trade rumours

    Pretty sure it's Dalhaus. That's my educated guess.
  2. My 3 word end of season player analysis

    I think the problem is that his best is so good and so explosive that the "ordinary" stuff doesn't really register. With another full preseason he should take the next step next year.
  3. Nathan Jones Media Conference

    Nonsensical comparison considering who they had out last year.
  4. 2017 Post Mortem

    So how do you account for the first quarter performances against Port and St Kilda, the win over the Bulldogs, beating Adelaide and West Coast away...? Or is that the players?
  5. Hand in your membership

    I sit in N12 and have sat there for 21 years - he's been there about that long. A real pest. My worst habit is punching the seat next to me...
  6. Clayton Oliver incident

    First time (in a long time) - so long ago my account's been deleted! I was sitting directly above the incident and the imbecile tapped Clarry's chest at least three times. How that's 'incidental' is anyone's guess...