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  1. Tom McDonald Ready to Re-sign

    Very happy to see TMac in the forward line, great competitor, keeps going all day, if he kicked 50 it would be great, as he will also keep ball in forward line and create opportunities for others. that winning goal against the Weagles was one of the season highlights. Sign him quickly for 3-4 years.

    Only saw the GF, but Wagner is a real worry when he gets the ball, can't see him in top 30. Melksham looked good.
  3. 2017 Player Reviews: # 25 Tom McDonald

    TMac will be better at FF as he only has to worry about goals. He has become a great set shot for goal, somewhat surprisingly to me and the goal he got against the WCE, showed his strength and how he can keep the ball in and around the goals with his tackling & pressure. Team seems much better balanced with Lever going into backline and Tommy to FF. Lever OMac Jetta (OMac can feed ball to Lever who has VG vision) Salem Frost Hibberd (Salem can drop back and become designated to take the kickout, also Frost has Salem / Hibberd who he can hand off the ball when under pressure ) Hunt Oliver Lewis (Hunt speeding into forward line and kicking barrels at goal, at least once for the season!) Melksham Hogan Petracca (Hogan & Petracca providing marking targets and both have great vision) Garlett TMac Harmes (Garlett & Harmes speed and tackling pressure) Gawn Jones Viney (Gawn fit to have a big year, giving Viney, Jones & Oliver armchair service) ANB Brayshaw Tyson (Provides great depth to the midfield and ANB also can go up forward) #22 Hannan, Bugg, Stretch, J Smith, Weideman or Pedo (Depends what we need for team balance on the day) I know I'm derailing thread but couldn't find the best 22 thread! Some luck with injuries, the draw doesn't have many 6 day breaks, and we should be good to finally make the eight!
  4. 2017 Player Reviews: # 1 Jesse Hogan

    TMac goalsquare, leveraging his accurate kicking, and he just has to focus on goals. Hogan CHF where we can leverage his vision and ability to bring others into the contest. Assuming Watts goes we need someone with some vision and footy smarts high half forward.
  5. Farewell Jack Watts

    Personally I would definitely keep Watts, and would have liked Roos to stay. Goodwin is a first year coach, see how he goes next year. Even this year just a better run with injuries and we definitely would have made the 8. Injuries aside we still should have made it, an opportunity missed.
  6. Farewell Jack Watts

    Gawn was injured for 12 weeks, Hunt pole axed his head against the Crows and took a long while to recover, Watts also struggled with injury. Vs Oliver improved out of site! ANB & Petracca both improved. Team improved wins & %.
  7. Farewell Jack Watts

    Personally I would keep Watts as he has vision and skill to execute, and Melbourne do not have many highly skilled players. If Goodwin and the FD feel he is not committed to being professional, then it is probably time he moves on. It just feels like we haven't got his best and anywhere near what he should be capable of producing. My hope is we get something good in exchange, that brings skills we lack.
  8. Good Win? ... I don't know...

    Tigers top 4 players Martin, Rance, Cotchin & Riewoldt all played 150 plus games, between them hardly missed a game, as you mention, then if you take Demons equivalent for importance of Oliver, Hogan (missed 8 games), Gawn (missed 12 games), Viney (missed 6 games) plus Jones missing 6, it kills you. Look at Swans 0-6 start of season due to injuries, and GWS injury toll across the season, kills your season in the end. Take two of the above top 4 Tigers out for 6 weeks and they wouldn't have finished top 4 or possibly even the eight. All the BS about depth is crap, you can cover for a few games, but as Choco Williams said mid year, try replacing a Martin or Rance with number 23 or 24 from your list. Tigers did get total commitment from their 22 which is the other thing we need. Remembering all the Tiger supporters who wanted to sack Hardwick last year and trade a lot of their players, sometimes you need to be patient!
  9. Steven Motlop

    Soft draw, no injuries, couldn't even win a home final, you must be joking.
  10. The Silly Season

    Well said. Tigers 13th last year, good drafting, good draw, dream run with injuries, and total commitment from team, led to huge turnaround and a flag. Demons had a lot of positives this year, if we draft well, get a reasonable run with injuries next year, with a lot of our players moving into the 50 plus games zone, the future looks bright.
  11. Good Win? ... I don't know...

    The Demons improved this year in wins and % column, with a tougher draw and bad run with injuries this year. Next year an improvement in first quarters and greater consistency in general will see us win more games and make finals.
  12. Steven Motlop

    Looks like he will be staying at the Cats! 2nd round for me!
  13. Do Melbourne supporters dislike hard players?

    This topic made me laugh, because many on Demonland seem to love only tough, hard players. Which is great, provided they don't butcher the ball or have no vision. TMac, tough, hard, good intercept mark, always competes, but needs to play near the goals, where his straight kicking for goal works and he really just has to get ball and go for goal. In the back half, you can almost see his mind slowly ticking over when he gets the ball, where should I go, and he often kicks astray or heads down the wrong path. JWatts not tough or hard, but at least when he gets the ball almost always does something good with it! Looks like he is going, but Demons lack players who have skills and vision. Kennedy hard & tough but a butcher!
  14. Good Win? ... I don't know...

    Well said, Demonland has many glass half empty contributors, who love the negative and avoid facts. Like you at the start of the year, I thought 12 maybe 13 wins would be a pass mark. When you look at our injuries to key players, finishing with 12 is a pass. Expecting Melbourne with Goodwin as a first year coach to seamlessly improve, couldn't be taken for granted. Next year I'm expecting 14 plus wins and even better if we get a great run with injury and very good drawer like the Tigers had this year.