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  1. Elegt

    Jay Lockhart

    Thoughts on Lockhart not getting drafted? I personally think he was worth a late rookie pick and think he has more potential than corey wagner but interested in others opinions
  2. Elegt

    Who’s left?

    I know stats are just stats but they are very average in tac for james jordon, puzzling decision on paper
  3. Elegt

    AFLX squad

    The top players dream about this day
  4. Elegt

    Jay Lockhart

    in fact hes really not the type of player we need, will get drafted but not to melbourne I reckon
  5. Elegt

    Jay Lockhart

    The fact he went missing in finals made his draft stocks plummet, rookie for me.
  6. Elegt

    Good Luck to all the VCE Students

    good luck charlie spargo
  7. Elegt

    Team Growth

    what was the recruiter smoking when we drafted him
  8. Elegt

    Team Growth

    Great players dont make great coaches
  9. Elegt

    Team Growth

    How did Neeld manage to survive as long as he did? Having the worst win/loss record of all time as a Melbourne coach
  10. Elegt

    AFLX squad

    harmes looks how a fat kid looks when he sees cake
  11. Elegt

    AFLX squad

    The reason why the AFL introduced the mid season draft was to replace the underperforming AFLX players
  12. Elegt

    AFLX squad

    goodwin will get the sack if we don't go back to back
  13. Elegt

    Team Growth

    2013 Melbourne best and fairest results Winner: Keith ‘Bluey’ Truscott Memorial Trophy – Nathan Jones (365 votes) After winning his first Keith ‘Bluey’ Truscott Memorial Trophy in 2012, Jones deservedly went back-to-back. The incredibly durable midfielder was Melbourne’s most consistent player in 2013. Second: Sid Anderson Memorial Trophy – Colin Garland (360) The defender capped off his best AFL season as a close runner-up to Jones. He passed the 100-game milestone and proved a model of consistency, often under pressure down back. Third: Ron Barassi Snr Memorial Trophy – Dean Terlich (306) The mature defender was of the bright spots of the year, playing all but two matches in his first season. It was an outstanding return to the AFL system, after he was a Sydney Swans rookie in 2008. Fourth: Ivor Warne-Smith Memorial Trophy – Matt Jones (303) Like Terlich, Jones was one of 2013’s good news stories. The 25 year-old midfielder took his opportunity, playing every game after being picked at No. 52 in last year’s NAB AFL Draft. Fifth: [censored] Taylor Memorial Trophy – Colin Sylvia (288) Aside from missing three matches through suspension, Sylvia produced a very consistent season. It was the third time he has finished fifth in the best and fairest award, after his efforts in 2009-10.