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  1. Welcome Harley, Do hope that you feel at home at MFC, that you can get the body and the mind right, find the support, have a great pre-season and contribute to a great year ahead for the Ds! Best of luck!
  2. Wow! I won't be alive - Hope we don't have to wait this long??
  3. Trade rumours

    Which bird? Crow? Magpie? Swan?
  4. Welcome to the Demons, Jake. I am so excited. We are on our way UP! Our list is improving and I support all the work the club has done towards this. Great work guys! Thanks and keep going....
  5. Farewell Jack Watts

    He will star for Geelong. They won't expect him to do what we do, and he will have Dangerfield, Selwood, Ablett around him and just have to slot in and do his bit. And if he does star it doesn't mean that he would have with MFC.

    They hadn't had time to change!...and wanted to keep the smell of success!
  7. Years since last AFL/VFL Grand final win

    Yesterday my granddaughter (11 yrs old) said that she is now going to go for the tigers. Don't know if she is prepared to pay the price, however: her dad says she would have to leave home and I said: don't bother coming to my place!
  8. Garry Lyon must go.

    Please explain!
  9. Home Grown Veterans.. Are we the worst club

    Would be interesting to compare this to other clubs. Agree that it certainly would be those players who would be the hungry ones to drive the club forward. Look at Sydney.
  10. 2017 Brownlow Medal

    And mark of the year............................. They don't even like EX Melbourne players.

    It's simple really. Finish on top of the ladder and there will not be a problem!
  12. AFL Finals Week 3 - Prelims

    I'm actually going for the Giants. Giants premiership - then a long premiership hangover while we climb onwards and upwards!!
  13. AFL Finals Week 3 - Prelims

    Storm stormed into the GF - take a lesson Ds
  14. Trade rumours

    Sorry I have to leave - to throw-up!!!!!!!!
  15. MFC players' careers after football

    James Magner - finally a premiership - happy for him!