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  1. May is a terrific in, along with Davis they look to be the two new gun Gorilla stoppers and we desperately need that having been smashed by the Hawkins, Darling and Kennedy types in matches when it counted. Oscar will be a depth player back as Casey and lets not forget about Lever, our genius intercept player will return next year with a serious large key defender beside him like a Talia when he played his best football at the Crows.
  2. Thoroughly well deserved Demonland win by Oliver, a few good options this year but he has been super.
  3. Big Demon

    Brownlow Medal 2018

    Not totally sure if you are serious pal but trusting in the likes of Nicholls and Razor is a fools game, there is a reason why some of the greatest players ever think Lethal, Carey and Ablett Senior have zero brownlows between them. The whole Brownlow thing suits guys that run around on their own collecting cheap kicks even if the cant actually kick a footy think Harvey, Round and Martin. Accountable players like Oliver, Viney and Harmes don't run around collecting the easy kicks so aren't likely to win one, Brayshaw might he ticks a few of the boxes, forget about Maxy, super season again but not collecting anywhere near enough cheap possession to win a Brownlow. Jesse Hogan was up there with the very best forward in the first half and don't see his name anywhere. All in all do what I do, don't bother watching the Brownlow, when you put any focus on the opinions of Razor and his mates you have lost the plot.
  4. Big Demon

    GAMEDAY - Preliminary Final vs Eagles

    Brayshaw is not AFL standard.
  5. Big Demon

    James Frawley v Nathan Jones - ‘ultimate’ success

    James [censored] who?
  6. Big Demon

    The Last Time They Met - Preliminary Final

    Th Eagles of 2018 are not a great side McGovern cutting off everything bombed forward is the biggest threat, Shuey can play but Harmes can hold him Kennedy will never have played on a guy with the speed of Frost, the Demons can win this game.
  7. Big Demon

    Post Match Discussion - Semi Final

    This is actually the Demonland forum pal, if you are looking for a gig beside Dr Phil try DrPhil.com while I get back to the football chump.
  8. Big Demon

    Post Match Discussion - Semi Final

    Yes, he was our only player that was rag dolled from start to finish
  9. Big Demon

    Demonland Player of the Year - Semi Final

    6. Viney 5. T-Mac 4. Frost 3. Harmes 2. Petracca 1. Hibbo
  10. Big Demon

    Post Match Discussion - Semi Final

    Un [censored] believable night really, just got home and about as excited as a pig in mud that’s about to mud wrestle Charlotte Theron. A few observations from this epic evening: 1. Viney... just attacks everything almost in Melbourne like on past culture but this side is not a Melbourne side of the past, its a new unsociable never give up team, Viney is the flag bearer of that change and I am loving the ride 2. Weideman looks better every match, looked like he was going to be ok but could actually be mega 3. T-Mac killed them in the air, huge aerial threat throughout 4. Spargo, Melksham & Hannan did some super things, made a few errors but both brought great forward defensive pressure which was one of the key differences between the two teams 5. Brayshaw took a nice grab and slotted a couple of nice set shots but was easily beaten in every contest, just doesn’t look to cut it physically at this level 6. Hibbo, Frost and Jetta and superb in defense 7. Harmes super forward/defensive running yet again 8. Tyson just looks off the pace 9. Melbourne V Hawthorn crowds are normally quite civil affairs yet the moron in the Hawthorn jumper sitting behind me tonight was close to copping a left hook 10. Clary looked angry, specially the first quarter every time I looked for him he was on top of a different Hawk 11. The bald guy that looks like Paul Keating who seems to umpire all of our matches makes some bewildering decisions All in all a great night and the sky is the limit.
  11. Big Demon

    My 3 word player analysis V Geelong

    Vanders- coming along superbly Brayshaw - Abysmal by foot
  12. Big Demon

    Demonland Player of the Year - Elimination Final

    6. Harmes 5. Viney 4. ANB 3. Vanders 2. Weids 1. Frost
  13. Big Demon

    Nathan Freeman

    Always had extreme leg speed but sadly his body hasn’t stood up to the rigours of AFL football, extremely frustrating I would imagine when you are as good an athlete as this chap.
  14. Big Demon

    Sam Murray under ASADA Investigation

    Reports today suggest this mofo tested positive for Cocaine...? Somebody please tell me there is something else involved here because cocaine hard strikes me as being a performance enhancer in anything on the football field though I accept it may be useful in other areas.
  15. Actually the broad in the article looks quite tidy, I approve of all of this.