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  1. Round 22 - Non MFC Games

    Yes, how good was that!! Especially coming after the annihilation of North the week before. 23 years in the making then (hadn't played finals since 1964). Hopefully, 'only' 11 years out of it this time.
  2. The Importance of Jordan Lewis

    Sorry for harping on about this - I said I wouldn't but I can't resist. (Yes, I am quite pathetic. A true Demons tragic!) But Fat Tony, that is not the crux of the issue. I think you and VP have misunderstood the rhetorical nature of my question. The point I was trying to make was that for Lewis to miss out on selection from the start of next year, a better player and leader would have to replace him. And, if that were to happen, that would be a great outcome for the club. For Lewis is as proud, ruthless and professional as they come and he will not surrender his spot in the team meekly. P.S. On a totally unrelated matter, does anyone know how to edit a post that is already up in the forum? I unintentionally used a larger font in one of posts here, and I want to make it normal size (I wasn't trying to be rude!).
  3. The Importance of Jordan Lewis

    We're going around in circles and semantics here. Leadership, experience, easily confused?! The bloke was next in line to be captain at HFC, and was admitted into the 6-man leadership group at MFC during his first pre-season at the club. Anyway, at least we agree that MFC should have recruited him, that he was a decent pick-up and has had a good season. I'll leave my final words on this topic, which has been done to death, to Josh Mahoney. This is why we recruited Lewis, and his words have stood the test of time and will continue to do so, long after our own petty squabbles are etched in the ether: General Manager of Football Josh Mahoney said Lewis brings leadership qualities and an elite AFL mindset to the Club. “Jordan is a fierce competitor who is driven to win, and those are qualities that you can’t have enough of at our footy Club,” he said. “Clearly he is an elite AFL player and his footballing resume speaks for itself, but we also see Jordan as a leader who can play a major role in the development and mentoring of our younger players both on and off the field. “We know we are still a very young team. We are projecting to have half of our best 22 under the age of 23 next season and that’s why bringing in a player of Jordan’s experience and calibre was important to us. “He understands where we are at as a Club. He knows we have a considerable amount of work to do before becoming a consistent finals team, but the example he will set for our younger players will be invaluable for us.”
  4. The Importance of Jordan Lewis

    A considered response, VP, I'll give you that, but one with which I disagree. No blind adulation here. MFC knew what they were getting. My expectations weren't as high as yours. We can pick and choose the good and the bad until the cows come home. I happen to think the good far outweighs the bad, that he makes us a better team, and that his impact and influence at critical times in multiple games - not just recently - have been evident throughout the season. I also admire how he has been one of our best performers during a period when many of his teammates were flat. That's what I look for in a player more than anything - who steps up when the chips are down. Who still believes we can win, no matter the situation. As for your dismissing Lewis' leadership and off-field value as a supposition, well, I suggest you go to training and ask his teammates and his coaches or, better still, we all go to the B&F function and see and hear for ourselves!
  5. The Importance of Jordan Lewis

    Seems to me, VP, that you might be wrestling with some inner demons of your own (pardon the pun) on this non-issue, what with your personal dislike of Lewis set against the body of work that he has produced so far this season. Forgive the paraphrasing, but I gather that the main thrust of your posts is this: Lewis is overrated both as a player and a leader, his sharp decline is fast-approaching (or, at least, faster than most of us think) and, therefore, we shouldn't have recruited him. Is that about it? If so, that sounds pretty black and white to me, with a bit of crystal ball gazing thrown in. But who gives a flying proverbial, right?! Time will tell, right and wrong, no place to hide, heavens above and all that jazz. Here's a discussion point for you: with most of the home-and-away season now done - already Melbourne's best in 11 years - I'm interested to know what more Lewis has to do to persuade you (and your brethren!) that he has been, at the least, a decent pick-up by the club. And here's another one - and I'm going out on a cyberspace limb here and peering into my own crystal ball, but what the hell: even if Lewis were not to play one more senior game for the next two years, would you consider his recruitment a success? I would. Why? Because, to me, for that scenario to eventuate (unlikely as it is and barring injury, of course), a young up-and-coming Dees bull and leader, who would have benefited from the winning and ruthlessly professional attitude and ethos that Lewis brings to the club, would have to have prised - with every ounce of G&D and sheer bloody-mindedness - the old door off its proud and rusted-on hinges, to get to the point of demanding selection over such a player. And, as it turns out, I for one look forward to that day, the sooner the better.
  6. The Importance of Jordan Lewis

    Just admit it, TGR (and your naysaying brethren), that nothing less than Lewis winning the Bluey trophy, Norm Smith medal and his 5th premiership medallion - all in the same year - will convince you that he has been a good pick-up by the MFC. Don't worry, you'll get your gotcha moments, your "I told you so" moments, soon enough with his next fumble, missed handball, slight slip-up or whatever other supposed sign of terminal decline you wish to focus on and continually peddle. In the meantime, perhaps you could acknowledge, respect and - heaven forbid - even enjoy what Lewis has already offered the club.
  7. What to do with Petracca?

    BOG Queen's Birthday, I would have thought. Looked like a breakout game to me. 3 goals, some assists, broke the lines and, most importantly, changed the momentum our way when we were almost on the canvas.
  8. The Importance of Jordan Lewis

    Drawn a long bow there, VP, but glad you're coming around - in effect. To me, Lewis has been a consistent performer all year. Wouldn't surprise me if he's around the 5-10 mark, if not better, in B&F. I pointed out his efforts of the last month, in particular, not to highlight that he's been cruising beforehand - far from it - but to show that he's been one of the few who have stood up during a time when many of his teammates have dropped off.

    Yes, that was a massive cheer and a key moment in the match (from which we got a goal and effectively snuffed out the Saints' challenge). It never ceases to amaze me how umps can change the momentum of matches with their decisions. Third quarter case in point - Razor seemed to single-handedly will the Saints back into the contest.
  10. The Importance of Jordan Lewis

    No surprise. The guy is a champ and we're getting to pointy end. His incredibly brave acts in final qtr alone have hopefully put to bed some ridiculous commentary on here about him not going in hard enough. Arguably our best performer over the last month.

    Not sure why Oliver's name continues to get thrown around in this way on DL. The guy is a hardened competitor and our best-performed and most consistent mid. Would the Bulldogs rest the Bont. the Tigers Dusty, the Cats Danger? No.
  12. My 3 word player analysis V StKilda

    Hibberd - pretty bloody gutsy Geez, our boys put their bodies on the line in the last quarter. Was clearly the mantra coming into the game. Lesson learnt from North Melb game.

    To the Saints supporter sitting behind me today - the one who belatedly found his voice in the 3rd qtr on the back of Razor's charity and shouted "you're nuthin' but soft cnts, Melbourne, and have been for 10 years" - I hope you enjoyed my daughter's post-chips farts as I held her aloft time and again in the last!

    Disagree on all fronts. Big Maxy is one of the few players who can hold his head up over the last two games, and his performance v Port before that was the reason we won that game. About time the mids - other than Oliver - work their [censored] out and take advantage of Max's work at the stoppages, which remains elite.
  15. Lack of Finals = Failed Season?

    Prior to season, I thought we'd win 12 games and finish around 9th. I had the Saints above us. During the season, my expectations have grown higher in line with some red-hot form, never-give-in attitude and innovation - all in the face of significant challenges. Those expectations (is it shattered hope?) have dramatically changed again in the last two weeks, with half the team seemingly checking out (why?). What will be a failure is if we capitulate in the next few weeks like we have done at critical moments in the last two games (4th quarter v Nth, 1st quarter v GWS) and like we did late last year v Carl and Geel. Even for a diehard Dees' supporter, that would be hard to take.