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  1. Ben E

    2019 Fixture

    Indeed, hopelessly compromised. Doesn’t matter how you cut an 18-team comp into 22 games, it will always lack integrity and be inherently unfair and unequal. Teams should either play each other (i) once in regular season (17 game season, alternating home and away each year) or (ii) twice (34 game season). Of course, neither scenario is likely to happen, for different reasons.
  2. Ben E

    Grand final Gameday

    RTG, I’m having PTSD episodes even thinking about Eagle Rock and the cauldron of blue and gold, Optus Stadium, with the din of whinge and entitlement! Looking at the 100+ pages on the Draft/Trade Cheeseboard, I don’t have much to add about Jesse. I and the girls would love him to stay - should I get one of my daughters to send him an envelope with 20 cents in it (remember Chris Grant)? I am interested to know - if he goes - what’s going to replace the quarter time entertainment of Hogan’s Heroes and, more recently, Hogan’s High Ball. May’s Haymakers or Kolodjashnij’s Ukrainian Tongue Twisters?
  3. Ben E

    Grand final Gameday

    @Return to Glory not a bad game yesterday. Opened the show bag from Chemist Warehouse yet?!!
  4. Ben E

    Pre-match brunch

    Weagles fans aside (!!), you could do worse than settle in Perth. Was my fifth time there (first for footy), although unfortunately didn’t get out of East Perth this time. It’s always so bloody sunny and bright. I really like Freo, done some scuba diving off Rottnest and have stayed in Joondalup before and enjoyed that side of town too. Will be back!
  5. Ben E

    Pre-match brunch

    Big shout out to the Western Demons and the MFC for organising this event on the banks of the Swan River at relatively short notice - was undoubtedly the highlight of the day, indeed trip, for us. We loved hearing from Todd Viney, brought a tear to my eye, and some nice memories from ‘87. He bleeds red and blue. All Dees’ fans were in a buoyant mood. We met some lovely people, really dedicated to the cause, had a kick of the footy on the grass, won some cash in some moneyboard game. Things were looking good. Walking together to the stadium - towards a sea of blue and yellow - was daunting but uplifting too. Pity about the [censored] game, our tired and inept performance and those rabid and deafening Eagles’ fans in the cauldron. Having to endure more than two hours of their relentless din of whinge and entitlement, as well as the incessant arrogance and gloating in the rows behind us (at one stage, I was told by an elderly gentleman I was a “[censored] idiot” for daring to suggest that Nicholls was not wearing a Melbourne jersey - this was when free kick count was 12-5 in Eagles’ favour) was torture, pure and simple. And then to cap it off, after the siren, listening/watching them chant “MCG, MCG, MCG” and then sing (in every conceivable key imaginable) and dance to Daddy Cool’s Eagle Rock for what seemed like an eternity . . . [censored], now I’m whinging. Was hoping to ride a wave of euphoria back to Melb, but instead got dumped unceremoniously (and with a three grand credit card bill) in Perth. It’s just [censored].
  6. Ben E

    Pre-match brunch

    Why the hell not (will deal with the acute credit card pain of this trip in a - hopefully - euphoric state next month)
  7. Ben E

    If we beat the Eagles in the prelim I will ...

    The name Clarrie Olivia has a certain ring to it! All the best for next week - exciting and life-changing on all fronts
  8. Ben E

    If we beat the Eagles in the prelim I will ...

    Damn right!! (I do like a beer, don’t get me wrong, but haven’t indulged at Melb games since taking the kids there.)
  9. Ben E

    If we beat the Eagles in the prelim I will ...

    High up in the stands of Optus Stadium, I will shed a tear and hug - as if my life depended on it - my 8 year old daughter, who in her lifetime has almost single-handedly re-kindled my enthusiasm/interest in footy and love of MFC, and treat myself (and my brother) to my first beer at a Melb game in 8 years.
  10. Ben E

    Finals Tickets

    Hi WPL and L36, we three will be in row 19 - scarves (and beanies if we can stand the heat) will be our garb!
  11. Ben E

    Finals Tickets

    Good stuff - that makes at least 7 of us in 511! You’ll hear our roars and screams after every goal, and ”oooss” and “aaahss” after every Clarry pick up and handball. Throw in a bit of “Weeeeeeeeeeiiiiid” and I think you’ll know soon enough who the three nutters up the back are!
  12. Ben E

    Finals Tickets

    We got through. 511 for us. Can’t bloody wait!
  13. Ben E

    Who's going to Perth?

    We’ll be there, as criminally expensive as it is. Have been swept up in this wave, 54 years in the making, and am powerless in getting off it now.
  14. Ben E

    Preliminary Final Time Announced

    Yes, you might be right about that, sorry. The premium option gives you priority access to finals’ tickets.
  15. Ben E

    Preliminary Final Time Announced

    Spoke to MFC Membership Services today about all this (and why not!!). There’ll be a pre-general-admission opportunity for WCE and Melb/Haw club members to get tix, through Ticketmaster (thank Christ), most probably on Mon 17 Sept between 9am-1pm. From what they were saying, it sounds like the amount of tix offered, in the first instance, to both the home and away club members will be the same - that’s promising if you are an MFC member and you intend to go. Re travel packages if you’re that way inclined, MFC won’t be doing them, but there will be some packages (tix and travel/accom or just travel/accom) available through AFL Travel. Needless to say, if the Dees get up this Fri as I think we should, Perth here we come, by hook or by crook!!