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  1. Ben E

    Post Match Discussion - Round 9

    Milkshake, T-Mac and Max all well ahead of him in my book. By the way, I’m not a betting man but I did have a small wager on Oliver getting more possessions than Cripps - lost out on that one by 5. The difference? 5 soft free kicks.
  2. Ben E

    Lever Ready To Take on the Crows

    Cripps is no mug in the air. And they’re the same height (195cm). But, yes, next Sunday we’ll know a bit more about him and the team. Looking forward to it!
  3. Ben E

    Post Match Discussion - Round 2

    Merely countering your similarly hyperbolic point about every team thinking they can beat us with pressure, and that we fold. If that were the case, we wouldn’t come back from any deficit, respond to any adversity or win any games of footy.
  4. Ben E

    Post Match Discussion - Round 2

    I’ve seen enough under Goodwin to know that most teams fear us. Yes, we have lapses in games and have a few run-ons against us, but we push to the very end, keep coming and are rarely out of it. I lost count of how many comebacks we staged last year. Already this season, we’ve responded well from almost 5 goals down to the Cats, and we stepped up a gear when headed last night - in difficult conditions. This current mob do not fold or capitulate in the manner of years gone by. Opposing teams know they haven’t got us until the final siren sounds.
  5. Ben E

    The Ox says the Dees in danger ....

    Is that when you strike a player from within - like Neo blasting open Agent Smith in The Matrix?!
  6. Ben E

    Ben Lennon

    I’ve been developing my backyard with some fresh new faces:
  7. Ben E

    Calling all Trolls

    The Void Of Subcutanea
  8. Ben E

    Farewell Jack Watts

    Think you might be underselling Goodwin’s natural talent as a player and a sportsman here (state captain in junior cricket at around the time he was drafted). Yes, he was a pre-season draftee and developed into an absolute monster on the training track (particularly under Craig), but geez he was a class player who racked up a truckload of individual accolades. Don’t think there would be any deep-seated envy here, just frustration in seeing one of his charges not getting the best out of himself on a consistent basis.
  9. Ben E

    Farewell Jack Watts

    Sorry if I misrepresented the comparison you were making, but I can’t see any similarities, defensively or offensively. Robbie, you may recall, also played in some pretty crap teams, arguably worse than what JW has played in. No silver service for him. For a long time, he was the only reason to go and watch the Dees. Game was played then as a series of one on one contests, which he, despite his size, invariably won.
  10. Ben E

    Farewell Jack Watts

    Helping us march onwards and upwards to the triple ton. C’mon D-Landers, let’s do this! Jack Watts. An enigma. And one whose plight provokes an enigmatic and emotional response from so many of us. My 2 cents. Seven years of either ordinary or inconsistent footy - punctuated by flashes of excellence generally around contract renewal time - and then one and a half years (2016-17) of sustained decent stuff, the latter almost befitting of a no.1 draft pick (yes, we can’t ignore the significance of that investment and the burdensome expectations it has brought - on him, the club and, in a funny way, on all of us). Over the 9-year ‘journey’ (the most hackneyed word at the MFC right now), I must admit I had hoped for more from the blond-haired man in the red and the blue. Do we, the MFC, owe him anything for his loyalty (and popularity) and efforts? I have this nagging feeling it’s the other way round - that he owes us a few more years of his best footy. Clearly, we’re not gonna get that. Maybe we never would have. On over half a million bucks a year, from all reports. Not a bad gig. He’ll be alright, wherever he goes. As to the increasingly eyebrow-raising comparisons in this gargantuan thread - Watts v T Lynch, Watts v A Goodes and, heaven help us, Watts v R Flower - let’s not trespass into the realm of absurdity. Having been fortunate enough to see a lot of Tulip in the last 7-8 years of his career, I’m afraid to say that JW’s absolute best does not come close. There are no similarities. None. If one could quantify and personify Robbie’s pace, grace, flair, determination, courage both in the air and on the ground, evasive skills - skills in general, the whole bloody suite - they would be like a colossus to JW’s garden gnome.
  11. Ben E

    The Importance of Jordan Lewis

    Lewis in 2017 Played 19 games (v career ave 21.8 games per season), averaged 26.3 disposals a game (v career ave 23.9), got better as the season went on (unlike many of his teammates), showed composure in a number of tight finishes (Carl, Port, WCE), was amongst our best in many of our crap losses (Nth x 2, Haw, Adel, Coll). Yes, had a couple of stinkers (QB and Syd) and got suspended (even though that act was clearly targeted at young bull and leader, Cripps, who at the time and like his team was strutting about and getting on top) but, overall on field, he did this season what he’s been doing for 13 years. Nothing too fancy: accumulating, persisting relentlessly, creating, moving the ball forward, setting up, going again, finding a way to win no matter the situation. All in a new team, new coach, different system, different role. Oh, and I’ve obviously been waiting for this, he just finished equal 3rd in the Bluey, singled out for his leadership by both Goodwin (in presenting trophy to Lewis) and Jones (in his own acceptance speech on sharing same award). I’d say there is incontrovertible evidence now, if there wasn’t before, of Lewis’ worth as a recruit AND leader, isn’t there? Oh, that’s right, the jury’s still out - 1 year out of 3 proves nothing, he’s just playing for his pension, he bleeds yellow and brown, he’s clearly past it, he got reported, not worth it, slow, fumbles, broke Jesse’s collarbone himself, got reported, slow, falls to ground and - did I mention? - he’s slow and got reported. As I’ve said before, the day a young Melb player tenaciously grabs his spot in the 22 will be an auspicious day for the club, ‘cos the old hardened 4-time premiership bastard ain’t gonna surrender his position in the team any time soon.
  12. Ben E

    Good Win? ... I don't know...

    No, not end of story. You can be just as committed to your club as you are to those with whom you've forged strong relationships at other clubs. And when all is said and done, when the parochialism of the season is over, why not. Just ask your 'culture builder' Clarko, who is pictured here arm in arm with Dimma straight after the game on Sat.
  13. Ben E

    The Big Dance - Grand Final Day, 2017

    One more yellow and black rendition will send me over the edge. Thankfully, the tram to North Melb is devoid of those Richmond pricks. Time to divert my attention to trade period and AFLW. Go Daisy!
  14. Ben E

    Years since last AFL/VFL Grand final win

    Thank you for reminding me, as if I wasn't aware of this. [censored] it
  15. Ben E

    Garry Lyon must go.

    [censored] it