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  1. The Swimming Dee

    Neville Jetta: "On the Mark"

    Nev is a great human and a brilliant footballer. Someone that we can be proud of
  2. The Swimming Dee

    Missed opportunities on these numbers!

    Excellent analysis Little Goffy. I agree that we are doing much right but also have deficiencies which we will improve when our core group becomes more experienced. I am still quite confident we will win one of our next two games and play finals
  3. The Swimming Dee

    I'm going to Perth ... Am I crazy?

    I will be there. Taking my eldest daughter to her second Dees game. Her first was when we beat the Bombers by 1 point at the G. Hopefully she is a good luck charm
  4. The Swimming Dee

    Allen Jakovich on The Front Bar (9/8)

    Gee Jobe Watson is so painful to listen to
  5. The Swimming Dee


    Agree with this redlegs. Tyson had a fantastic game. Easily his best for the year
  6. The Swimming Dee

    Changes vs Sydney

    Probably not a popular call but Vandenberg was very poor...just so slow. I’d drop him for Melksham. Not sure who to bring in for Smith
  7. The Swimming Dee

    Go and get Gaff!

    Go away [censored] head
  8. The Swimming Dee

    GAMEDAY - Round 20

    Tyson has had a great game
  9. The Swimming Dee

    GAMEDAY - Round 20

    In 30 years of supporting this great club I have never seen a MFC player as talented as Clayton Oliver. He could become one of the greatest players to ever play the game!
  10. The Swimming Dee

    GAMEDAY - Round 20

    Clayton Oliver - WOW!
  11. The Swimming Dee

    ROUND 19 - Non MFC games

    Tapscott was a poor footballer - way too top heavy
  12. The Swimming Dee

    ROUND 19 - Non MFC games

    Cameron Ling is so painful. Thanks God he was smart enough to realise he wasn’t up to coaching
  13. The Swimming Dee

    ROUND 19 - Non MFC games

    I understand Diamond. I despise everything about their disgusting club
  14. The Swimming Dee

    ROUND 19 - Non MFC games

    Their in home looks pretty tough to me - hawthorn, Richmond and Port away
  15. The Swimming Dee

    ROUND 19 - Non MFC games

    This times ten million gazillion. Mahoney is a genius!