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  1. The Swimming Dee

    Kangaroos Intra Club 13th February

    All the best to Tyson. He was a good servant of the MFC and assisted in a not small way in our rebuild. I believe he did not want to leave either. Has always always seemed like a good bloke too. It shows how far we have come that players of his standard are now surplus to our requirements. Exciting times ahead!
  2. The Swimming Dee

    King: Oliver better than Cripps & Bont

    Our midfield Is so much better and tougher now. Oliver, Brayshaw and Viney are a fearsome core. The hardest in the comp IMO. I believe that we have the best and most even list in the AFL. That doesn’t mean we will get the ultimate glory, it does mean we have a bloody good shot at it though.
  3. The Swimming Dee

    King: Oliver better than Cripps & Bont

    That was a great side but what we have now is better in my opinion. Some of those really good player were near the end or not as good as they once were by 97 - Lyon, Schwartz etc. I think that what we have now is more primed as a team. Just my opinion though
  4. The Swimming Dee

    King: Oliver better than Cripps & Bont

    I’ve said on here before that I think Oliver has the potential to be the greatest player I have ever seen play for our club. King is a bit annoying but I don’t mind him. I’d take Clarry over Cripps and Bont every day of the week but I am biased. Cripps cannot kick but the Bont can be a match winner. I think Clayton will start to kick more goals this season which will rocket him into being considered in the top few players in the league. What is scary is that Brayshaw is also getting better and better. We have the most talent assembled in all of the 30 plus years that I have supported our great club. It’s Go Time!
  5. The Swimming Dee

    Inside Jake Lever's Recovery

    Adding May and Lever to our backline will give us one of the best defences in the competition. I am very bullish about our premiership credentials for 2019
  6. The Swimming Dee

    Round 1 team 2019

    OMac if fit will be picked ahead of Frost every time. He is a better player and I find it strange that many on here prefer Frost
  7. The Swimming Dee

    Afl.com’s best midfield

    As long as the Patriots don’t win I’ll be happy
  8. The Swimming Dee

    Afl.com’s best midfield

    You think the Eagles are gonna beat those Saints Werridee?
  9. The Swimming Dee

    Bernie Vince talks up Tom Sparrow on SEN

    Unfortunately I was too young to see much of Robert Flower, although he is the reason I barrack for our great club. Oliver though, is the potentially greatest talent I have ever seen play for our great club. The kid could be anything!
  10. The Swimming Dee

    Contract Extension Looms for Goodwin

    Get it done - long term deal! i have absolute belief that Goody is our next Premiership coach
  11. The Swimming Dee

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    May > Hogan
  12. The Swimming Dee


    This is a excellent article about May’s journey. He seems like a quality human. He is going to be huge for our team and the club as a whole. Steven May is the bloke who minds the huge forward that we haven’t had for so long. If he was at the club this year we wouldn’t have lost in Geelong and probably not against Sydney or Port either. He makes us a hugely better side even taking into account the loss of Hogan. I really believe that we are one of the best three teams in the competition going into next year along with Richmond and WCE. May adds that surety we have lacked. I can’t wait to see our backline when they are all fit. Him, Lever, Hibberd and Jetta working together will be magic to watch. Some serious hard nuts!
  13. The Swimming Dee

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Chook in Perth has always proved to be a reliable source. I met the bloke after our win against west coast last year and the bloke loves our club. I wish he was wrong but get the feeling g we are best to lose Jesse for what we can get. Whatever can facilitate the May deal and a little bit extra will do
  14. The Swimming Dee

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    He did live with Mitch Clark for a while if I remember correctly
  15. The Swimming Dee

    Aaron vandenBerg not going - signs a new deal!!!

    Over the moon about this. When he first came back this year I wasn’t impressed but his end to the season was exceptional. A player built for finals!