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  1. Watts, Toumpas and Trengove will likely form the backbone of the MFC 3rds. The Port Magpies.
  2. HBDee

    Yet to debut . . .

    Cheer up @bluey it's almost Christmas mate! All other clubs have at least 4 new draftees/rookies. The other 5 who are yet to debut, again most other clubs would be in the same or similar position. Even if 2 or 3 of the 9 turn out to be regular senior players, which is likely given the ratio of draftees/rookies to senior players, that's a good result.
  3. HBDee


    I was eight years old when I went to this game and remember it vividly! We'd driven the 4 hours from home for the game, and my old man (Dees supporter of course) was so livid we drove straight home afterwards, when we would normally stay the night. On the way home he fell asleep and I had to wake him up after he was hitting reflector posts on the side of the road. Not a great trip or memory!
  4. HBDee

    Changes vs North Melbourne

    Agreed. How about any or all of Sam Mitchell, Lewis, Vince, Watson, Seb Ross etc. None of them have speed and are arguably very good players. If you can find the ball and use it well, along with smart positioning, means you don't need to be Jeffy to play AFL!
  5. HBDee

    Changes v Adelaide

    I'm keen on seeing what Maynard can do. Let him have a run on the ball as an inside mid flat out (with rotations obviously). Got a feeling he might surprise a few with his fearless approach. We won the last game against Adelaide by smashing them around the ball. Let them get easy ball out to their runners and their forwards look like gods. I doubt Tyson will get up, and Watts is IMO certainly out.
  6. HBDee

    Changes v Carlton

    Outs IMO: Viney (inj), Bugg (susp), Tyson (inj), White (omit). Ins IMO: Hogan, Garlett, JKH, Kennedy T.Mac plays CHF up the ground. Pedo and Hogan play deeper forward. Test their young talls. Neal-Bullen goes to inside mid, it's where he belongs, he can have 20 handballs and not kick it and 10 tackles and he will have had a good day. Apart from Hogan, TMac, Omac, Gawn, Pedo, Frost, Wagner, Jetta, Hibberd and probably Jeffy, the rest of the team can rotate on the ball.
  7. HBDee


    End of a horror run in regards to turnarounds, happy to be 3-1 after those 4 games. Happy to take that given our injury toll over that time as well. If we can get 1-2 key players back per week over the next month, and not lose any more to injury, there is plenty to look forward to come the back end of the year! Need to lock down Docherty, Gibbs and Simpson this week.
  8. HBDee

    Changes v Sydney Swans

    OMac can't go with Buddy and although Frost has the speed, I don't think he yet has the ability to go with Buddy either. For mine that means TMac goes back to Buddy. O'Mac to Reid and then Frost can play small given his pace. Sydney have a relatively short and quick backline so we should hopefully match up on them pretty well. Maybe Weidemann might come in though?? Kent/JKH/Kennedy can raffle it if not. Wagner for Salem for mine.
  9. HBDee

    Training - Wednesday 28th June, 2017

    Reporting just now on AFL website, that we have ruled out Hogan, Watts and Garlett. Concerning.
  10. HBDee


    Agreed. But then watch him get 3 weeks, appeal it, and then get the rest of the season because he plays for Melbourne..... Meanwhile Joel Selwood knocks out Nat Fyfe with a fly-kick to the head before the opening bounce and receives a $20 fine.
  11. HBDee

    Changes v Weagles

    Structure for mine depends on Kennedy's fitness. If Kennedy plays Omac plays on him, Frost on Darling, Tmac on Petrie. If Kennedy doesn't play, Omac on Petrie, Frost on Darling, Tmac plays forward on McGovern as a consistent contest so McGovern doesn't take many intercept marks. I think all three in the side are still a given. If Watts gets up he can play a bit deeper to look after the hammy, and push Petracca up to play the high half forward, alongside TMac who will be at CHF. Pedersen/Gawn to wax the ruck/full-forward duties on Hurn.
  12. HBDee

    Changes v Weagles

    Frost out? Even if Kennedy doesn't play, and with Gawn returning he stays in and plays on Darling as he matches him for pace/size IMO. OMac or TMac play on Petrie at full forward and if Josh Kennedy doesn't play I'd play one of the McDonald's forward in a defensive forward type role to simply compete with McGovern every time the ball is in the air. With Pedersen to start at full-forward on Hurn in a similar type contest. Reckon we actually match-up on them pretty well. Need to put some time and effort into Jetta as his delivery into the forward 50 last week was unreal. Also Mitchell, Priddis and Shuey seem to gather a million possessions each when we play them, but our mids can take it up to them, especially with Gawn back and putting it in their laps!
  13. We have four ruckmen on our list. Granted two are developers, but we don't need another ruckman, unless Spencil goes. We have plenty of mid/flanker types. Key forwards and backs are hard to find so take them where we can I think. Joel Smith showed enough early in the year for mine to show he can play reasonably tall down back given his leap, and potentially up forward..... Probably get rid of a few of the smaller depth guys in favour of some younger talent will be the main change come the end of the year I think.
  14. HBDee

    Time to show Oscar some respect!

    Completely agree with you. First half I cringed whenever the ball went near him. Did some very good things in the second half. He did do some good things in the first half, but they were marred by his errors....still a long way to go with O-Mac.
  15. HBDee

    Changes v Collingwood

    I'd be very surprised if Hogan played, amazed if Gawn got up, and am hopeful Spencer plays. Agree Salem comes in. God knows who gets dropped, but probably an unlucky Bugg, Harmes, ANB. Depends on the Pies line-up. Elliott and Fasolo, although they can't kick accurately are dangerous, and we need to match up on them well (Jetta/Elliott, Wagner/Fasolo). Not sure Salem has the ability defensively to go with either so maybe he plays up the ground. If Spencer plays, I agree that OMac gets dropped. TMac goes back. Pedo is the full-forward/2nd ruck, Watts plays the whole game as a lead up half forward which is what he should always be doing. The week after for mine will be most interesting. Hogan and Gawn possibly back. Do Spencer and Pedo immediately go out, or do you keep one as a third tall-forward?