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  1. Oscar reminds me of Zac Dawson and he is actually the worst player in the league. I hope he proves me wrong in the latter part of the year.
  2. It seems the solution to this thread is to try and get Ben Brown to the club. Solves our forward line issue and removes a problem for our defenders........
  3. I'm with you. Frost and OMac are good defenders for mine. What they might lack against the bulls (Hawkins) they make up for in leg speed and endurance (Cameron, Kennedy, Riewoldt). Another key forward with 3-4 years of experience is vital whilst Weidemann and in all reality Hogan continue to develop. Even a 3-4 year forward is still developing a fair bit. Agree with the quick outside mides/half backs as well.
  4. Melksham for Salem is a straight swap for mine, given Melksham's VFL form. Not overly excited about him but based on form he has to come in. I also like the idea of Kennedy for Kent, but I suspect Kennedy is on the outer with coaching staff as he hasn't played a senior game in a long time. Weidemann has to stay in the side, for structure more than anything. Given our lack of tall forwards at least he can provide a post to kick long down the line to. I know he and Watts aren't the strongest bodies in "down the line" contests but who else do we have? Also don't mind the idea floated here on Demonland about giving Mitch King a run. He can play deep forward and give Pedo a chop out for maybe 20% of the ruck, whilst Tmac/Frost provide other support. Alternatively what ever happened to having a tall forward ruck out to the attacking 50 and let the actual ruckman, ruck the rest of the ground? Watts needs to play permanent high half forward to link our backs with forwards. He's no good in the ruck and loses his way position wise when he plays there. He can be a damaging forward when he plays there the whole time. Bull Smith surely cant come straight in given he has had 5 weeks out. Was he any good beforehand anyway? Be nice to get Joel Smith back too. He looked good in the pre-season comp and the 30 seconds of round 1. Oh and Gawn/Spencer, Hogan and Gus.
  5. Maybe both eyes were open instead of just one.......
  6. To those that said Jones was useless yesterday and said he is past it and one even suggesting he be relinquished of the captaincy, hang your heads. He was one of our better players yesterday and has been for probably, lets say ten years! Spuds. Watts whilst not his best game, did some good things and fairly starved of opportunity. I'm the first to get on his back but can't give him too much grief apart from a couple of soft efforts, again he had some mates. The umpiring whilst they missed and gave few shockers, there were arguably a few that should've been paid to North for us dropping the ball or incorrect disposal as well.
  7. The key outs, the umpiring (or lack thereof), and North's pressure and tackling were all factors (they played pretty well), but when you start a game for the first 15 minutes without any intensity or effort, and then the same thing happens in the first 15 minutes of the third quarter, there is clearly a mental issue that is causing those lapses. Whether that's a "developing group" problem (IMO it's not they should be hungry at the start of a game) or a leadership issue, I'm not sure but it needs to be addressed and quickly. Soft between the ears for mine. If you're fired up and confident and aggressive then the results come. If you can't be arsed, yesterday happens.
  8. I have lived in Adelaide for the last 17 years, and of course remained a Dees supporter throughout that time. It has been hard. A lot of crows supporters choose to understand little about the rules. It is strange when you go to a game there and support anyone apart from the crows or port. Kids look at you wearing your beanie, scarf and guernsey as though you are mentally deranged, and when you support your team vocally its almost like they are offended that you barrack for someone else. At the crows v Melbourne game last year or maybe the year before, my family (all Dees supporters) and I went and we kicked a few goals ahead in the second quarter and were cheering loudly. A bloke behind us told us to "go back to Victoria" with a few expletives. My brother and I and our brother in-law (all about 6 foot 5) stood up and told him (with expletives) that we actually live here and that not every sheep need go for the crows. He wasn't there after half time. Pathetic. Went to a game years ago when Essendon were playing Adelaide (got free tickets) at Footy Park, Andrew McLeod took about 35 bounces down the wing and was chased down from behind and was obviously called for holding the ball. A crows supporter in front of me was hurling abuse at the umpire for the "horrible decision". When he finally sat down, I calmly leaned over his shoulder and asked him to kindly learn the rules of the game before he come back next time (with a few expletives). He again wasn't there after quarter time! Pack mentality. If they all do it they think it's fine. If someone tells them otherwise they can't handle it. I'd imagine the same problem in Perth. They really should get to more games in Victoria where the crowd is a more evenly split or they may even be (god forbid) the minority.
  9. Melksham is struggling to get back to his best (which I'm not sure was that wonderful at Essendon) so far this year. I agree that a run on the wing/midfield or even a forward flank might be worth a try. I hope he improves and proves me wrong, but his start to the year in the 1's was unimpressive.
  10. Hahahaha. Gold!!!
  11. I'm not sure a star tall back is our best approach. We have Tom McDonald who is strong, Oscar is developing and in another 2 years will be at the level of his brother. Provided Sam Frost can string more games together and not get injured as he has been prone too, I think he is a great prospect. Joel Smith whilst not as tall has a ridiculous vertical leap and showed enough aggression for mine early in the year before he did his shoulder to show he can be strong in a couple of years as well. We have the inside midfield strength. I agree with those that have said we need to target outside run. Another Jayden Hunt would be good! It depends on what we have to give up to get a 4-5 year player as opposed to at the draft. I also think we also need another key forward tall at the draft. Hard to get I know, but on the wishlist! No point going after a Martin or Fyfe type in my opinion. Gun players, but give up far too much to get them and arguably put too much emphasis on one player.
  12. They do look nice those scenarios! Unfortunately they're dreams!
  13. ???
  14. Based on form, if there were to be any changes it would have to be Harmes or Nibbler in for Hannan. Melksham's break would surely see him have another week in the two's. Having said that I think keeping the team the same as last week is the best option. Hannan is slowly getting there and being at the game Saturday night he works hard off the ball. Hunt apparently OK, if he doesn't come up though you'd have to pick a like for like and for mine that is Stretch. Poor Jesse and Gus. Can't buy a break those two. Wish them all the best.