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  1. Win4theAges

    Go and get Gaff!

    Jake Lever was stitched up fairly early, as early as June or July last year.
  2. Win4theAges

    Melbourne Supporters Officially Most Passionate

    Those figures are bulldust.
  3. Win4theAges

    Support Melbourne

    When you decided to take on the honour of coaching or playing for any club, what ever sport,you embody the whole identity of that club. Unfortunately our club hasn't been that successful in the past 50 years, its now there time to right the wrongs of the past and make it successful.
  4. Win4theAges

    Was the win against West Coast rigged?

    Did you see the Vandenberg Free kick against the dees? Did you watch the game properly? Gawn getting held in the ruck contest all day. Come on Joeboy your better than that.
  5. Win4theAges

    I feel for Nathan Jones

    lol who could be bothered doing that, some A hole on here was having a go at me before the West Coast game regarding selections and how we should line up in the forward line. Pretty much nailed how we would line up and the players to come in on Thursday morning, i felt like finding the thread and giving it too him but who could be F'd.
  6. Win4theAges

    I feel for Nathan Jones

    👍 Or he just hates the mike hunt. I'd go in to bat for Jonesy too, with the amount of crap he's dealt with at the Dees.
  7. Win4theAges

    I feel for Nathan Jones

    Fitz Fitzpatrick you were wrong.
  8. Win4theAges

    I feel for Nathan Jones

    Has to have another account how could you remember that.
  9. Win4theAges

    Finals Tickets

    can you sign up for a family member and get gf guarantee still?
  10. Win4theAges

    Chris Judd thinks we celebrated too hard.

    [censored] off chris judd you delusional [censored] worry bout your own [censored] of a backyard.
  11. Win4theAges

    Round 23 Non MFC Games

    If there is an ounce of Gumption at that Footy Club they will respond in a big way and beat the Pies. They are turning the heat on the whole club over their, i expect a massive response.
  12. Win4theAges

    Losing Jack Viney

    How did Jones go on the weekend? Eat some humble pie, the guy carried our club through its worst period. Where is the respect.
  13. Win4theAges

    Gerard Whately is a Moron

    Loves a punty kingy, i quietly suspect he has a few quid on us, just quietly🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫 Love ya Kingy, He's a Demon now.
  14. Win4theAges

    Gerard Whately is a Moron

    Kingy has been Driving the bus for just over a year now, since the win in Adelaide in 2017.
  15. Win4theAges

    Dean Kent, Aaron Vandenberg and Mitch Hannan

    No one wanted Sam Frost in the team an oversight by the Coaching Panel by necessity he was bought in. He wasn't in earlier and i dont know why, especially a man that size and his closing speed. His distribution has improved out of sight, on ya Frosty.👍