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  1. Our senior list has definitely changed since the 2014 season....only 14 senior players from 2014 remain (plus Jetta, Mitch King and Harmes who were on the rookie list in 2014). We have seen 26 players depart the club in 4 years. Dee wiz, we had a stinker of a list back then!
  2. Melbourne's Communication and Online

    I can just picture one of the MFC backroom staff frantically going to the mailbox on Sunday evening trying to dig out all of the finals brochures mailed out to members...only to find it's too late and all the members will get a nice surprise in their mailbox...
  3. 2017 Post Mortem

    Best wins: Adelaide, Bulldogs, Meth Coke, Port Worst losses: North (x2), Freo, Hawthorn, Pies Best newcomers: Hibberd, Melksham, Hannan, TMac (as a forward) 2017 Haiku: Paul Roos laid the stone Goodwin sure to break the curse The Dees failed again

    What we have to ask here: Is the Pies desire to knock us out of the finals (even though they have nothing to play for) greater than the desire for us to play in the finals. I'm putting my money on the latter. I'll be watching from Albany, WA and it will be a very boozy afternoon on the southern coast following a big win to the Dees!
  5. The Final Finals Poll

    The last time this poll was run I was undecided if the season would be a failure if we missed the finals. Now I'm firmly in the "Yes" camp. At the start of the season I predicted we would have ended up with 12-13 wins. But given some of the huge wins we've had including Adelaide and Eagles away, the season has exceeded my expectations (given the injury situation). In hindsight, I believe we are at least a couple of wins behind where we should be. Anything less than finals is a failure, particularly when reflecting on losses against Freo and North (12 points squandered). You just can't afford to drop that many points against inferior opposition.

    We let them escape our forward 50 a little too easily at times. Our structure going forward relies a lot on our forwards locking the ball in our 50, but some weak/broken tackles allowed them to waltz out and hurt us on the scoreboard at times. I felt like flipping tables after that Lions goal at the end of the first half. Quite clearly, we didn't learn our lesson from that as it happened again in the last. I felt just as we got on top of them, we would do something silly and allow them back into the game. The lapse in concentration in the last quarter was disappointing. We tried to slow the game down and wind down the clock, but ended up repeatedly turning over the ball too easily allowing Brisbane to get back into the game. Especially around that 2-3 minute to go mark we started chipping the ball around our back line trying to waste time. I felt it was playing with fire (and I was right) as we turned the ball over and allowed them to score an easy goal. Otherwise, I thought the response in the 3rd quarter and start of the 4th was brilliant. If not for the brain fade, we would have easily won the game by 6-7 goals minimum. We seem to make a habit of letting our guard down for short periods, and thankfully we were good enough that it didn't come back to bite us in the last 2 games. I hope it's something the younger fellas can learn from and rectify in the future. All in all, happy to get the 4 points which is the most important thing. The destiny was always in our hands and we've won 2/2 "elimination finals". Time to make it 3/3 next week and fulfill the destiny.
  7. Demonland Player of the Year - Round 22

    6. Pedersen 5. Hogan 4. Jones 3. Hibberd 2. Oliver 1. Melksham

    Mitch Hannan wasn't the most outstanding player on the ground, but I swear after those 2 clutch goals in the last quarter I had a "get him up here, I wanna boof him" moment. I would have let him do anything to my body at that moment in time. I disgust myself.
  9. Gus Brayshaw

    For someone that hasn't played an AFL game since Round 2(?) that was a super impressive performance. Gus slotted in and looked like he hasn't missed a game all year. I really am super stoked for the kid to come back after everything that happened to him, and put in a performance like that. Bravo. He might not like wearing the helmet, but it definitely made me feel better when I saw "the helmet" getting in the contest, or getting a possession. I always felt like we were in good hands there.
  10. Demonland Player of the Year - Round 21

    6. Jones 5. Oliver 4. Pedersen 3. Brayshaw 2. Harmes 1. Oscar
  11. Umpiring of MFC games very questionable

    I'm not an expert on the laws of the game, and I'm often confused as to why free kicks are paid due to my lack of understanding. But yesterday, I felt in the 3rd quarter that frees were being paid to the Saints left, right and centre just to swing momentum their way. Even for someone like me, the umpiring motive was blatantly obvious.
  12. Looking ahead ... the Path to September

    Crying averted for another week! I was really hoping I'd be opening this thread and typing this reply today. A percentage booster against Brissie would be helpful please lads.
  13. Looking ahead ... the Path to September

    Steak and blowjob night every night also sounds good to me, but like this post, it's just a fantasy.
  14. Jack Watts (again)

    For me, the most frustrating thing about Wattsy is that we get glimpses of what he's capable of and know what he can do. Then when he goes quiet and doesn't deliver those goods regularly, it's definitely bloody annoying for me, let alone everyone else. Wasted talent is more frustrating than just pure lack of effort. To use one of the favourite words around here: his effort since the injury comeback has been PUTRID!