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  1. The Ox and Marko sacked by SEN

    It was surprisingly easy. They have a huge resale market in the USA so got tickets through Ticketmaster resale a couple of hours before the game. Pretty cheap all things considered too.
  2. The Ox and Marko sacked by SEN

    Just returned from a trip to the states and went to 2 NFL games. One was the Oakland Raiders last home game, and the other the New Orleans Saints for wildcard weekend. Both games were awesome and the atmospheres were far better than any other sporting event I’ve been to. Definitely not just a TV game for mine and like most USA sports they keep you entertained during the downtime.
  3. Jake Stringer

    Exactly. The response of the player shows a lot about their character. Put them in an uncomfortable situation and see how they react. Getting up and walking out (if that did indeed happen) says it all really...
  4. Jake Stringer

    Apparently Richmond met with Stringer. Stringer was asked a rather direct question about some rumored off-field issues. Stringer apparently got up and left the meeting on the spot. If there's any legs to that story (and the question which was put to him), I'd be steering well clear of him.
  5. End of year delistings

    Trengove, Spencer, White and Hullett all confirmed by Melbourne as delisted
  6. Everyone Has Worked Out Our Weakness (except the coaches)

    Without trying to oversimplify things, there's effectively two competing game styles: Option 1: Your slower, keep possession style of play where you focus less on winning contested ball and more on keeping it once you have it back (i.e. Hawks of the previous years). This requires a high level of skill to kick through zones, strong defensive structures to absorb forward 50 entries and high level pressure when in certain areas to win the ball back. Option 2: A run and carry game where you attempt to run in waves through zones, limiting the amount of kicks (Melbourne / GWS / Adelaide). This relies on you winning the contested ball and getting it on the outside where you run and spread hard. You have to build your list to execute one of the 2 game plans. Tnte Hawks had the list for option 1, but then replaced their 2 best kickers with handballers so they struggled and their game style now is a work in progress. Melbourne have gone for contested beasts and (usually) win the clearances. We have identified the stoppages as a competitive advantage and structured the team accordingly, the idea being to handball to someone outside of the immediate vicinity of the stoppage, who can then do likewise, until such time as it is in the hands of someone on the outside running at full pace to break the lines, or who can hit up a target moving away from the stoppage. When we're on, our run and carry is evident and we rip teams to shreds. When it's not, we look slow, "handball happy" and our backline get caught between streaming forward for the outside run and staying back in their defensive setup Ironically, some of melbournes best passages of play this year have been a chain of handpasses, where we've broken through the oppositions line, force the defender to leave their man and commit and we handball over the top. Where this breaks down is when we don't have the outside run. The inside mids flick it around looking for it, but if it's not there they then get caught with the ball. As for those who scream "just kick it", and then bemoan the player for kicking it to a 1v3 up forward, it's down to the way we are trying to play and why players just don't throw it on the boot. We want to effectively run it into our 50, not launch it high and long from stoppages. Hence the "over handballing". I don't criticize the inside mids. They're doing what they're told to do. If you're going to criticize anyone point the finger at the lack of outside run during stretches of some games forcing the inside mids to keep it within the immediate vicinity of a stoppage.
  7. Trenners in the Mix?

    Goody has ruled Trenners out...
  8. Werribee Tigers v Casey Demons

    Sorry to give this thread a bump, and perhaps it should be a new thread altogether, however Lindsay Thomas is up to his old tricks in his first game back from suspension after the Maynard incident. Check it out below - lucky not to put Palmer in hospital for a month... https://au.sports.yahoo.com/afl/a/36036329/lindsay-thomas-vfl-elbow-opponent-in-the-face-mrp-suspension/#page1
  9. It's now totally conclusive

    With all due respect, I think that's pretty harsh on Spencer. Goodwin's philosophy is to bring high pressure all over the ground, and in order to do your job (whether forward line or ruck) you need to be executing to stay in the team. You can't really pick and choose when you contest the ball and then say in the team review on Monday that you didn't go in hard at the contest because you're the ruckman. That would be as good as asking to be dropped straight back to the 2s. Spencer might have been a bit reckless in his approach to that contest, however you can't criticise the guy for doing the team thing, impacting the contest and trying to win the ball. If there were 10 seconds left in the game and it was a game saving contest we'd be praising him for being so selfless... Yes he's had a lot of injuries over the year (much like any young ruckman whose body is developing) however his form last year at Casey was great and in my opinion he has a role to play on our list.
  10. Clarence Oliver

    I think you're thinking of the clearance against Richmond on ANZAC Day. He hunted the ball twice in the space of 5 seconds and got it out to Garlett (I think) to kick the goal. EDIT - http://www.melbournefc.com.au/video/2017-04-26/rd-5-all-the-goals about 3.40 through this video
  11. Rohan, Tippett & Reid

    This is going slightly off topic, and not sure whether this should be started in a new thread, but Jack Gunston hasn't ruled out being traded (or open to it) at seasons end. What are people's thoughts on going after him, and what would it cost? He's quite similar to Jack Watts in build (193cm, 87kg) and is only 25. Could potentially allow us to have a very mobile forward line in Watts, Gunston and Hogan with Watts pinch-hitting in the ruck. Yes he's having a down year, however he's scored 50+ goals over the last 3 seasons. Would allow Weid to develop in the 2s for another couple of seasons before bringing him in. Just a thought.
  12. Queen's Birthday

    Melbourne FC twitter page:
  13. Free Agency For Life?

    This surely has to be the next step. The struggling clubs (and their supporters) are the ones who will be missing out as their better players leave in search of premiership glory ASAP. Players don't want to be a part of a rebuild / premiership challenge in 5+ years time. The more I think about it the more I think we're heading towards an NBA style system. Not sure whether it would work, but that system looks like the following: - First Round draft picks locked into 2 year contracts, with TEAM options in years 3-4 for a set salary (potentially fixes the problem that Brisbane is having with retaining players) - Player contracts often have player or team options for their final 1-2 years - RFA and Free Agents (we already have this) - The trade period is open from the off-season until mid-way through the season, allowing teams who are struggling to trade out assets for picks, and vice versa - Players can be "waived" (their contracts are effectively paid out) meaning there is flexibility on rosters / lists - Players can be added onto a teams roster / list at any time (save for about 3 weeks before finals until the end of the finals) if they have space (i.e. you have to waive someone first). Players can only be added if they have been waived by another team, or have gone undrafted (i.e. you can't go and add juniors to your list). I think the players have too much power at the moment, and some needs to be given back to the clubs. Flexibly rosters could potentially help avoid our disaster of this year of not having a ruckman. We could "waive" someone off our list (i.e. Lumumba) and add a VFL ruckman. You're still encouraged to keep and develop talent on your roster, but ensures teams seasons aren't ruined by 1-2 injuries to key personal. Something to think about anyway.

    I agree, but the players have media commitments. The players / coaches get asked the stock standard questions each week. If they're coming up against a struggling team: "How are you preparing for a team who is coming off a bad loss / who you are expected to beat". If they're one of the better sides: "It is a good challenge for you guys coming up against one of the form sides of the competition". There's not much you can say to answer these questions other than "we're preparing for their best" or "it will be a good challenge". Frustrating to constantly hear it (particularly when we lose) but the players / coaches can't do much about it.
  15. Clarence Oliver

    There was another passage of play where Oliver was at the bottom of the pack and Hodge was on top of him. Hodge was giving him a ribbing and Oliver was just lying there with a massive grin on his face. Clearly loves that stuff.