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  1. Purple77

    GAMEDAY - Round 14

    Massive kudos to Bernie Vince for setting up Petracca goal! Put the pressure on, won HTB, nailed the kick to the 50, and we got a goal out of it.
  2. Purple77

    GAMEDAY - Round 12

    Everything else aside, the thing that burns me most about this game, is how Collingwood have dictated their game to us, all day. It actually feels like my insides are on fire.
  3. Purple77

    GAMEDAY - Round 12

    Oscar, you're currently doing a bad job. Sure, 1 out of 12 ain't bad, but ffs, lift.
  4. Purple77

    GAMEDAY - Round 10

    If we win, this will be two weeks in a row of us winning admirably (again, if we keep it up), and Hawthorn losing. I'm just wondering how I died, coz I certainly don't remember the transition to heaven.
  5. Purple77

    GAMEDAY - Round 10

    We've been breathtakingly good at times. Some of our movement... brings a joyful tear to your eye! Keep it up Dees!
  6. Purple77

    GAMEDAY - Round 10

    Cannot stress enough how good that quarter was! If we can keep it up for the whole game, that quarter will get talked about a lot I reckon this week.
  7. Purple77

    GAMEDAY - Round 7

    and I tell ya what Oliver is on early.
  8. Purple77

    GAMEDAY - Round 7

    Really impressive play leading up to Hogan's goal. Exceptional.
  9. Purple77

    GAMEDAY - Round 7

    That Clarry hit-up to Hannan was... wow.
  10. Purple77


    I honestly can't believe how the highest scoring team of the first 3 rounds don't even look like scoring more than 10 goals in a game anymore. What has happened to our offence? !
  11. Purple77


    inside 50 entries have been seriously bad so far. Plenty of time to turn it around. Come on Dees.
  12. Purple77

    Post Match Discussion - Round 5

    Sigh. I think the thing I really resent the most out of all of this is the coach/player belief that we played 3 really strong quarters of footy. Like, Q1 was fine, but there was a complete lack of composure. These are professional footballers whom have been honing their craft since they were playing in under 10s. Why can't we demand - like we do with effort - the execution of a kick hitting a chest inside 50? Why does "having a go" offset our demand for wins, which is achieved through composure? I know it's because we can control effort more than we can control skill, but still... they get paid to do this. Q2?! Are you kidding me?! 1 goal from I think (could be wrong) from 5 inside 50s? Constantly kicking it to a contest up the boundary line?! In what universe do you think that is a strong quarter of footy that will help us win a game? I'll give them Q3, I thought that was strong. The tone of the coach and players feels reminiscent of (and more appropriate for) a team starting from a ways back, like us in 2014 or Carlton now. I thought we were past this? I thought we were aiming for finals, and thus should demand standards accordingly? If we could just start recognising things for what they were, it'd be easier to stomach. Sigh, that's how I feel anyway.
  13. Purple77


    Great to see the real Jayden Hunt is back though
  14. Purple77

    Post Match Discussion - Round 4

    It's important to realise that, it's not just this match; rather, we have 4 weeks worth of evidence that this side has not changed enough to be playing finals this year. Whilst we can be pleased by simply getting 8 premiership points in the first 3 rounds, the bigger picture - how we are playing - shows that we are not on track to playing finals this year. Today was putrid, but really, an aberration. I don't expect this to happen again, and in fact I'm more willing to forgive the Dees for this performance than I did against Geelong or Brisbane, because that is our norm. But at the moment, what we can reasonably expect to happen is putrid patches offsetting our quality football, resulting in either a loss, or a smaller winning margin - which last year showed, is not enough. We need to be better. We must demand better.
  15. Purple77

    Post Match Discussion - Round 3

    Also, really liked Salem's aggression today. Added a welcome spice to the contest.