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    Gee that is probably one of the more impressive highlights package (yes, I know) that I have seen from a tall defender.
  2. 2018 Membership Thread


    I mean, gut feel/initial reaction was that we overpaid. But, really, he did finish in the All-Aus squad at 21 years of age... which Treloar didn't do. IMO, we probably paid the market price in the end, but with a hint of "we could have paid less" about it.
  4. Nathan Jones Media Conference

    "Jones: The blame falls on our shoulders" You're [censored] right it does.
  5. Nathan Jones Media Conference

    All I'd like is something to be said "off script", and not AFL-player speak. Doesn't have to be an apology, just say something that actually has some meaning for goodness sake.
  6. GAMEDAY - Round 21

    Just relieved Gus is OK.
  7. GAMEDAY - Round 20

    Was happy to give Watts a break in his first two games back, coz he's a quality player. But as they say in baseball... three strikes, and you're out. Absolutely dreadful 2 and a half games, you could argue Weideman would be offering more at this stage. Stupid footy going inside 50, and still can't believe we just didn't do what GWS just did in the first quarter; slow it down! It's not complex footy! So many players need to lift :-/ but if the margin is about 30 points at 3QT, I give us a chance.
  8. Tassie Saturday V Norf

    Aw, maybe. I think a lot of young kids here are adopting them, but really I'd wager most of those 7k are just pure AFL fans who take the freebie 3-game membership for cheaper tickets to watch some live AFL. Same applies to Hawks IMO. I reckon the majority would jump ship for a pure AFL team... the 3-4 game membership card holders at least.
  9. Tassie Saturday V Norf

    I'm a local, and will not be missing this for the world! Being a deprived AFL fanatic, I go to every Hobart game and can say North have established a pretty good following (unfortunately) here. The biggest noises come from the Ricky Ponting Stand FWIW. The atmosphere for a Demons fan was great at the hill area last year too.
  10. GAMEDAY - Round 18

    Jetta beating Dixon in a 1 v 1 has been my highlight so far
  11. GAMEDAY - Round 17

    Not once have I turned the TV off this year. But just seeing a string of nervous Melbourne players [censored] it up over and over again to allow a [censored] easy Adelaide goal made me yell "Nah!" and turn the blasted thing off.
  12. Clayton Oliver incident

    Disappointed at Melbourne here. By making the apology, the cross-hairs of the uninformed will now be firmly directed at Clarry, whom already have it in for him for his 'diving'. The Demons have effectively allowed free range at Oliver, and I'm really disappointed about it. That said, Oliver should not interact with crowd members at all. But the Dees should be protecting him in these kinda instances IMO.
  13. GAMEDAY - Round 16

    Never felt so triggered this year than I do now. [censored] me dead Lewis, and Hogan, you need to kick that goal
  14. GAMEDAY - Round 15

    Easily the worst we've played this year. This lead is nothing though. I remember we played a completely different game after half time against Essendon this year, so hoping for a repeat of that.
  15. JKH signs one year extension

    When I saw the headline "Out of contract Dee signs new deal" I'll admit I was hoping it would be someone else, but happy enough to see JKH stick around. He does seem to have a potential "diamond in the rough" kinda aura about him. Someone to at least see what happens with next.