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  1. Angus Brayshaw

    I'm sorry and I hope I am very wrong but my view is other than the 1st qtr he was running on the spot. Has no pace at all and like most of his mates turned the ball over. Happy to give him another chance as it was his 1st game but he really needs to find some pace somewhere to burst out of tight situations. Many times he seemed to be standing still when opposition just ran past and from him.

    Sorry but can't find any positive comments to say after that effort against what I reckon will be a bottom 8 side at best.
  3. Post Match Discussion - Round 4

    Goodwin also made a bad blew in his presser. He said Hawks were structurally better than us. Bloody hell what was he and the other 100 coaches in the box doing. Just letting Clarkson and the Hawks run all over him. Bad move Coach admitting they had it over you. Plenty of hard look into the mirror stuff required before Tigers.
  4. Changes v Richmond

    Lewis, Harmes, Bugg must go and also due to lack of pace, Brayshaw is in danger. Vince is gone. The older players tend to not put there heads over the ball and look for easy options. Lewis and Vince were perfect examples of this. Unfortunately we have to many great VFL players that are just not up to AFL standard. This week at training we should go back to the old days and do just kick to kick and circle work. Some of the skills showed today were pathetic. Fumbled and when we did win the ball just bombed it straight back to the Hawks. I would throw the Trac and Hoges in this also. They would rather wait to comb their hair for the photo before looking for a player in better popsition. Tough but real.
  5. My 3 word player analysis V Hawthorn

    Brayshaw. Miles to SLOW
  6. Post Match Discussion - Round 4

    Great insight TU. I mentioned in pre game thread that had the VBs ready up here in warm Brissie and we would win comfortably. Well now I have taken time after the game to have dinner with family and after getting some of the VBs out of the TV realised we are just not good enough. TU mentioned the many VFL standard players we have and I agree but also would throw in Brayshaw.. OK first game for year but after the first quarter he was running on the one spot. In fact most of our players do. No pace, no direction and the fumbling was terrible. This is a bad a loss as we have had in many years as I do not consider the Hawks to be a top team. Bloody hell they had basically no bench for last two quarters and gave us a hiding. Harmes, Brayshaw, Bugg, Milkshake, Garlett ( I love him but goes missing to much), Wagner, Lewis, Vince to name a few need to go. Wont happen but Goodwin needs to make a statement here and make multiple changes. That performance cannot be tolerated.

    32 degrees up here in Brissie. Pool ready for Grand Kids, VBs ready for me and Son and Fox Footy on the TV it is. Dees to win comfortably.
  8. Hawks on Sunday - Predictions

    I think and hope we win fairly easily. Our form is not that bad even though some posters believe we are not playing well. Plenty of inside 50's in all 3 games. Just need to be a bit cleaner going forward and we will absolutely thrash a team. Should have, could have beaten Cats. Brisbane in Brisbane on a hot, humid night was a good win. Look at Lions. They nearly beat Port in Adelaide so there form is not bad then gave North a start and won by 6 goals. We continue winning the ball in contests and lower eyes going forward a win is on cards this Sunday.
  9. Will we break the hoodoo?

    We will give them a horrible hiding.
  10. Post Match Discussion - Round 2

    Been up here from Melbourne since 91 and last night was as warm a late March night I have been out in. Was on ground after game with Grand Sons and under those lights it was very uncomfortable. Ground very wet with dew so all of us have to take this into consideration and bank the 26 point win. Watching live the boys were spent but kept at it. Yes some struggled but they kept trying where as in past some may have turned their toes up. Also had a good chat with Brendan McCartney after game and naturally he will say the right club things but mentioned we are on right track and it was a difficult night. Also that Lever is learning to be a man on man defender and will become a valuable player for us. All up I was satisfied with the effort and to stop Lions challenge and run away with win is encouraging. For those not happy you need to just take the win and see us improve as season goes on. Be positive and not negative people.
  11. GAMEDAY - Round 2

    Fine day up here so far. Should be playing on a fast deck. No excuses. Win well boys and play 4 quarters of hard contested and fast footy please. Struggle and your spot maybe in question with plenty showing form yesterday at Casey.
  12. Best place to watch the Brisbane game

    Up here in Brisbane and watching 1st game live at Gabba for about 3 years.
  13. Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 2

    Cloudy, warm ,humid with showers up here in Brissie today and also expect the same tomorrow. Even if no showers the humidity will make for a greasy ball. Finally after a few years looking forward to seeing the Dees live and expect a good win.
  14. 2018 Membership Thread

    Rang them not long ago and they immediately sent my ticket through with apologies. Packs still not here. Buying GA for rest of family at the Gabba. Do not expect that many to turn up. Lions and Dees up here does not enthuse the Qld'ers
  15. 2018 Membership Thread

    Being in Brissie I paid for Interstate membership on 2/3 plus 2 junior for twin Grand Sons. Packs still not arrived when club said they mailed Monday week ago. Also asked for the free ticket in M'ship package for this Saturday's game and no email ticket yet. Emailed and rang club 3 times now and with Good Friday tomorrow will have to ring again today. This happens all to much with MFC