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  1. Docs Demons

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Agree. Not sure about a once in a generation key forward. Big statement. My generation has seen the likes of McKenna, Hudson, Dunstall, Lockett etc who all would eat Hogan for Breakfast. He is gone and for me I barrack for MFC not JHFC. Let it go as when RBD left I'm sure not many or any MFC supporters changed to Carlton or for that fact the many Hawk supporters moved to Swans when Buddy left. I follow MFC not a player. Took a while to get over Watts and see what he has done at Port so let's just get over Hogan and focus on the team we have, which I believe will give us plenty of smiles in coming years.
  2. Docs Demons

    Rating Josh Mahoney

    Exactly Wiseblood. Some of these posters get their ambitions mixed up with their capabilities. We have done VERY well in this trade period. People need to be reminded that Hogan was not invested in us and would most likely been a liability next year. Let him see what it is like playing at Freo. Make up your minds half way through the season. I suspect we will be well in front. We have got what we wanted and look to pick up some useful players in draft with now 2 early 2nd round picks
  3. This to me is a win for us. 2 decent players in and a player in Hogan who would not have been committed next season if we knocked Freo back. Now we go forward in 19 to the next step and play off in GF whilst Hogan finishes bottom 4. It must be home factor and money for Hogan as I do not see the ball going to him enough to kick goals and boy if he sulked at times with us just watch him at Freo
  4. Docs Demons

    Aaron vandenBerg not going - signs a new deal!!!

    Agree and if he wants to move back closer to family to assist in running the business then we should assist as long as we get what we want. I have no issues with those that are looking elsewhere. Except for Hogan the others are bottom 6 players or VFL at best. Certainly looks like we are clearing the decks for some serious trade action. Can't wait. Don't forget posters the nucleas of our side from Prelim game are still there!.
  5. Docs Demons

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Concur. No way we trade Hogan for May. May would have made no difference whatsoever last Saturday as it was coming in at a rate of knots due to lack of forward and mid pressure. You could have had May, Rance and Lever and it would not have changed the result. Hogan is well liked by his team mates and I believe they would not be that happy if he goes and May comes in. Also May from what I hear at the Suns is not that well liked. I also do not rate him as a player or person and Hogan in my opinion (reiterate MY OPINION) has still plenty of upside.
  6. Docs Demons

    Time for Jack Viney to lead on his own?

    Actually it was one of those days where all 22 were not sighted. Just not the leaders albeit they were poor. Need to learn from this, get improvement from within and snag a decent player in trade period and trust Lever and Hogan get back to their best. 2019 looks exciting to me.
  7. I'm not happy with the season. If we had of won the games we should have we would not have been in Perth today!! The season is just not the last few games. It is all year and we blew heaps of chances to have the 2nd chance and play all games in Melbourne.
  8. Docs Demons

    Post Match Discussion - Preliminary Final

    So disappointing to play our worst game for the season but boy did WCE come to play. They taught us a big lesson and can only hope most learn from it but unfortunately Lewis, Tyson, Spargo, Hannan and a couple of others will or should not be around next year to learn.
  9. Docs Demons

    Where to watch the game - Melbourne V WCE

  10. Docs Demons

    1964 memories- calling our older supporters

    I was a 12 year old and went to the G with a mate and his dad. All I can remember is we couldn't get into the Demon room after the game so snuck in the Maggies and saw the big Gabelich with a tallie of Melb bitter. Sticks out in my old mine like it was yesterday
  11. Docs Demons

    Where to watch the game - Melbourne V WCE

    Fellow Tassie Demon Supporters. Will be in Hobart this Saturday. Where is best spot/pub to watch the game with other Demon Supporters please. Thanks
  12. Docs Demons

    GAMEDAY - Semi Final

    Bit of a rumour around that Hardwick from Hawks maybe a late out.
  13. Docs Demons

    GAMEDAY - Semi Final

    Or Magpies. Now wouldn't that be one for the AFL. Back to 64!.
  14. Docs Demons

    GAMEDAY - Semi Final

    Flew down from Brisbane last Friday with Sons and Grand Sons. Cost a bit but well worth it as first time in over 20 years at G. Tonight all of us in front of TV yelling and screaming over many VBs
  15. Docs Demons

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Semi Final

    Bring the effort, pressure, tackling from last week and kick a bit better at goals and we should win but under estimate this mob at your peril.