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  1. The 2018 Fixture Thread

    Simple fact is ,if we are good enough we can win anywhere. If you all think we are good enough then winning in Alice and Darwin is a good possibiilty.
  2. Farewell Jack Watts

    Confirm his visit to Byron. Seen by Son
  3. My 3 word player analysis V StKilda

    Reading the comments I find it amazing we actually won. Looks like only about 6 players performed. If that is the case look out other teams when we actually hit a bit of form!!
  4. Post Match Discussion - Round 19

    Concur fully. Oliver at 20 is showing the rest how to go about it. Yes he makes some blues but if "soft as butter' Watts had a bit of Oliver's grunt he would be a super star!. In fact I would give Watts a chance against GWS but if he goes about it the same way then bye bye for me
  5. 8 Point Games

    Concur. Port are not that good and this game to me is vital. No use looking at the Saints game or any others. Win this on Saturday and rest of season will take care of itself. In my view this is the most important game this season. Win and win well we look upwards and onwards with maybe our best available over next couple of weeks we can make a big run for finals and perhaps a top 4 spot. We must win this old fashioned Saturday arvo game and will be watching closely from the box up here in Qld.. Go Dees
  6. Post Match Discussion - Round 13

    That first quarter was the difference. Whilst they had their hands on the ball we tackled,harassed and eventualy wore them done with persistent pressure. Not pretty footy but hard and tough stuff.Bit like the good old days !.They were done at quarter time. Did not want to be near our fellas even though we gave them opportunities with some turnovers but hat is now the modern game. Very impressive. determined effort by the whole team. What impressed me was we had no stand outs. All did something when required.

    Totally agree. We won ugly today which is indication this team albeit a few players down, is staying in games. In past would have been blown away. Take winning ugly any time. Bring Hogan & Gawn back in next few weeks and should come home strong. Some players still need to have composure at times but will take this win and look forward to games after the bye. Would love to win 3-4 in a row, ugly or not.
  8. Changes for Gold Coast

    Agree. Watts is soft and lets us down more often than not. He and the Weed play soft footy. No doubt they dominated their junior footy but do not have the gumption to play against men. Weed runs under the ball to often which shows me he is scared or has no idea. Will give the Weed some slack but no more for Watts. Tall, quick, talented etc can only go about 30%. The rest you need to want the footy and this guy just puts the one arm out nice and soft to pretend he is tackling or wants the ball. Watts and Weed out and bring in anyone that wants the ball please. These types of efforts just cannot be tolerated any more particularly when players half their talent at least try.

    After the great effort last week we MUST hit the ground running from the first bounce. Cannot relax and give North a start.

    We need to settle down a bit here and face the facts. Basically the team is just not up to it at his stage. We are playing with about 16 men as our bottom 6 are very ordinary and need to be turned over until we find better performances and efforts from our bottom 6. Also I'm not sure if any one has potted our number 2 (could not go through whole thread) but he at least gave the Hawks 2 goals early with terrible turnovers. Also when the pressure is on we just handball and eventually turn it over..No leaders stood up early. On a positive note we played terrible and only lost by 3. In past when 30 odd points down in 2nd qtr we would have lost by 60 plus.

    First time poster however watching up here in Qld with my Sons and Grand Kids I understand we had some players down but boy where are our leaders. Jones and Viney along with Vince and McDonald are not a Selwood. We were 25 points up for goodness sake and with Selwood in our team instead of any of the above. We Win. No argument from any of you on that. By the way I am also sick and tired of the same useless players getting a game that frustrate the hell out of me. Why does Goodwin select players that are just not up to AFL standard, JKH is a perfect example. Struggle to get a game in a local league.