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  1. Let's face it. We were not good enough. Onwards and upwards next year !!
  2. I meant something along the lines of Cats!!! if you can work out the censored!
  3. A joke and it is confirmed the AFL is a game for hard running [censored]! Our legal team must have recruited from high school.
  4. Looks a decent side to me providing not many injuries for Dees or Casey as doubt depth at VFL will cover. The ruckman, Wale-Buxton will be good. Excellent player in Vermont's premiership side in EFL which is the best local comp in Vic. This guy can play. Watched Vermont in a final at Bayswater when down for Dees V Cats final and he showed plenty.
  5. I would be happy with 50k which is only about 11k to go so a couple of wins early should see us get to this milestone.
  6. Could not agree more. If it was for 4 points I suggest he would have gone straight back on. To say he did not come back on in a praccy game is stupid. Lions would have rested him as they had 26 players to rotate.
  7. I rejoined again and also paid for twin Grand Sons this week so another 3 to the total. Great they play twice up here in Qld.
  8. We should and need to play best possible team as last praccy game before season starts and last chance for the team to gel together and with the new rules. All those coming back that are shoe ins for first game need to play at least a half. Naturally no one goes flat chat and we hope no injuries.
  9. Down the track he will realise the mistake he made in leaving the Dees and I do not now care one little bit. He is well gone and time to leave it be.
  10. Training today? Understand they had the weekend, Monday and Tuesday off so assume they must have had a run today?
  11. Maybe old fashioned but they should wear club gear to and after games. Look like a team and play like a team!
  12. We can get around mid to high 30's at times but mainly around the 30- 35 degrees during summer and as Saty mentioned it can be very humid.60-80% at times so stiffling heat. This year we have had no real storms to speak about to cool things down. Up until yesterday (29 degrees tops) we have had 40 odd days of above 30 degrees and humid with little or no rain.
  13. I don't really care what Hogan does at Freo and could not care less what Reiwoldt thinks. All I want is for TMac to give us a contest, stays on park and kicks around a couple a game. With the rest of the forward line and mid fielders going through also contributing I will be happy and Hogan long forgotten.
  14. Absolutely happy for Nev and the club. Great decision. In presser noted that Lewis will work with coaches and assist the leadership team. Transition time for Jordan but his experience has been and will be invaluable going forward.
  15. 87 at Waverley for me.. Friend was the fitness/runner guy and got me and son in rooms after. Very sad however even if we had won I doubt we would have won the GF as Flower and Wilson would not have played and Carlton were far and above the best team. They gave Hawks a bath the following week.
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