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  1. Maroochydore training camp

    THREE Brisbane fans thank you!
  2. Unless there is a reversed onus of proof......just sayin’
  3. I am sure some of you lot sweat on stories like these breaking in the media to seize the opportunity to: (a) hang sh!t on the club, a player or players, the leadership group or whomever or, (b) just fill in the blanks to any story with whatever BS you make up. I don’t give a rats what happens outside of my control as long as my footy club is raring to give it a red hot go come Round 1 2018. Anyway, compliments of the season and all that.
  4. Boot Camp 2017 cancelled by Players

    Yeah, there is no place for that BS in our game. Completely unnecessary. This is a footy club, not a paramilitary organisation. There are many alternative, modern psychological development strategies available today. As an aside....Danny Frawley is a f log.
  5. Behold your 2018 Midfield

    Billy Stretch looks to have muscled up a bit unless he is flexing for the shot!
  6. Petracca guilty of drinking his own bath water and gets told to pull his head in. Mitch Hannan to become more consistent and takes a MOTY contender Jack Watts really targeted when we play PA Dion Johnstone to be a surprise packet Declan Keilty to debut
  7. Nibbler - how good can he be?

    I’m not as enthusiastic as some. His endeavour is very good but I have a question mark over his decision making ability and his marking skills. I think he is just inside our best 22. But of course would love to see him him continue to develop and become a valuable player. It seems as though he can be but just needs to step it up a cog in my view.
  8. A Day at the Races

    Evening fellas, I am also going Marmelo and Humidor but also having something each way on Ventura Storm with G. Boss steering. Pulled up sore after the CC but galloped strongly since. My youngest daughter (29) who only ever has a bet on the Cup, apparently liked the name Cismontane a couple of weeks ago so she got her husband to put $5 each way at fixed odds at....$301 & $76! I offered her $5 last night for halves but she knocked me back! Kids today have no respect.
  9. A Day at the Races

    I have had a bit of a study today and come up with a few at Flemington. I am not a fan of favourite runners (although there is great value tomorrow if you are). Race 1 - 12 Almighty, Race 4 - 6 Vengeur Masque Race 5 - 6 Jukebox, Race 7 - 11 Ocean's Fourteen, Race 8 - 9 Shillelagh. I will also have a go at Lola's Diamond on the Gold Coast, Race 3 - 6 and Monteaux at Doomben, Race 3 - 3. Good luck fellas. Cheers PD
  10. A Day at the Races

    Hi Macca. I have owned 5 racehorses over the years. 4 in Melbourne and 1up here in Brisbane. My punting days go back to the time when the ladies in the TAB’s around Melbourne hand wrote the tickets! I really don’t have a bet very often nowadays but do enjoy lashing out at this time of the year. Gee, those First 4’s are hard but as you said, the potential dividends are huge. I have a good mate that boxes 2x4xFxF but only for a low percentage. He often jags a decent return because he leaves the favourite right out of selections 1and 2. What I have noticed over the years watching Spring Carnivals is that horses that finished 1st or 2nd at their most recent start, regardless of where that may have been, figure prominently in most races. Moreso than at the average race meeting. Of course, often there are quite a few runners in a race with that form, sometimes not so many. I have had some good results by basing trifectas and particularly quinellas, around them. Off to get my copy of the Sportsman now and will drop some selections for tomorrow in later. I already like Shillelagh in whichever race it goes round in. Huge run last start. Cheers PD
  11. The 2018 Fixture Thread

    I couldn’t give a rats about the draw. We can’t change it so why whinge? Just get out onto whatever ground it is and play the game and try to win about 15 or so. The only good thing is the 2 Brisbane games. I can walk to the Gabba in 10 minutes. Seems like years since we have played in Brisbane.

    Like that former famous Essendon player Bundy Riewoldt-Akermanis?
  13. Farewell Jack Watts

    Same old Ron. Looking to shoot people down at every opportunity. Hogan had more than one reason for "smoking darts". There was ONE photo of him smoking ONE cigarette, right? Current AA forward line player is well know to have a puff. Hasn't done him any harm. Anyway, doesn't matter because JW is gonski. Maybe we can offload you to Richmond in the draft? You've always loved 'em.
  14. Farewell Jack Watts

    Watts was on thin ice early in the season with his lackadaisical attitude. Him choosing to fly off to Byron Bay for a week promoting Skwosh when he was essentially directed to remain in Melbourne and rehab properly was the final straw. He was gone from that point. From my POV I am very pleased to have a coach at our club who isn’t scared of setting standards for all players and then enforcing them when they don’t comply. If players don’t want to have a team first mentality then the team doesn’t want them. See ya Jack. I hope the door didn’t bruise your arze on the way out. NEXT!
  15. Best MFC team in last 50 years

    Gee, you could make a case for a truckload...Tilbrook, Malloy, Stretch, Steve Smith, Fowler, Giles, Zantuck, Battiston, Icke, Jarrott, Moore, O’Dwyer, Lovett, Rhode, Lovell, Bennett, Davey....