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  1. Will see what happens Monday and I hope jake plays well bit o think it is a huge danger area
  2. Not sure what you are talking about friend? Can confirm this is my only account
  3. Sun shines out of the entire club and all our players according to some here
  4. Some posters call it as they see it. Others cast a critical eye over our list and administration so we can strive to not only make finals but win a flag for the dmdirst time in my lifetime. To do that we need to be realistic and honest
  5. Unfortunately I do which is why I am concerned we wont play finals this season despite having a top 6 list
  6. Don't forget the likes of beveridge, bolton, Fagan and Pike were all available but none of the above were interviewed. Then there are assistance like Caracalla and Dew that should have at least been given the opportunity to interview
  7. More than happy for the mods to run an IP scan on me to prove I have no alias accounts. As stated have been a long time lurker who thought he would join the conversation
  8. Let's be honest... the pencil is a [censored] spud
  9. Do you see spencer stopping him. He has been on very good form and can't be under estimated even if he is somewhat of a no name player
  10. I am worried about Spencer. Nankervic has been very good for the tigers so far this season around the ground and I am not sure spencer will be able to keep up with him. Must play pederson imo to tag nankervic
  11. Isn't he from the Essendon school of governance as well???
  12. Port and the Bulldogs were complete basket cases when their two coaches took over respectively. Port were widely tipped for the spoon that year and we went into round one as white hot favourites only to have our pants pulled down. Similarly the dogs were hopeless prior to bevo and their captain and best player, Brownlow medalist and quality mid in Higgins all walked out from an already struggling side
  13. They made a prelim year one. this has similar debacle all over it which is why I am concerned we copied their failed model
  14. It why people do on a football forum. Discuss footy