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  1. Redlagged

    Jack Watts (again)

    Didn't think they'd do it but its the right call. Good too that Weidemann comes in. Watts? I like him. Who doesn't? Really hope we storm into the finals and he plays a part. But he's been dropped a few times now.
  2. Redlagged

    Changes vs St Kilda

    Just saw the VFL web site saying Stretch was best for Casey. Good: he's straight in.
  3. Redlagged

    Changes vs St Kilda

    Well they obviously have to refresh the team. Desperately need some run - where that's coming from, I don't know. Stretch is doing little with Casey. Brayshaw - good luck to him, but I can't see how he fixes anything. Watts is an obvious out, maybe Weidemann and Hannan in. Lose next week, and the [censored] really hits the fan.
  4. Redlagged

    Looking ahead ... the Path to September

    The path to September - well, Simon Goodwin loves to talk about the 'journey' we are all on. I think its a grating metaphor he might think of dropping: it has been a hard road for all of us, and he's been there for 5 minutes.
  5. Redlagged

    Jack Watts (again)

    First kick today was well into the third quarter. Sorry - he should be dropped.
  6. Redlagged


    Main problem - we lack class. Have no great players.We have a lot of good ones, some very good, but no A grade talent. (I wait on Pettrarca, with diminishing hope.) Our two genuine competition-class players are defenders: Hibberd and Jetta. So we are doomed to mid-table, at best.
  7. Redlagged

    Jack Watts (again)

    Selection is an issue next week. Weidemann must come in if they really are fair dinkum about form being the criterion. Hannan might entertain a recall too. He does most of what JW does - and some of it better. In any case, next week is IT - we perform, or else....
  8. Redlagged


    Main problem is fairly obvious. We lack players of the highest class. Our on-ballers are good, but not really good. Have we a single player in the most talented 30 - or 40 - in the competition? No. I have hopes for Petracca - but he lacks mongrel and isn't fit enough. We need to make some hard decisions about players, and forget the obsession with in-and-under scrubbers. We have too many already.
  9. Redlagged

    Jack Watts (again)

    Pitiful in the first half. He has been terrible lately and one now struggles to see substantive improvement in him. For this team to progress, it needs to make some tough decisions on personnel. As a general comment, our senior players are - frankly - B grade. Watts has 3 weeks.
  10. Redlagged

    Jack Watts (again)

    Yes, I know he's the perennial whipping boy. And I have been a supporter of his for as long as I care to remember. But he has been shocking the last 3 weeks, during a crucial period for the club. It's now 150 games plus. I have no idea of his contract status and situation. He has three more weeks. Either they're very good, or it really is time for him - and the club - to move on.
  11. Redlagged

    Changes vs Hawthorn

    No, it isn't serious question. Kicked three last game, and we're much better with him. Ask his teamates if they think he is a 'negative' influence on the team.
  12. Redlagged

    Cam Pedersen

    It has to be Cam Pedersen. There is no-one else. Frost is needed elsewhere and is not robust enough. Mitch King is at least a year away. A desperate search through CP's Wikipedia entry revealed he battled effectively - against Dean Cox no less - one day when Goldstein was injured.
  13. Redlagged

    My 3 word player analysis V Fremantle

    Hunt is probably our best player. Our real problem is Viney - he is looking like a one trick pony.
  14. Redlagged


    His idiotic spoil at the end - effected, I think with closed eyes - cost us the game. Total amateur. We seem to breed them like flies.