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  1. Dr.D

    Play of the Year - 2018

    -Alex Neal-bullen kicking the sealer against Adelaide in Adelaide and Goodwin fist pumping in the box. - Kent's goal to get us into the finals - hannans goal - jones sealer - Oliver's mid-air collision and collect against selwood. - Gawn's boundary line snaps against essendon -Weideman performance in finals - Nad put in a brayshaw or clarry goal and a few jetta/hibberd desperation acts to complete the vid :)
  2. Brayshaw another top 5 brownlow finish Lever to have complications with his knee all season May to win our best and fairest. Preuss to play all 22 games Tom Mcdonald to be out injured for a month and May going forward to help Weideman. Sparrow to play 12 plus games. Fritsch to go forward more often. Dees to make 5th on the ladder as essendon surge up the ladder.
  3. Dr.D

    Training - Friday 30th November, 2018

    Are we talking about me here or someone else? I'm totally confused Anyway, i could be wrong on bradkte. If someone told me that tom mcdonald who torched the ball in the backline for 7 years would become one of the best and most accurate key forwards in the game today then i wouldnt have believed them so anything can happen.
  4. Dr.D

    Training - Friday 30th November, 2018

    it was a bet I lost with a fellow poster. I've got to keep it all pre-season.
  5. Dr.D

    Training - Friday 30th November, 2018

    Hey guys, One of my first training reports so be nice Feel free to ask me any questions. - Oliver ran around the boundary the whole time. Looked fine, just needs fitness. - Lever ran around the boundary too. Looks much bigger in the upper body which was nice to see. Has obviously been hitting the weights hard. - Steven May. Wow. Easily the best trainer today. Is probably the best kick in our team and was looking very comfortable in front of goal too when having set shots for about 15 minutes. He could definitely go forward in games. Bedford tried to dance on May in a drill and May went straight at him and took him to the ground. Got a bit of an applause from the players and a laugh from the coaches. A good lesson for Bedford. This is AFL. May also lifted Nibbler up off the ground rugby style and almost flipped him over completely but he landed okay and continued. You could hear 'well done Stevie' throughout a lot of the training sessions. - Petracca ran around the boundary and he definitely still has the Petracca plod and could definitely strip weight off. - Harmes was running around the boundary and looking in great physical nick. He has dropped weight and is so thin around his waist now. - Sparrow is a good kick and hit a lot of 30m targets comfortably. I liked what I saw. - James Jordon seems to lack a bit of pace but if he can find his feet at afl level, I think it will be half back. Composed and a good user. Also pinged one from 55m off 1 step in between drills. - Preuss trained very well. His kicking is very good from what I saw. barely missed a target. - I can actually see why bedford slid to the 70's in the draft. he is quick and he has tricks but his kicking needs work. I think he will be quite shaky in front of goals. - Kade Chandler was the pick of the draftees today. He plays with intensity and is quick across the field. He could develop into a decent player. Has a bit of Ben Kennedy about him. LOL. And whilst Kennedy wasn't up to AFL standard that doesn't mean Chandler can't. A nuggety small forward left footer with intensity. - I wouldn't be holding my breath of Austin Bradtke making it. I don't want to go too early but he seemed way off the pace. In terms of physicality and skill. Even in training he seemed out of his depth. - After training finished, the draftees were forced to do a bunch (maybe 4 or 5) 300m run throughs as full pace. James Jordon was the pick of the bunch there. He tired in the last couple but he was clearly the best of the lot at these distances. nietschke performed well too.
  6. Dr.D

    Peak Petracca

    It's all good playing up forward but if playing up forward you need to kick straight and he has been woeful at that the last 12 months. His poor conversation rate is even more misleading given the number of out on the fulls he kicked. Also not to mention the number of clutch goals he missed. Needs to lift.
  7. Dr.D

    Training - Friday 23rd November, 2018

    YEah, Jayden Hunt's lack of form was so strange. He was exactly the type of player we needed in our team, outside speed and run and he couldn't even break the team. Obviously goodwin has his reasons (maybe it was his defensive pressure) but geez we lacked speed last season. Getting hunt back into form must be a top priority.
  8. Dr.D

    Training - Friday 23rd November, 2018

    can people take heaps of photos of the new draftees tomorrow at their first training!
  9. Dr.D

    PICKS # 26 & 31 (formerly # 23 & 28)

    agreed. not a good night for us last night. tom mckenzie would be the only one with a point of difference
  10. Dr.D

    Who’s left?

    ahh im not excited by anyone left ely smith and ned mchenry were the ones i wanted
  11. Dr.D

    AFL Draft Central: Melbourne Preview

    I'm not sure which Ned Mchenry you are looking at but the guy is senior ready. And his game style is probably a surer thing to translate to AFL to anyone. I'd love to get him.
  12. Dr.D

    PICKS # 26 & 31 (formerly # 23 & 28)

    you guys can thank me later
  13. Dr.D

    Phantom Drafts - 2018

    finally toby bedford has a highlights package. i like what i see
  14. Dr.D

    Who will step up in 2019

    good post. i agree with every player listed here. i'd love to see jeffy back in the team.