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  1. Nibbler - how good can he be?

    I wouldn't be using the name Oscar alongside Trade wins. He has A LOT to work on.
  2. Will Jack Watts make us pay thread?

    Surely this thread is a wind up? There's more chance pick 31 will do more damage in year 1 than Watts doing much more than 12 possessions and a goal a game.
  3. Preseason Training - Week commencing 6/11/17

    anyone know training times for next week?
  4. Draft Pick #29 (ex 27)

    Just a little draft talk summarised below: 'inside accumulator' = Slow and sh!t skills 'Outside wingman' = Soft 'Raw prospect': Skinny as a twig. See you in 5 years. 'Capable of brilliance': Inconsistent. 'Versatile': Doesn't have a position. 'Great left foot kick' = No right side. 'athletic midfielder' = Lacks footy smarts
  5. Poll: Rate our Trade Period

    Now I'm totally confused. All these demonlanders whinging about losing Watts and paying overs for Lever only for the results to show that they are happy with the trade period. wtf
  6. Max Gawn Contract Extension

    I agree with what you're saying. Gawn was pathetic last season. Pathetic. He got beaten most weeks by guys that are arguably not even starting ruck men. I wouldn't mind getting him out of the media until he finds form. At the same time, his best is too good not to pay him big bucks for and pray that he pulls his finger out and stays injury free.
  7. Ben Lennon

    was rated by some as highly as Bontempelli in his draft year. But for whatever reason can't get it done. No idea why. Great skills, athletic band a proven player at under 18 level against guys who are now A graders.
  8. James Worpel

    best kick for goal yes. Best field kick probably not. I'd say Salem, Hibberd are Lewis are all better and you could make a case for garlett too. So this is 160 odd players that I rate higher than Watts. There is probably a few debatable ones but there's a truckload more that you could make a case for to be ahead of him also. Either way you look at it, we certainly aren't giving away a player that is top 150. I think 175-200 is about right. Geelong Danger selwood Hawkins Menegola Duncan Tuohy Henderson S.Selwood Gold Coast Ablett A.Hall Lynch Wright Lyons Touk Miller May Saad Adelaide Betts Walker Lynch Sloane Crouch Crouch Mckay Lever Talia Laird C.Cameron Jacobs Jenkins R.Atkins R.Douglas Richmond Martin Cotchin Houli Prestia Riewoldt Nankervis S.Edwards Vlastuin Caddy Rioli GWS Kelly Scully Shiel Cameron Ward Lobb Greene D.Smith Davis Patton Hawks Mitchell Gunston Burton Breust Hodge O'Meara Smith Roughead Rioli Sicily Port Wines Ebert Boak Ryder Gray Dixon Powell-pepper Wingard North Cunnington M.Wood Higgins Ziebell Tarrant Preuss Brisbane Zorko Rockliff Beams Martin Rich Frem Weller Blakely Fyfe Neale B.Hill S.Hill Mundy McCarthy StKilda Newnes Ross Steven Billings Roberton K.Stevens Gresham Membrey Carlton Gibbs Murphy Docherty Kreuzer Cripps K.Simpson C.Curnow L.Jones Weitering Marchbank Dogs Macrae Hunter Mclean Bontempelli Dahlhaus Johannison Stringer Picken Coll Treloar Pendlebury Grundy Adams Wells Sidebottom Howe Elliot Fasalo B.Reid Essendon Heppell Goddard Hurley Zaharakis Daniher Hooker Sydney Kennedy Franklin Hanneberry Heeney Lloyd Papley Parker Z.Jones Mills G.Rohan Rampe WCE S.Mitchell Gaff Shuey Hurn Priddis Yeo Kennedy Darling McGovern Melbourne Hunt Hibberd Lewis Oliver Viney Jones Gawn Petracca Pedersen Hogan T.Mcdonald Garlett
  9. Matthew Ling

    5 second mark of video (kick smothered), 50s mark (misses basic target altogether), 1.03m (way too much airtime and puts team mate under pressure)
  10. Liam Ryan

    stuff it, you got to risk it to get the biscuit. As much as jurrah was a failed experiment the enjoyment that he brought to us over a small period of time was so good to watch.
  11. James Worpel

    omg, what a buffoon. Why would you use 'best kick in the league' as a way to describe Watts? lol. How about a player who probably isn't a top 200 player in the league, came 21st in our best and fairest and has had 1 good season in 9 years to snare a young draft pick who is hungry and tackles well.

    There's a difference between saying 'this guy looks good' and 'I think we should take this guy at 29'. Has anyone ranked the top 40 and have them in order or something?
  13. Matthew Ling

    No thanks. Kicking looks horrible. Horrible ball drop.

    I love it how recruiters have full time jobs where they spend pouring over hours and hours of vision, looking at a draftees under 16 form, under 18 form, they interview them, they have psychologists providing feedback, they analyse their values/morals through a series of interviews, they analyse trends in their physical conditioning and find out as much as possible from external sources such as school teachers/sports coaches etc in order to make informed decisions and here we have demonlanders just jumping on youtube or reading a little player profile and thinking 'oh we must go for this guy or we must go for that guy'. Unless you've done recruiting work, I don't wanna hear about it.
  15. Well done to FD on our 2017 trade week

    would've liked to have gotten saad. dont know why we didnt as we had the picks to get him. happy to get watts out, even for nothing and didnt care that we paid overs for lever. to all the people that say they are p!ssesd off for paying too much for lever, i can only imagine you would be more p!ssed off if we said 'nah stuff it we'll go to the draft instead' and risk not ending up with lever. and don't mention all the psd stuff. its still a risk not worth taking.