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  1. good break down. I think its interesting to reflect back on players in the past that didnt make the grade. At the time they are often praised and worshiped on this board but when they get delisted theres not a peep from anyone. why did people think that the following players simply werent up to afl standard: - Bate - Morton - newton -strauss - tapscott - blease -maric
  2. 2017 Player Reviews: # 1 Jesse Hogan

    he's had a tough year personally so i'll be kind but he needs to improve his defensive pressure. He doesn't apply any at all. And he needs to stop staging for free kicks in marking contests. Also his kicking for goal needs a lot of work. so whilst he's had a bad year personally i think he needs a strong pre-season otherwise he may lose his spot in the team if pederson continues to bust his arse and perform for us. If hogan learns to play with defensive intent then i'll forgive him for everything else
  3. The Jake Stringer Thread

    id take him for sure. has shown he has the talent and is still only young. i would certainly have him before gaff. who knows, maybe he could be reinvented as a backman.
  4. The Andrew Gaff thread

    hell no!! He is too soft. He had some games this year where the eagles fans wanted him out of the side. He plays in an era where the game is analysed by stats and possession counts which flatters him but he doesn't put his body on the line or hurt you with his possessions. I agree that we need outside run but only someone that breaks lines and has pace. Gaff is none of these things.
  5. lets no shoot down the poster for suggesting trading gawn for kelly. i dont agree with it but at least he understands that you have to give up quality to get quality. some people on here were suggesting watts and Spencer etc. i think gawn will return back better next season but gawn wasnt in the top 10 ruckman this season even when playing
  6. Sledging Fail

    lol. of course it happened. no big deal. it was a game where we knocked saints out of the finals. Who was to know that our team and adelaide would dish up such dribble in the last round.
  7. Player position changes

    You see Vince has always been regarded as a player with great foot skills but I must admit this season he got way ahead of himself and tried to thread passes unnecessarily, often off one foot etc. I don't mind him playing midfield as he is a good tackler but he'd need to learn to run both ways.
  8. The Jake Lever Thread

    people do realise that lever isn't a great kick right? Frost/Lever/Both Mcdonalds/Vince...scare the bejeezus out of me!
  9. Delistings

    Watts should go. I'm just sick of his bruise free footy. - Stretch will stay on. I don't rate him because his foot skills are poor but he's still young. - Kent: dogged by injuries, when he is on he plays great footy. I'd definitely keep him. - trengove: muat and will go. too slow - would love to see oscar go but obviously the club loves him. At the very best he develops into his brother who drives me up the wall with his decision making and poor skills - garland has to stay. at least it will send oscar back to casey.
  10. Draft Pick # 10

    Omg, these posts should be banned. Watts/Frost/Spencer and Stretch are all fringe players. A bunch of fringe players doesn't accumulate value!!! "Oh, how about we go Watts, Frost, Spencer and Stretch for Josh Kelly? Seriously, what are you smoking! Apologies if you are 10 years old.
  11. Why we will be better in 2018

    I'm not sure why people are so gutted. Sure we missed out by a fraction of % but the disappointment accumulates throughout the year, when we lost to freo, roos, pies etc. It was in all of those losses that I realised we werent any threat to the premiership and probably not deserving of finals. all in all, we didnt deserve finals and we wouldn't have done anything in them should we made it anyway.
  12. 2017 Post Mortem

    i couldn't agree more. Watts is soft and we have the lowest expectations of him now. his great games are good games, his good games are average games and his average games are worse than your average suburban footballer. You need guys that put their head over the footy and he doesnt have it in him. we need to take a hard line on soft players and goodwin should have never let him back in the team. People on thos forum give weeds a tough time but he has already shown far more appetite for the balk than watts has ever shown
  13. 2017 Post Mortem

    id say yes to tom mcdonald but tyson ia just depth and salem isn't soft
  14. 2017 Post Mortem

    the issue isnt the list. Its the mental application that is hot some weeks and cold the next. Spend the off season understanding why and then fix it.
  15. good call frankie. tyson takes that long to put boot to ball it reminds me of a dial up internet connection. also, is goodwin even watching the same games. why does he let vince take the kick ins? he tries to thread the needle unnecessarily . go short to a 100% option or long to a 50/50. Not 25metres to a 50/50!!