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  1. Dr.D

    Melk on SEN

    goodwin himself is a robot in the pressers. how many times does he have to say 'its a disappointing loss and it doesn't resemble the way we play our footy..etc'. eventually it does resemble the way we play footy and if we lose this week to port i don't think we deserve to play finals. smashed by hawks, rich and collingwood have made me feel that we may not be ready yet.
  2. Dr.D

    Go and get Gaff!

    i've made my point on Gaff before but a slow outside player that is poor defensively isnt what we need. was barely in their best 22 last season if we want to be honest about his form. tell me how in games against collingwood and hawthorn where we were exposed for leg speed that Gaff is going to help us
  3. Dr.D

    Marc Murphy at the Dees.

    I'm sorry but Gaff is not quick. if you ask any WCE supporters they wanted him dropped last season. He was pathetic. It's often the case that the club he is playing at know him the best. Having a stellar season but I saw too much of him last season to change my mind.
  4. Dr.D

    Marc Murphy at the Dees.

    I'm not sure why people think that Gaff is a good fit for us. He is an outside accumulator yes but he is very one-paced and known to be poor defensively. Exactly what we don't need. The guys we need are guys that are quick and defensive minded. Guys like castagna etc.
  5. Dr.D

    Watts Dropped from Port

    Why do you feel sad for players getting dropped? They still get paid hundreds of thousands to play and train. I don't feel too sorry for them. If it wasn't for melbourne having several coaches in jacks time then he would've been out the door 5 years ago but each coach wanted a chance to get something out of him. So whether he was pick 20 I don't think it would change anything. Are people here less critical of oscar mcdonald or harmes etc. because they were low picks? Nope. I don't care how many games he has played, he was gifted most of them and it was during a time when we were struggling. Each time he put on the red and blue jumper and didn't go hard at the contest, i took it personally. I'm a passionate dees supporter and when you see players play bruise free footy for years, that's a choice. And now we can enjoy the fruits of Bailey Fritsch and we can all learn a big lesson about being complacent. And of course it's the recruiters fault. It was quite a strong draft in the end with the likes of Sidebottom, Ziebell, Hurley, T.Lynch, Shuey, Sloane, Hanneberry, Zaharakis, Beams, Naitanui, Hill, Walters, etc.
  6. Dr.D

    We could miss finals with 13 wins

    That's true. but the fact is we did lose to collingwood and we lost poorly. And we haven't beaten Port. And its a very tight season so of course if we win an upset win then it would really change things around but I can't see us getting within 50 of port adelaide the way we played against collingwood.
  7. Dr.D

    Watts Dropped from Port

    I wasn't negative during the trade period. i was OVER THE MOON! i was pretty happy with pick 31 to be honest. It was only you guys like you that made it into a negative period saying Watts was going to make us pay and kick 50 goals etc. laughable. I think everyone needs to be reminded every now and then to call a spade and spade and not just like players because they are high picks and speak well in front of the media.
  8. Dr.D

    Watts Dropped from Port

    i think all of the watts lovers on this board need to fess up. There were hundreds of you. He has been soft as butter since he first came to the club and that's been his downfall. Not only did I say that Watts would be dropped at some point during his season with Port, I said that our recruiters would find a better player at pick 31 (Bailey Fritsch). Geez, how correct can one individual be and how deluded are the watts fans here. He is a fringe player at the very very best
  9. Dr.D

    Changes v Port

    i dont understand people wanting to drop hannan. he kicked 2 goals when the game was on the line. playing the hardest position on the ground. a sma forward in a team with 7 inside 50's in the first quarter. I wouldn't mind seeing ONE of frost, hunt or garlett in just to add leg speed. petracca can stay another week but i understand the calls for him to be dropped. People wanting pedo out for weideman is bemusing. yes, pedo was quiet but at least took a couple of contested marks. weideman would have halved pedo's output in this game. the issue is guys like jones, ANB and viney getting smashed out of the middle for 2 hours. there was no fire in the belly from anyone today. And lastly, goodwin needs to learn to equalise numbers in our forward line. you can't have Howe sitting loose in defence affecting all of our forward advances
  10. Dr.D

    Petracca in a rut?

    i'm so tired of being 6 months ahead of you mob. I was shot down on this board for saying that petracca needed to improve on his speed and his foot skills to become a good afl footballer. so frickin tired
  11. Dr.D

    Post Match Discussion - Round 12

    we're not a top 4 team. our spread from the contest was horrific. as it was in all of our losses
  12. Dr.D

    GAMEDAY - Round 12

    nothing to do with our offence. its all our defence. we're bloody slow and their transition is obvious. you can almsot pause the tv snd point out which 5 collingwood players will be involved in the scoring chain
  13. Dr.D

    Slobbo's Mid Year All Australian

    Gawn missing out isn't an outrage. Grundy has been a gun and whilst he isn't as good in the tap outs he is superior around the ground and his foot skills are far superior. Gawns shots at goal have cost us dearly this season so I think that puts him down a few pegs.
  14. Dr.D

    Ed Langdon

    He's a gun. his work ethic is really high. I can't imagine that he'd come cheaply though.
  15. Dr.D

    Dom Tyson

    What bothers me is he is a bit slow in mind when he has the ball and often gets caught holding the ball. People mentioning that he has no right foot I think are missing the point. Most left footers have no right to speak of. just look at buddy franklin.