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  1. danielE288

    New CEO - Gary Pert

    Paywall. But wow
  2. Overreaction. Have a cup of tea mate.
  3. danielE288

    Petracca in a rut?

    Needs to care less about his sneaker collection and more about getting a kick.
  4. danielE288

    GAMEDAY - Round 12

  5. danielE288

    GAMEDAY - Round 12

    False dawns. Sick of em.
  6. danielE288

    GAMEDAY - Round 12

    Im so dissapointed.
  7. danielE288

    GAMEDAY - Round 12

    Should call is MFCFFS cos that's all i seem to be saying.
  8. danielE288

    GAMEDAY - Round 12

    Both of course!!
  9. danielE288

    GAMEDAY - Round 12

    Chilly but fine, no rain in sight. Should be perfect conditions really. Nervous but midly confidant, will be in the olympic stand at 2pm for some comedy.
  10. danielE288

    Round 12 Non-MFC

    Good response. Thank you.
  11. danielE288

    Round 12 Non-MFC

    Which Scott brother am I supporting?
  12. danielE288

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 12

    Will be wearing the royal blue getup for Retro Round?
  13. danielE288

    Round 12 Non-MFC

    Whats with the song?
  14. danielE288

    Jake Lever injury - Confirmed ACL

    There was a take on AFL360 of Jake saying he'd like to help out doing coaching or the like. Won't be going anywhere.
  15. danielE288

    QB Seating

    As far as I know it behind the goals is GA. Reserved seats are on the wings and level 2.