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  1. I wonder why the journalists at the post-match never seem to ask a direct question regarding the coaching. I would like one of them to ask Goodwin "where do you think you and your coaching team are not delivering?" It would be great to see him accept a share of the responsibility for performances. His team is responsible for creating the game strategy (and doing so with a mindfulness of our abilities) and also for our tactical responses on game day. Each game is too important to lose because we are unable to 'cut our coat according to our cloth'. No one should know the capabilities of our team better than our coaches so how can this quality of performance emerge?
  2. So, I think the backs are still trying to adjust to the departure of TMcD and the arrival of Lever and just haven't been able to work out how to do it successfully as yet. The coach really needs to pull his finger out and work out a strategy ahead of the game and have the know-how and guts to change tactics if the strategy isn't working during the game. Decent players like Jetta and Hibberd do not become clueless or slow for no reason. The defense structure has changed with the arrival and departure. Need to keep trying to sort it out. Ins: Pedo - can play ruck, forward or back as required. Hunt - is quick and brave and can break lines Stretch - fit and skilfull. Can't work out why he hasn't been picked this season. Tyson - on balance is probably ahead of fellow mids in the 'Outs'. Anyone know what his 'illness' was. Would be nice if he and Kent found their right legs. They might become very good footballers. Outs: Any four from the following - Bugg (unreliable kick, slow), Harmes (poor recent contributions), Melksham (see Harmes), Vince (slow), Lewis (see Harmes), Fritsch (uneven contribution) and Wagner or Frost. I had some doubts about the wisdom of selecting Kent last week but again, on balance, he's done enough to keep his spot.
  3. This, I think, is not quite right. I agree with you as a fellow child of the fifties, that natural-born leaders are a rarity. On the other hand, I have absolutely no doubt that great leadership (whether on or off the field) can make the difference between a good team and a great team. I have worked with (and for) a few. Leadership is a skill that can also be taught either formally or by mentoring and we don't seem to have been able to do it. Great players don't necessarily make great leaders but it helps to be able to set an example. I have written here before about our lack of leadership and I thought that last week, Nate Jones was exactly the sort of leader we needed in the crucial last quarter. He displayed the brain, the skill level andd commitment to work out what was needed and do it on three occasions and helped us to seal the game. I think we would have been better served on Sunday by having someone like Bugg or Vince look after Mitchell and allowed Jones to be the captain. I don't think it makes sense to call for Goodwin's sacking at this point (not that anyone listens!) but he needs to start facing reality that on-field performance is a always a coaching issue unless you have inherited a bunch of incompetents.....and our playing group is certainly not that. Will be really interested to see how we respond at the selection table and at the game.
  4. I am also confused as to why Kent has been picked over Brayshaw. He might be the most 'one-sided' kicker in the squad. If he hasn't spent the last two years learning how to kick with his right foot, we might as well keep him on the bench all day or use him to relieve Max in the ruck! Defenders might have learnt that all that needs to be done with Kent is to make him use his right foot and the ball is almost bound to be turned over. Brayshaw has at least demonstrated on multiple occasions that he is comfortable kicking off of either foot and can play in the mids or back and can also kick a goal.
  5. I think you're right but I guess it was only to be expected with the different level of experience that each of them has. I would have expected than Macca would be having some more influence....or maybe he's part of the problem?? Anyway, two years ago we would have lost this game and the fact that we didn't is a testament to the contribution of Garlett, Hogan, Clarrie, Petracca & Jones. The inability of the on-field leadership to come up with a plan to stop (or even slow down) the opposition when they've got a run on seems to have been a constant companion over the last decade or so. This is surely a coaching/recruiting issue. We are either not training our leaders properly or we're not recruiting good enough leaders yet. The sad fact (to me) is that we continue to allow opposition coaches to tell their players "Don't worry, the game isn't lost yet. Keep the pressure on and we'll get 6/7/8 goals back because they don't know how to defend a lead". This has got to stop if we are to be genuine premiership challengers. Regardless, a win is a great relief as we can now move on to the next season-defining game!
  6. I think there might be some confusion over the term 'matchwinner'. To me, a match winner is a player who, when the game is in the balance, can pull something out of the bag and force a win. Again, to me, there are not that many instances last season that come to my mind when someone has risen to the occasion and done something that has decided the result in our favour. Last year, Tommy Mac in Perth and JW a couple of times. I'm sure others will come in with other examples that escape me. That might just be a failing memory....or not. I agree with OD that we still lack the resources needed to win a GF. Objectively reviewing the performance of the coaching team and the players is not disloyalty, it's part (maybe one of the best parts) of footy. Those people find it worthy to unconditionally support the current approach regardless of the evidence are also part of the culture and I encourage them to continue doing so. I might not agree with Saty's and others' approach or commentary but their commitment to the Club is phenomenal. Others of us will continue to see things and comment differently.
  7. I agree re Viney and all the other one-foot players that we have - grunt but lacking a bit of finesse and vision. Apart from Jones, Vince and Brayshaw, I don't think our dual foot skill levels are good enough...and that's surely a coaching and recruiting issue. I also think that we don't yet have on-field leaders with the required skills of the like of Dangerfield, Selwood and Ablett...all from just one team!!! Having said that, at least we are now pretty competitive and grunt is good. Grunt plus sublime skill is better.
  8. Without wanting to labour the point, how nice would it have been to have had a player who can kick a goal from a set shot at the end of a game or one who could find a team mate's chest with a pass rather than trying to bounce one on his head all day?
  9. Is anyone else concerned that misleading medical reports might create opportunities for corruption with those in the know being able to provide accurate information to bookies or gamblers to give them an advantage while the rest of us have to accept what the club tells us? Like most forms of gambling (including the stock market), winning often relies on accessing inside info and surely this is exactly what this is. I am surprised that the AFL hasn’t taken action. I am not sure why MFC medical advices are so often proved optimistic (?) but one of the best ways to disappoint supporters is to raise expectations and then fail to deliver. I really don’t understand why the more realistic updates are not released in a more timely fashion.
  10. I agree. My support will never change but that does not mean endorsing what I consider poor decisions by the Club (and there have certainly been a few over the 60 years I've been on board) or accepting the failure of the club to learn from their mistakes (again one or two). Presidents, players, coaches, quacks come and go. We don't. In the meantime, I can't wait to watch the game tomorrow but I'm nervous!
  11. Re-writing reality? An interesting summation of his 'skill set'. I would have thought that he was better known for the accuracy of his set-shot goal-kicking with his preferred right foot and his ability to identify and find a target when under pressure. Given that we have quite a few players who are unable to kick reliably with their preferred foot and are lucky to actually make contact with the ball off of their unpreferred, it's surely not constructive to try and create a false narrative. This is as unhelpful as the 'Pedo is a spud' campaign and just casts doubt on your opinion. Our individual biases are evidenced here but there's little point in trying to spin the self-evident.
  12. Thanks for that. At first, I thought you had posted it to warn me then I realised you were just answering my question! I will try to ensure my VLQ (Vitriol Level Quotient) is suitably low. Hopefully, others will also do their best. Again, thanks.
  13. What events, DD? ps Wiseblood. 15% would normally mean 15% each year. If he’d put a dollar figure on it e.g. $150k over 2 years, that would equate to $75k each year.
  14. A big call. As a couple of others have suggested, he was travelling pretty well for much of last season. Anyway, he's gone now and I hope that the FD will have a real good look at what happened and try to improve the way in which we deal with talented, intelligent players of his ilk. There is no single approach which works with all types of players and, in Watts' case, whatever they decided to do simply didn't work as well as we (and he, I suspect) would have hoped. There is a great need for players that have limited imagination, who can follow instructions and inspire by example. There is also a need for the type of player with an appropriate skill-set that can recognise an obscured opportunity and grasp it. These players are more difficult to counter because they are less predictable. An appropriate mix of both types would hopefully produce winning football. Occasionally, one player will be a mixture of both (e.g. Dangerfield, Ablett Jnr). It will be interesting to see who emerges to fill this apparent void.
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