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  1. A long time reader, very infrequent poster. @copuchas I disagree with the majority of what you have written on this thread, clearly you're thinking only from a personal perspective of how much your property price will be impacted (which I think you're wrong anyway). Think about your wider community, as regardless of whether you will use it or not, a state of the art sporting facility open to the surrounding community would only improve it. Where's your current access to such atm? That's without even mentioning the physical therapy facilities on site local residents would have door mat access to - I'd imagine the older punters in the community would get some benefit out of that, whilst their grandkids are snapping goals on the training field like their heroes. As for loss of parkland to walk your dog, really? It's not the whole park being built over, just a small pocket of it. I'm sure there can be a vets chucked into the commercial complex, not too mention a dog park for them to roam off leash. Such a privileged comment, any resident of Melbourne would kill to have access to the park lands within a driver length of East Melbourne - Botanical Gardens, Fitzroy Gardens, Parliament Gardens and the Yarra Park carpark/dog walking lands. We are talking about building over train tracks (soften noise pollution) and building one oval in amongst a car park that can't be used majority of the year anyway. Community activation greater than car parking/dog walking of the area that's unused more days than not...it's an all round win. A problem forever with the MFC is 'what community are we a part of?' - this site would give us a genuine connection to our roots on the very land of our creation in the shadows of the mighty MCG, without some manufactured story of growth corridors of Melbourne etc. A place tourists can easily access in conjunction with the MCG, a place in the heart of Melbourne to represent all of Melbourne. From my 'selfish' perspective, this is exactly what the MFC needs! But, some people are never happy unless they are whingeing - so have a whinge about this and make yourself content. I hope you're wrong. What an exciting period of the clubs history we are moving into - clear direction, strong people and culture across the board, admin, footy dep, players. It feels so bizarre...C'Mon Dees!
  2. witch

    International membership - whinge

    I thought the same, the wording of the package is misleading. The club advised the $215 INCLUDES the $185 watchafl subscription. My Whinge - As an international relying on the club for info / content / engagement, the online media element really needs to lift when you compare it to other leagues fan engagement (prem league, NBA etc.). I suspect the media rights of Telstra (web) and broadcast rights (replays, condensed highlights, analysis etc) heavily restrict the club here - but, it's still pretty disappointing. Not just internationals, but if the club wants to reach new fans in a younger age bracket this area needs drastic improvement.