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  1. Billy

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    Aren’t the King boys from Sandringham Dragons?
  2. Billy

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    Is there a chance if we get pick 5 we don’t bother with May, go to the draft & maybe get one of the King brothers? Or see if another club will give up a gun player for pick 5?
  3. Billy

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    Have we offered a contact extension beyond 2019? Or are the club happy to see him out the door now or 2019
  4. Billy

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    Freos pick6 has gone to Port, they’re getting pick 5 from Brisbane for Neale, so we should take nothing less than pick 5 & pick 11 for Hogan. Theres talk that Freo are going to offer us picks 11 & 2nd rounder as they want to keep pick 5 No way in the world should accept that even if GS accept 11 for May. Two 1st rounders or keep Hogan next year & go with the 3 talls in the forward line & existing backs plus Lever in defence, could just about win a flag in 2019 with that line up.
  5. Billy

    Who was our Mr September?

  6. Billy

    My 3 word player analysis V West Coast

    All 22 players- deer in headlights
  7. What a pack of pathetic wet blankets that mob are, after the amount of success they’ve had, they still can’t even be humble in defeat. I really hate that arrogant pack of twats!!!! They bought their last 3 flags, watch them all drop off in the next couple of years when they’re not a destination club anymore [censored] you Kennett, Clarkson & the rest of you arrogant pricks
  8. Billy

    Watching in Dubai

    Help needed Does anyone have any experience watching the AFL in Dubai, staying at the Novotel suites if that helps Thanks 🙏
  9. Billy

    If Clarry CHOO CHOO DOESNT make AA I will..

    So Sorry Smokey, l thought this was a footy forum, didn’t realise l should be be posting about the problems in the world. Yeah I’m dirty that Oliver was in the starting 18 with the stats he produced this year. Im allowed to be dirty arnt l?
  10. Billy

    Favourite Current Dee

    Stinga, still my all time favourite Demon!!
  11. Billy

    If Clarry CHOO CHOO DOESNT make AA I will..

    Totally agree
  12. Billy

    If Clarry CHOO CHOO DOESNT make AA I will..

    Absolute crap, how he’s not in the starting 18 is an absolute joke Has had a better year than Martin, Dangerfield & Gray!!!!
  13. 2 games in 5 years, list clogger, pass
  14. Billy

    Favourite Current Dee

    The genius that is Clarry Oliver
  15. Billy

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    He’s 23yo for gods sake, who has gone through a hell of a lot, wait till he’s 25-26, with the way the young blokes are developing, he’ll be a superstar