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  1. What reputation is that? Most sleeve tat wearers are trendy cream puffs😉
  2. 6. Hibberd 5. Hannan 4. Tyson 3. Jones 2. Tmac 1. Pederson
  3. Tyson - solid days work JoeBoy - Stayed at home Mate if you're going to do your boring little 3 word analysis, at least be fair dinkum and watch the game
  4. I take it all back, l should've known better. Im so sick of this rubbish!!!
  5. Wow you are Jaded😩
  6. If we can get into a position in the top 8 in the next 4-6 weeks and then get Gawn & Hogan, our 2 most important players reaching peak fitness at the right time of year l can see no reason why we can't have a real crack. We seem to have really galvanised as a team with the difficulties that have arisen & they seem to love being coached by Goodwin. Having said that we need to start winning the games we should. With a full fit list finals time look out!!
  7. Poor bugger, first his dads passing and now this. Nothing but positive thoughts for Jesse.
  8. Your votes shouldn't count if you don't have TMac in there
  9. 6. T Mac (Those of you who didn't have him in the votes "WAKE UP") 5. Clarry (Darcy who???) 4. Watts (Getting consistent) 3. Pederson (Welcome back) 2. Lewis (Welcome back) 1. Viney (Played the ball instead of the man)
  10. Did Bradshaw play?
  11. Who kicks goals for us Sunday? Who plays on Daniher? Who rucks? Who wins?
  12. What a load of dribble, he's had an interrupted pre season, has been one of most consistent players since he joined the club.The people in the know seem to regularly have him there about in the B&F
  13. I'd rather a key back or a ruckman. Nevs up there with the best small defenders in the game
  14. Tyson had 16 inside 50s for Casey, that's a belter! Tyson for Silly Bernie Pedo for Smith So Oscars our fall guy this year is he? He stays. Running out of options in the backline which is a bit of a worry.
  15. Don't stick your neck out at all😳