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  1. Pretty obvious. Thoughts
  2. Who cares what a load of bulltish
  3. Wow it looked like there was a bit of mayo on that one
  4. Good luck to big Hoges, he's had a really tough run of it basically since joining the club. Hope he gets a clean run of it now
  5. I thought Hunt was terrible and looked injured
  6. Sooo many broken tackles
  7. Pathetic by Bugg, has set the tone for the night, players eyes off the ball. Drinking there own bath water after reading all the talk about being premiership contenders
  8. [censored], when?
  9. How do you know that it was lack of force he's a 90+ kilo man throwing an elbow FMD
  10. I don't get this, didn't Clarry get elbowed in the jaw at half time, everybody seems to forget that Schofield elbowed him and connected. As for that [censored] Damien Martyn grow up and start acting your age. Fair dinkum just another cowboy from the Wild West.
  11. And Luke Shuey, he ran passed the ball and hit Dangerfield in the head. Lets hope he doesn't get delayed concussion like Rowe & Cripps
  12. 6. Oliver 5. Omac 4. Hibberd 3. Salem 2. Watts 1.Garlett
  13. We got smashed last week in the ruck, would've thought the mids would welcome a bit of help from a monster ruckman, it's not to be. Bit worried about this non selection, but will be happy to be proven wrong
  14. We've just come off a 16 day break after the bye, won't be a factor
  15. What reputation is that? Most sleeve tat wearers are trendy cream puffs😉