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  1. Billy

    surprised at odds

    Hola from Spain Cmon Dees supporters get on board, no more of this they let us down time and time again billtish, it’s time to believe & let the footy team know we believe in them. If we finish top 4 & get Viney & Hibberd back lookout, this is the start of new era
  2. Billy

    Rd 21: Opposition Watch vs Swans

    Cmon, have a little faith Hannerberys had a terrible year, his crash & bash style has taken it’s toll, that’s the reason the Swans are shopping him around, great warrior though Rohan is a spud that averages about 8-10 possies a game. Bring it on!!!!!!!! Another percentage booster 😉
  3. Billy

    Changes vs Sydney

    A cat that averages about 7 possessions
  4. Billy

    Maxed out

    Didn’t know he was sick, thanks for clearing it up
  5. Billy

    Post Match brawl

    Haha love it, classic movie and what a soundtrack
  6. Billy

    Post Match brawl

    What a stupid comment
  7. Billy

    Dangerfield Stages

    I really don’t like Geelong, Dangerfield & Selwood are a protected species, the crowd are feral & the way Hawkins was carrying on in the last quarter really lacked class. Theres no humility about that mob, maybe that’s why they’ve been so good the last 15 years
  8. Billy

    Maxed out

    That Number 13 umpire was atrocious, we lost every 50/50 contest with him. That being said we just looked shell shocked in the last 20 mins & umpiring had nothing to do with it
  9. Billy

    Maxed out

    What happened with big Max Saturday night, was he injured or is he just warn out. I thought he was well beaten around the ground 12 possies to 21 and just broke even in hit outs and hit outs to advantage. Now l know it’s harsh criticism for our champ but l really thought this was an area we would smash them in against a very ordinary player in Stanley. Given the circumstances of the loss in round 1 it was a bit disappointing
  10. This is a really dumb post, don’t good clubs reward selection? JKH was rewarded for his good form at Casey, played ok and did his job against the Dogs. Probably showed that he’s not up to it when the heats on, that’s fine, he’ll probably get dropped and delisted at years end. Omacs form has dropped off after losing Lever and now Hibberd, that’s your 2 best defenders, the way the ball was coming in in the las quarter no one could’ve stopped it. Its a team defence and Omac didn’t get much help from the team in that last quarter Don’t forget Max dropped a chest mark in the goal square to go 6 goals up early in the last Its another real heartbreaker and tough to take but let’s not eat our own Its a tough gig following the MFC.,
  11. Billy

    GAMEDAY - Round 18

    I’m hoping & expecting a Port Adelaide like game, hoping we convert our inside 50s, & hoping the umpires don’t get sucked in by the parochial crowd. if this happens we’re a big chance, watch the pussiies succumb. Geez l wish JV was playing Cmon let’s be positive & get behind our boys & hope like crazy!
  12. Billy

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 17

    Love TMac, seems to be a really good bloke
  13. Billy

    Round 17 Non MFC Games

    Yeah that will help, let’s not turn up
  14. He’s a superstar already
  15. Billy

    GAMEDAY - Round 16

    As l said last week we’ll win by 10 goals😩