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  1. Trade rumours

    Well you got all them wrong
  2. Very poor mans, Tyson shits all over him
  3. Dom Tyson - Yes or No ?

    What a stupid bloody comment!!!
  4. AFL Finals - Week 1

    Don't care I just hope the players are hurting as much as the supporters
  5. Yep a dumb thought, Sylvia was an undisciplined bum that didn't care about his teammates, Petracca is the opposite
  6. Delistings

    [censored] him off then
  7. Why we will be better in 2018

    We won't be better, watch the likes of Collingwood StKilda & Hawthorn go straight passed us. MFC players are week above the shoulders No 1 recruit should be a top psychiatrist
  8. Changes versus Collingwood

  9. Changes versus Collingwood

    Or to hold his place if Vineys out
  10. Changes versus Collingwood

    He's been solid, just lacks a bit of class. In the group with Harmes Melksham and Hannan. Salem & Watts for me, both great kicks and Frost provides great run out of the backline all 3 have that X factor you need in finals. Mind you I'd be happy for nibbler to get a game instead of Vince ATM.
  11. Changes versus Collingwood

    Ins Viney, Watts, Salem, Frost out Stretch, Wagner, Vince, ANB
  12. Clarence Oliver

    Brownlow smokey?
  13. He's really struggled the last couple of weeks to get to the contest and when he gets it seems to always want to handball. Not sure weather he's carrying an injury or just needs a week off (which is strange this time of year) Or does he need to bet put in the guts so he can get his hands dirty? Thoughts
  14. The James Sicily Thread

    Can't believe you're comparing the 2 Lever everyday of the week!