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  1. Well done to FD on our 2017 trade week

    Totally disagree Josh Mahoney should be sacked!! Failed to hold his nerve with the Lever trade & gave away two 1st rounders, 10 and 27 would've be adequate but he panicked. Lever ( a very good young player) nominated us, he was uncontracted, deals get done at the end of trade periods. Adelaide held their nerve, we crumbled. Watts pick 31, ok fair enough but paying part of his salary for a contracted player...please!!!! Balic whoopee!!!
  2. Rd 1 Team with Lever

    Farrrk me that's shite view Maxwell
  3. Billy Hartung

    NO NO NO
  4. Not a re-build just get a bit more quality. Richmond could've been Melbourne, l can't even watch it today. Weve got to go hard for Lever & Gaff. Heres who l think we need to consider, we can't think that our current list will be good enough, we've missed a chance in 2017, can't afford to in 2018 WATTS - had his chances like the guy but sick of talking about him 1 good season in 9 time to trade SALEM - again consistency & fitness a huge concern, maybe for the right trade TYSON - maybe we have a few to many like him maybe for the right trade. KENT - so inconsistent & injury prone STRETCH - what does he give us? JKH - Hasn't stepped up from VFL to AFL WAGNER - to many half back flankers!! Thoughts
  5. The Grand Final Sprint

    Just our luck Hunt will rip his hammy off the bone & won't be able to train for 3 months😩
  6. Trade rumours

    Well you got all them wrong
  7. Anthony Miles

    Very poor mans, Tyson shits all over him
  8. Dom Tyson - Yes or No ?

    What a stupid bloody comment!!!
  9. AFL Finals - Week 1

    Don't care I just hope the players are hurting as much as the supporters
  10. Yep a dumb thought, Sylvia was an undisciplined bum that didn't care about his teammates, Petracca is the opposite
  11. End of year delistings

    [censored] him off then
  12. Why we will be better in 2018

    We won't be better, watch the likes of Collingwood StKilda & Hawthorn go straight passed us. MFC players are week above the shoulders No 1 recruit should be a top psychiatrist
  13. Changes versus Collingwood

    Or to hold his place if Vineys out