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  1. deebug

    Andrew Brayshaw

    When i was at Uni one day, one of the teachers told a story of this guy breaking into a house; well there to meet this would be slime #(&^$ was the pet dog who soon turned him into a chew toy. The a## hole whilst in prison, sued to the homeowner to get the dog put down because he was injured and suffering. Now at this point i said WHAT? the teacher gave me this look and a half, he won his case to have the poor animal put down. So if your dog goes to protect you and your home, he/she should stay eating their bone in the corner, whilst you get the c&%^ taking out of you.
  2. deebug

    Pass Mark 2019

  3. Every thing from joy to tears, to PARTY🤗
  4. deebug

    Jumper Revamp

  5. deebug


    A great tribute Jack.
  6. deebug

    Good Luck to all the VCE Students

    Good luck 🙂
  7. Could you please ask Josh, why we haven't drafted any Irish lads?
  8. deebug

    Vale Colin Sylvia

    Just so sad gone way too soon. R.I.P
  9. deebug

    Official Nicknames

  10. deebug

    Daniel Menzel

  11. deebug

    Daniel Menzel

    So maybe then?
  12. deebug

    Let the Yawn Fest Begin

    I have to agree summer is boring when it comes to not having any footy to watch😒
  13. deebug

    Random MFC encounters

    I was shocked to say the least. i thought for sure he was going to say the filth or methodon.
  14. deebug

    Random MFC encounters

    I went back to tafe to do my VCE a while back, it was the first day so we all had to say our name and what was one of our hobbies; when it was my turn of course i said i love going and watching my team play, which he then ask who is your team? I said Melbourne, so i thought i would ask him who he followed his reply the Dee's.
  15. deebug

    Andrew Brayshaw

    Very true