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  1. Holiday demon

    Should make a post where every one has come across other Dee's fans, be it over sea or here in Australia. I come from the northern suburbs of our great city and i thought i was the only one here wearing my Dee's swag but one day i saw a car with Dees stickers all over his/her car as well as those car flags. Sadly haven't seen it in a while, but it made me smile.
  2. What dreams may come ....

    Don't let go Jack fingers crossed.
  3. Neale Daniher regressing with MND?

    Saw him at training one time when he was our coach, he came and said hello to both my self and my son, i thought wow that was so nice of him to take the time in his busy day to come over and speak to the both of us
  4. No Parking in Yarra Park

  5. I hope if we can win the flag Roosy comes onto the G with the boys
  6. Herald Sun 2018 Predictions

    At season end lets all remember Dane Swan,and have a great laugh when they, finish no where near the eight
  7. 2018 Membership Thread

    Be good to hit 40,00 before the first game
  8. Goy Lok - the story of a Casey Demon

    Good luck Lok
  9. Viney update: Out for Round 1

    Going to miss seeing him play R1. Will look forward when he comes back.
  10. A top 9!?

    Love big Maxey, needed a laugh
  11. The Twilight Grand Final

    This reminds me of a story some one told a few years back. The guy and a few of his mates were going to GF so they thought they would start the day, with a few beers before the they got to the match. The only problem was the cops nabbed them at the gate and they spent the whole GF in the M.C.G cells for the whole match, they let them out at the end of the match.
  12. 1991 Fosters Cup game v Richmond - help needed

    Have you tried JB hi fi ? They have VFL/AFL on DVD.