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  1. MT64

    Where will you be watching The Big Game

    In hospital at the moment but intend to be discharged in time. I'm liking the idea of the MCC but really depends on the amount of drugs still in my system. Failing that -home.
  2. MT64

    How many Dees faithful will be at the game?

    Well that will be me. In Sandy hospital having had a full knee replacement. Flipping sore but a win on Saturday will fix that.
  3. Couldn't go over (still have family & friends there) as my surgeon has decided to do a full knee replacement today. Will have to watch on T.V. Barrack hard for all of us.
  4. MT64

    Post Match Discussion - Semi Final

    You missed him when Viney bullocked thru the pack and kicked to Brayshaw. Broose just went Viney, Viney, Viney, Viney, Viney getting louder everytime.
  5. MT64

    Post Match Discussion - Semi Final

    Last time I spoke to him he really laid into Melbourne as being soft. Should run into him again soon so I shall just smile - widely.
  6. I'll try and keep it short. I've been very fortunate to have seen the premierships from 55' onwards and we started the cheer squad in 1959 sitting by the old race before moving to the Punt Road end. Many meetings with JIm Cardwell who helped us with money to start making the banners. We used to cut up paper (had a paper mill near us) and dragged hessian bags full along to the first train and the banners. Loaded a lot of the paper in the Greysmith stand and the kids used to throw it down when the team ran out. In 1964 at 3/4 time of the prelim we marched outside and started queueing for "T" section (now the Ponsford stand end) and we slept there all week as the there were 3 rows of seats and the rest was standing room. Collingwood got the goal and we were just around from them. Was a bit nervous in the last quarter when Gablelich has his run and then Hassa man missed an easy goal from the pocket. Brian Dixon played so well that day and kept pushing the ball forward where "froggy" Crompton got onto a loose ball AND BANG. The roar from the members (totally Red & Blue those days) was enormous. Spoke to the goal umpire years later (Steve Stephens) and he said the goal was never in doubt but it was his moment and he slightly delayed putting the fingers up to enjoy the moment. And he did barrack for Melbourne. Was the Lord Mayor at Moorabbin later on I believe. After the game the club put on a barbeque/food and drinks outside the club rooms which was so packed so we sat on the ground after midnight just soaking it all in. Finally packed up and went home on Sunday afternoon. Many more funny stories but that's it for now.
  7. MT64

    My Melbourne highlights from Semi Final

    Big fight in the MCC members M45 in the first quarter. Security guards (overseas lads) just stood there until 4 police came charging down. Massive man (Hawthorn supporter) escorted out with such a wild look in his eyes. Melbourne chap allowed to stay. If a member, will have a decent ban, however, if a guest I wouldn't want to be the member who bought him in.
  8. MT64

    My Melbourne highlights from Semi Final

    It was the chant that bought tears to my eyes. So far the supporters have matured as well as the players. Most other teams think our support is weak. The noise levels have been brilliant.
  9. Was there that day. A period in time before they learnt to Boooooooooooo. They treated visiting Melbourne supporters really well then. Were happy to talk as they wanted to know what the "East Coast" was like. Well it was a long time ago.
  10. MT64

    Casey Demons v Essendon VFL Preliminary Final

    Essendon crowd very vocal. Oh that's right it's their version of finals.
  11. MT64

    Post Match Discussion - Semi Final

    Hah and they ran out of fireworks mid last quarter. Just like their team. Only just getting my voice back.
  12. MT64

    GAMEDAY - Semi Final

    I have planned this well as I have a full knee replacement on Monday. If the Pies(puke) had won I would have left the hospital and straight to the G for the prelim but happy to watch the match from Perth on TV now. Allow yourself plenty of time to get there and walk slowly.
  13. MT64

    Training - Tuesday 11th September, 2018

    I thought he didn't look too good. Arrived late as well.
  14. MT64

    Roosy and Nathan Jones on mmm hot breakfast

    Was so close to the chip fire. Pity it didn't spread to the rest of their poxy stands.
  15. MT64

    Roosy and Nathan Jones on mmm hot breakfast

    Don't tell Broose as he is on record that the "druggies" are everyone's second team. His commentary last Friday night has shifted our way. How many times can that man cream his jeans????