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  1. MT64

    Vote Melbourne's best goal of 2018

    Purely at the time of the match, and just what it meant to Nathan, it would have to be his goal at the start of the last quarter of the elimination final against Geelong. In all the decades of following Melbourne I have never heard such a roar from around the ground, and it was the most loudest EVER from the members where I sit. Years ago I have been told to not barrack so loudly and sit down after a good goal but now I just blend into the crowd. The days of "good goal number 7" have gone. Thank god.
  2. MT64

    Pert's Plan to Make the Dees an AFL Power

    The footy crowd is quite different in the members. There is chanting going on (could be better though) and the support for the Dee's is as strong as in any other part of the ground. I know the members reserve is only one qtr of the ground but for Melbourne matches it's the most packed part of the ground. The finals matches took the support to a new level.
  3. MT64

    Every day not Sunday?

    Well from a selfish point of view I didn't mind them so much and I could play golf on Saturday without rushing. That didn't help my score much. Your right though and without so many "graveyard" times (3:20) we may get more families coming along.
  4. MT64

    Gary Pert?

    Absolutely on the 17th @ 6:30 in MCC dining room.
  5. MT64

    Training - Wednesday, 28th November 2018

    Going to watch Tom Swallow with great interest. He has size already but with a couple of pre-seasons under the belt I feel he will be a monster. Quite impressed with our pick-up's this year. No pressure on them but in a couple of years will start to push for selection.
  6. MT64

    2019 Fixture

    Can we find out how many games that the tenants are contracted for to play at the "G".
  7. MT64

    Carlton Wikipedia

    Well done and thank you for your efforts. Very interesting. Love the last sentence. I still read it as "our" home ground owing to the fact that we are a club within the MCC. Be right or wrong I still wind up Coll & Rich supporting friends as being "tenants".
  8. MT64

    Carlton Wikipedia

    You may be right but then my first thought is that if the MCC are the major tenant why do they pay for the upkeep and all major renovations of the ground? Wouldn't that be the responsibility of the trust then? As the MCC run the ground and the Melbourne Football Club are a club within the MCC umbrella then I believe the other teams are the real tenants. Would love someone to clarify the roll of the trust/MCC if possible.
  9. MT64

    Carlton Wikipedia

    Your right. It's OUR home ground. The rest are just tennants and those team supporters have trouble understanding that - especially the "filth".
  10. MT64

    Random MFC encounters

    Not too sure of the date (around 2010) I decided to play at Royal Pines on the Gold Coast. Had paid and was waiting to join a group when the pro came up and said let them go and I have put you with the next group. No problems as the Japanese group left and I joined up with the next group. Well I was really happy ( I was wearing a MFC logo shirt) as he joined me up with Jeff White. What a day. By god he could hit a ball.
  11. MT64

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Hope she grows into that department. lol
  12. MT64

    Carlton Wikipedia

    MCG for most home games. Spare me.
  13. MT64

    AFL.com.au Dees Best 22

    We seem to be the best team around at handling concussion. Same treatment (if similar problem) with Angus will give KK the best outcome and a real boost to our outside running.
  14. MT64

    AFL.com.au Dees Best 22

    Gee Terry Wallace. Two of our trades into "best team" and you can still only find us a C+. This team on their day could pummel anyone. Really looking forward to next season.
  15. MT64

    2019 Fixture

    Why would they have an input to the fixture?????