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  1. Slept outside the MCG from Prelim night till the following Saturday grand final back in 1964 to get the best position in "T" section. Best day and stayed on after the win till Sunday. They opened the "G" up for Melbourne supporters both Sat night and Sunday. Great time and great memories.
  2. New MFC facility?

    Would love it as well as I am over the railway line in Rose Street. Very handy.
  3. I'm addicted and cant help myself!

    What a great day that was. We moved out side 3/4 time of the prelim to queue up for the Grannie down "T" section and slept the week out side the ground. The cheer squad then was brilliant and really help make the day. Never got home until Monday after the functions at the "G" that night and Sunday. I'm sure some on here will remember that.
  4. Preseason Training - Week commencing 6/11/17

    If I had read on many others picked up on "Sunday". I shall just slink off.
  5. The 2018 Fixture Thread

    For less than that you can fly return to Phuket. Airlines rip us off in Aus.
  6. Viney's Foot

    Well I saw the colours and liked it. Nothing to do with my personality.
  7. Viney's Foot

    Had a long talk to him in the Mahogany Room prior to the B&F and had normal shoes on. Was really pleased Lever was joining us and looking forward to training with him. Will bring a lot to the team. I never broached the "Jack" topic with him. He really understood the anger and frustration from the supporters (well me anyway) with the late season fade out. A real gentleman and displays a real love of our club.
  8. The 2018 Fixture Thread

    Happy to have the cats first up but really hope no return trip later in the season to their dungheap.
  9. Fox Footy Channel - summer editions

    I am over watching Geelong and Hawthorn. Even back then the umpires were VERY generous to Geelong.
  10. Guess the Crowd...GWS v Eagles

    And strangely enough Collingwood were involved with that low attendance.
  11. AFL Finals - Week 1

    Great result seeing the "druggies" pounded. Couldn't help but laugh out loud when they crossed to the Essendon coaching box and their sponsor's message was Alliance Chemists - Where local health matters. ARE THEY KIDDING. Is that where they got their injections???
  12. 30 Years Ago: 1987 Elimination Final

    Sitting in the smoker's stand I have never heard such barracking as before. All the "tut tut tut" and "go dee's" went out the door for aggressive cheering. Loved it.