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  1. Deemania since 56

    Training - Tuesday 19th June, 2018

    Would hate to admit that this is correct, given the equal playing field presented to all teams by the AFL and its umpiring preparation prior to an allocated game.
  2. Deemania since 56

    Demons Grand Plan for Yarra Park Training HQ

    This really is a valid point; original tennant stuff so easily overlooked with the incursive co-tenancy offered to other clubs and interests, far from the interests of the MCC and the MFC combined. However, the lure of a new purpose-built facility for MFC only is attractive and would overcome the problems associated with maintaining or modernising the current facilities within the MCG itself.
  3. Deemania since 56


    Want a bidding war? Giggle...
  4. Deemania since 56

    Ollie Wines

    Second efforts are pretty essential in football. Why not in recruiting?
  5. Deemania since 56

    Training - Tuesday 19th June, 2018

    Now that does make one think. Using Baker and Stretch as team clearers/just outside stoppages, etc. Some good chemistry will be needed but it does seem a move in the correct direction. It almost releases Jones and Viney from some of that responsibility to focus on subsequent ball carriage/disposal matters. It could relieve Jones of what are now more onerous recovery demands between bursts and perhaps, replacing Vince and/or Lewis as flankers - removing a 'slowing down' from the playmaking outset. There seems to be a chain of thought and our impressive movement linked to this idea that might well be exploited by the whole team.
  6. Deemania since 56

    Training - Tuesday 19th June, 2018

    Incredibly important and it will maximise Max's maxims to the max. These types of clearance opportunities will be icing on the cake for the best ruckman in the AFL. Rucking does involve roving crumbers, blocks and shepherds from the team - not just taps and hopes to get it right, next time for an effective clearance.
  7. Deemania since 56

    Training - Tuesday 19th June, 2018

    It really is going to be an example of an enormous haul against the odds for Vanders to make his body stand up to a team selection in the ones. G&D, persistence, focus and resolve. A bit like the way The Ox return from devastating injuries a decade or so, ago. We should all be very proud of Vanders for this effort and hope that his luck changes for the better. I'd love to see him play again and I think, this time, he will be solid as a rock as a benchmark of his endeavours.
  8. Deemania since 56

    Changes v Port

    He could but wouldn't it be better against a team from whom we have less difficulty forging a win for his initiation to this level, as he isn't quite equal, for example to an Oskar Baker (also untried) I am told?
  9. Deemania since 56

    Training - Tuesday 19th June, 2018

    Hey, that is great news, it will be a fantastic recovery if he can make it. Really liked his game style and contributions in the past.
  10. Deemania since 56

    Changes v Port

    Thanks, big oversight on my behalf, I had heard this days ago and the memory was not one well retained.
  11. Deemania since 56

    Changes v Port

    Good Tyson delivery will help with speed once his 'possession game' swings into play. Hunt and Frost will add a dimension, as will Hannan, dry weather only Garlett, Spargo coz he's a go-er and Jones, of course in bursts. ANB is not too slow, either. The elimination of Lewis, Vince will also provide run without overlong possession so maybe, the Ginger Ninja (Baker) - a noted speedster - could contribute in this regard in bursts from the bench.
  12. Deemania since 56

    Changes v Port

    It will be wet weather in the second half. Garlett may not be at his best as a result. For similar pace, ball handling and kicking skills including sudden snaps, Hannan could be a better choice in that crumbing role. He does find space and he does run on to assist with offensive scores and second efforts.
  13. Deemania since 56

    Changes v Port

    The only thing that Port can do generally is to 'long bomb' to such talls in the forward line and to counter that, we really need to concentrate on spoilers working in together. Omac on Dixon and Frost's good reach, height and strength up there too, with of course, Jetta and Hibberd and perhaps a younger player such as Petty with the groundwork. If we do not play Vince or Lewis, it is a chance for the likes of Baker with speed and ball-handling, and Joel the Smith, as well to pinch hit opportunities. Frosty may be rotated into the ruck, as might TMac merely as blocking ruckmen to counter the opposition ruckmen when Gawn is rested up forward. Just an idea. The dependence on rucking is important, but it is not all that clearances are made from - preventing effective opposition rucking is just as important to enable clearance players to activate. Tyson is good in this regard, and needs to dispose at an improved level.
  14. Deemania since 56

    Changes v Port

    Now I am worried about your football smarts.