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  1. Weideman

    And nothing looks like happening until the 4th year. Not a bad kid-glove apprenticeship.
  2. Weideman

    2 years is enough, 3 years is shameful.
  3. Oliver Re-signs till end of 2021

    Clarrie's handballing has taken the game by storm - completely legal, completely innovative, completely perfect for a team on the rise, thanks to him. Let us sincerely hope that video examples of these skills are brought to the attention of umpires who so often get such calls absolutely wrong. Genius is often - for convenience - unrecognised.
  4. Oliver Re-signs till end of 2021

    Absolutely the best news of the year for the Club. With Viney and Clarrie, we going to go far.
  5. Oliver Re-signs till end of 2021

    Well done, Clarrie....you have the support and gratitude of tens of thousands of Melbourne FC fans.
  6. Weideman

    Yes, DJ - it is all just another worry and as I have said it before, another tall kept in abeyance.....for how long?
  7. Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 1

    We are looking pretty potent, forward-wise. We are looking a little less potent for this weekend in the full-back line - perhaps using Lever in the stated FB position just isn't going to occur; he is fairly light and only moderately powerful. Hawkins, Menzel and Menegola need to be stopped. Some clever and possibly rotational placements will need to be implemented across the game to combat these players. The absence of TMac is at this point, felt and in the midfield, Viney sure is going to be missed. Our mobile muscle options are most likely to be Pedo, Frost and Gawn. OMac and Lever are light but may surprise given team improvements seen in the pre-season. It will be fascinating to see how Goody assesses this concern and if change is needed, what he does. The game could turn out to be a shootout between the two teams' fwd lines. Around the ground, in general, I'd expect the selected 'us' to be quite a bit stronger and capable of winning against this selected 'Catty Put' team. Great start to the season, just the same. A good test.
  8. Weideman

    King has talent. Gone missing? What is happening with him - at Casey?
  9. Weideman

    Painfully true. He has a particular body shape and size. If he really wants to play premium football, he needs to work harder than he has on that body and its capabilities. He could well handle 15 kgs of sheer muscle development from head to toe; his ability to read the play is in need of attention; he has very little agility in lateral and directional change; his light frame renders him noncompetitive in critical fwd marking duels or packs; he could work on speed increases and leading to space as a fwd receiver of midline effort. Injuries, sure were important but I doubt that he has been 'really' working on his aptitudes for success. I'd give him this year only to make the change - then hand him back to the Filth if key milestones are not met.
  10. Weideman

    The Weed: Reading the play is his key football need. Putting on some real muscle is another - much more than one pre-season of 'bulking', as reported. He could also increase his speed considerably and lateral agility is vital for him to become the key forward that he already should be. Consistent competitiveness in marking might result. Leading to deliveries would be highly desirable, as well.
  11. Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 1

    Melksham must be automatically selected, the same with Tyson. Frosty might be ranked next to strengthen the backline. Brayshaw would be my next best pick against the Geelong game style. Jordan is lucky to be there IMO and so is OMac for this round,
  12. Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 1

    His kicking enriches our side when picking longer targets. At least he does not 'bomb' it up there...he actually can go for the goal himself from at least 55m. His best work is to a teammate running to distant space.
  13. Bayley Fritsch to debut.

    Looks like the interchange against the Catty Puds will be: Angus Brayshaw, Dom Tyson, Sam Frost, Jake Melksham This, I like.
  14. Bayley Fritsch to debut.

    The Catty Puds are beaten!
  15. 2018 Ladder Prediction Competition

    Clever gambler, clever. The thinking man's punter.