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  1. Deemania since 56

    Casey Demons: 2019

    Certainly add to the rebound and clearance ability of the backline with a swinger to the HBF, such as OMac as KK looks better at this point as an outside Mid.
  2. Deemania since 56

    Training - Friday, 14th December, 2018

    ... a moment of awesome silence... RDB ...
  3. Deemania since 56

    Tom McDonald Presser (14/12)

    He is articulate and informed. His foci relate well to the MFC journey and its personalities and aptitudes. He'd make a great captain and all would listen to him.
  4. Deemania since 56

    Casey Demons: 2019

    Be really great for us to focus and develop over time the young Bradtke into a specialist full forward and scare machine with mongrel.
  5. Deemania since 56

    Inside the top 4 picks video - vomitous

    The things displayed, decided-upon and the collective behaviours of appointed representatives of the AFL and Clubs has reached low tide, that is for sure. Gil and company have much to answer for in their clamour for those things - including their own personal fame and fortunes - that appeal to pea-brain, toothless Filth supporters and perhaps some from Carlscum with similar throng mentality.
  6. Deemania since 56

    AFLX Revamped

    What a magnificent concept - we can all empathise with your struggle.
  7. Deemania since 56

    2019 Membership

    Short-term money market investments with the pool of funds, then split the MFC entitlement in full in a few days, MCC retention of the profit-taking.
  8. Deemania since 56

    AFLX Revamped

    Codswallop stuff to re-merchandise our children and youth.
  9. Deemania since 56

    AFLX Revamped

    Absolutely pointless and the MFC should take a stand. The 'reserves' competition was once more meaningful as a pre-game updater for fans and as a better competition where cyclic changes were minimal but included transfers and injury returns for players normally in the firsts. What is more - fans coming to the MCG, in particular, arrived far earlier in the day to specifically take-in the reserves comp players' progress and potentials for upgrading to the firsts. I'd follow the progress of Brett Bailey, Rod Grinter and many others across over 20 years of fanatical interest, for example. From 12 noon until 5:00 pm the tide, swell and level of football action was HOT>boiling and fans really thought that they got their money's worth for the day (around $1.80 entrance fee, plus drinks :-)....
  10. Deemania since 56

    "demonland masthead"

    ...and quite often, not much thinking goes into so much....
  11. Deemania since 56

    "demonland masthead"

    Yeah, Macca, things are getting a little bit too speculative, too insignificant. Just want a fill of training and remediation updates, progress reports and 'deeper' prognostications for the coming season. Form guides are more important than mastheads ...
  12. Deemania since 56

    AFLX Revamped

    Happy to sit this one out, too - just to remove the unnecessary differentials implied. End of story.
  13. Deemania since 56

    Training - Wednesday, 12th December 2018

    That is a neat time for anyone. Interestingly, about 7 year olds: One of the US' top Sports Science universities in the '80s came up with a novel way to train their athletes - but moreso, to test a selection of their male Olympic decathletes and heptathlons prior to selection. Within a large, indoor training facility all 'kitted out' and padded for the untrained 7 year old kids to run wild, each athlete had to team up with one of them and then, mirror and perform each movement and activity that their 'little one' partner performed. It exhausted the athletes in very short time. The best athlete's time recording was to endure 23 minutes of continuous activity at the level performed by his 7 year old partner who was by no means the most energetic of the kids. All of the kids were stopped from this almost riotous, continuous exercise free-wheeling at the 30-minute mark. None were physically spent, at all. All of the kids had so much fun that they attempted to 'carry on' like madmen as they would in their own backyards. No sheet!
  14. Deemania since 56

    Training - Wednesday, 12th December 2018

    The sudden rise in Bernie's form across the season was a standout net result of the theory in practice. We may tend to overlook the real values associated with Neil Craig and his methods, and vision. We surely all know that Bernie retained his skills set with only minor fluctuations for the consecutive years and it was the MFC that benefited most from this transformation. Thus, I'd like to say a 'sunset' "thank you" to Neil for actualising our pick-up of Bernie the Beast, as fondly remembered by the said Partreek Dangermouse.
  15. Deemania since 56

    MFC Mature Age Players, Best of 2018 and beyond.

    That (mature minded underage player) is one factor that would be difficult to emerge from most of the young brigade, today. Peter Knights, I think, was the only stand-out underage player to absolutely excel; but then again, there have been quite a few who did continue to mature in their football minds. The lines are blurred today in terms of 'rights of passage' that no longer exist in this very modern era and in society in general - let's hope that the MFC can evolve one or two in quick-step timing.