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  1. Deemania since 56

    James Harmes take a bow.

    The support cast is lurking within, and it is called 'teamwork'. The onfield Harmes/Brayshaw interaction is aided by Clarrie and Gawn almost continuously and with the return of Viney will be awesome - but Viney must be prepared to 'share' the load with two who are becoming invincible. Tyson's recent improvements are an offshoot of this onfield relationship, as well. It can be likened to a snowball rolling downhill, getting bigger and bigger as it (is allowed to) progress. Toss in the talent forward and backward of the midline and you have a team of well-oiled machines in harmony. Now dream: suppose we can add the possessions and penetration of Gaff to this mix!
  2. Deemania since 56


    We did get a good run from the umpires because we are fighting through good words against what we have seen - the battleground is Demonland.
  3. Deemania since 56

    GAMEDAY - Round 22

    The luxury of that thought! Hope he does, as he really deserves a crack after an interrupted season.
  4. Deemania since 56

    GAMEDAY - Round 22

    That perspective has the correct focus, beelzebub. Been a while since we applied that confidence and attitude to opponents, and I reckon, that was taken away by the umpires this year in particular.
  5. Deemania since 56

    GAMEDAY - Round 22

    Things are tight again, verging on the edge of eternal darkness.... As mentioned earlier last week by a poster, we should be sitting third on the ladder despite injuries and drops in form of our key prime movers across the season. We have lost games having won contests across most games, despite the green snot goblins doing most things in their powers for us to be disadvantaged under the auspice of the AFL itself. We have endured a continuous decimation of core/key players and tried anyone of salt from our Casey affiliates. We have 'freaked out' repeatedly in - and from - critical moments and decisions at such treatment and abuse, and yet, we should be third on the ladder right now. In front of goal, we have surrendered with some of the most inaccurate kicking ever seen, including an inability to kick the big, long ones over 40 metres from the mouth of goal. We have extremely limited appreciation and ability for the snap shot at goal, for a forward line spread that confuses oppositions, for a heads-up presentation of the ball to our forwards that might cap off some of the incredible, fast work of our midfielders and utilities. This must be reiterated: we have surrendered a bright opportunity this season in kicking in front of goal and in forward approach, and have allowed a mediocre defence to lapse from what looked like - for a very short time - an elite defence with structure and willpower. Against such odds, we should be third on the ladder entering the finals for the first time in an embarrassing age. The West Coast team are somewhat weakened this day - enough for us to yet again overcome our own disadvantages felt across this season - so we should cast caution to the wind and go hard, fast and uncompromisingly towards that historical victory that destroys adversity once and for all. 'Carna Dees!
  6. Deemania since 56

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 22

    This is achievable for the MFC - having bled against the Swans so badly down the southern flanks. Again, this is ground that we must use and exploit - not doing all our work down the northern flanks only to see turnovers after turnovers against our progress. JKH actually began, singularly, to flee quickly to the southern flanks in the fwd line and was successful, several times, intercepting against the Swannies and taking some possessions himself to a somewhat better effect than what was being achieved on the northern flanks. But we are not at the 'G this week; hence, we must become a 2-sided team in all regards. From the flanks, we should not send 90% of our possessions, runs and carries, kicks and handball back to the midline whilst making improved space(s) at both flanks.
  7. Deemania since 56

    Umpiring v West Coast in Perth

    To be honest, I believe you had that one correct: '...somebody else made that decision...' off-field. The decision and the delay was not subsequent to the first call as it was legally tapped out under enormous duress to Clarrie ... leaving the MFC in an advantageous position at that moment and just after, and then, the 'call' against Clarrie whose skill had just previously overcome great odds in the scramble. Absolute set-up, abuse, prejudice and latent interference.
  8. Deemania since 56

    Go and get Gaff!

    Article in the worst newspaper in Australia, this morning; 'The Advertiser' states clearly that Gaff is off the recruitment queue for the MFC - being offered over $1 mil per year from the bank-raiding Kangaroos. Still, maybe his act of aggression and 'brain fade' was his first thought at sabotaging the Eagles' season as early as possible. Bad choice made in quick time onfield.
  9. Deemania since 56

    Umpiring v West Coast in Perth

    These are the non-playing aspects of the game that we have endured and now come to expect from our beloved competition and acknowledged AFL interests.
  10. Deemania since 56

    Umpiring v West Coast in Perth

    ...After all, it is Sunday; one could hope that the Sabbath is observed regarding truth, justice and the rights of the downtrodden? Even from the Green Snot Goblins.
  11. Deemania since 56

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 22

    So would I. Read the last line of my post on this team selection. Possibly - on paper - this team selection was a decoy tactic before Sunday arrives. Spargo may well be benched due to unforseen circumstances enabling Fritsch to come into the game, earlier. Certainly hope that this is the case. We will need, in defence, Wagner's run and carry, and his deceptive height, in the backline, as well.
  12. Deemania since 56

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 22

    One is left, at the approaching end of the season, to suspect - no, be assured - that the AFL has this very outcome in mind to contribute more to the dollars at the gate receipt end of the finals series than to the 'even playing field' and non-interrupted match conditions in which the MFC will find themselves. The green snot goblins will have their role to play on behalf of the intent of the AFL, no doubt, in so many ways that it will be difficult to put an exacting finger on an exact reason why we will see West Coast and GWS receive at least ten goals from frees awarded in front of those goals, and why the games will be delayed as the MFC opposition scramble to get 'back in position' for ball ups, boundary throw-ins, free kicks, clearance opportunities and other aspects of the games that might lead to MFC dominance, affirmative footballing skills and ultimately, the winning of these last two games. In reality, there will be no need for the AFL to display a new faith in fairness as it would undoubtedly contradict with their 'game and finals' aspirations, setting a new and unseen trend that is in complete contradiction to the recent evidence of their manipulation for both the 2017 and 2018 seasons as far as tje MFC is concerned. We are the team 'set up for failure'.