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  1. The Chief

    Go and get Gaff!

    To this point, after the game yesterday on the 2nd deck of the Southern Stand there were 2 Melbourne supporters involved in a push and shove and throwing verbal abuse at each other. They would have been in their 50’s. Not sure how it started but you’d think they would both be asking themselves later how did they get into that situation? How could they make such fools of themselves? What if things had gotten out of hand? There’s a few ‘moments of madness’ that I’ve been involved in that I’m not proud of, but luckily no lasting impact on anyone else. Passion, emotion, excitement, bravado and a whole bunch of other human foibles can result in situations that we regret and wish we could take back.
  2. The Chief

    Friday Night Lights 2019

    Understand the monetary rewards for the club in more night games, but as someone who prefers to attend games over watching tv, it’s going to reduce the value I get out of my membership. I guess I’m in the minority, but afternoons (preferably Saturday) is the best time to attend. Not only is the quality of footy better during the day due to lack of dew and reduced ball fumbling, pretty confident average scores for day games are well above night games. Day games also are much better for going out with family and friends afterwards to celebrate a win with drinks and dinner and still get home at a reasonable time. Money overrides everything and the attending spectator is becoming increasingly irrelevant.
  3. The Chief

    GAMEDAY - Round 19

    Will Harmes be late out?
  4. The Chief

    My 3 word player analysis V Bulldogs

    Bernie has been a great contributor during tough times, but he’s rapidly declining now. Lack of an obvious replacement at Casey is his best hope for continuing this season. What’s his contract situation next year?
  5. The Chief

    GAMEDAY - Round 16

    Been in Darwin for the week, enjoying the monotonous great weather, blue skies and heat. Really confident we’ll win tonight and looking forward to seeing AFL footy top end style.
  6. The Chief

    Is Jeffy Garlett just trade bait now?

    On that performance can’t see him being recalled. His only hope is that our inability to get crumbing goals, makes selectors take a punt that he’s ‘learnt his lesson’.
  7. The Chief

    New CEO - Gary Pert

    Had some contact with Pert when he was at Pies and I was working for a major sponsor. Fair to say he doesn’t lack confidence. Surprised at this appointment, but for the sake of MFC wish him all the best.
  8. The Chief

    Changes v Collingwood

    Think out of our options, Frost would match up best on Cox. Good jump & reach, and will run off him with ease.
  9. Not just a champion footballer, but a great man. Congratulations Neita.
  10. The Chief

    Dees Lead in 16 Categories over past Month

    Sorry, just saw it’s only for the last month.
  11. The Chief

    Dees Lead in 16 Categories over past Month

    Are these stats for the season or just the last 5 weeks? How can our average points for be 133? Our season aggregate score is 1086/10 games = 108.6 avg and Richmond is a close second at 1010/10 = 101 avg. We’re travelling ok, but looks like some selective number crunching.
  12. Might still be carrying a grudge from his jaw accidentally hitting Rod Grinter’s fist.
  13. The Chief

    Jake Melksham - the AFL's one on one king!

    During Lever’s interview on SEN this morning, mentioned that Melksham is the standout boxer at the club, and quick to rip his shirt off to expose the rig.
  14. Totally agree, who cares what they think and just enjoy the ride.
  15. NRL heading for TV ratings win over AFL At the season's halfway mark, the NRL is eclipsing the AFL as the most-watched football code. http://www.theage.com.au/rugby-league/league-news/nrl-on-course-for-tv-ratings-victory-over-afl-20180527-p4zhsd.html?btis AFL no doubt paying the price for poor Friday night scheduling, but also constant media commentary on poor state of the game.