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  1. The Jake Lever Thread

    Gawn a free agent or out of contract next year yeah? Hope all of our younglings listened to Lewis when he was preaching about taking pay cuts to stay together.
  2. The Jake Lever Thread

    Was just thinking similarly, maybe the media is misinformed about the circumstances about their "meeting". Could've just been "coincidentally" running into each other and goodwin happened to get Levers thoughts on footy for next year
  3. Changes vs St Kilda

    Don't reckon we can afford to drop him, I understand what you're saying however I think it's important for him to get continuity and experience in his game. Especially because it's the pointy end of the season and we need to utilise what we have. No point him playing in the VFL, he can be such a good game changer. Let's just hope he can turn it on for the rest of the year leading into those games that get played in September, I think they're known as finals
  4. The Jake Lever Thread

    I thought you weren't allowed to trade out of the first round two years in a row? As we traded our 2016 first rounder in 2015, correct me if i'm wrong
  5. The Jake Lever Thread

    Sorry, visiting the city. Kew more specifically, is what I was told. But again, just a rumour
  6. The Jake Lever Thread

    My mate is an AFL scout, and he thinks lever is on his way. He also said that one of the guys he works with is "best mates" with lever and apparently he is coming to Melbourne for the next few weeks when he can to look at houses. Sounds like one of those "my brothers mates dads cousin knows such and such" I realise but it seems like we couldn't be in a better spot to land him. Rumours are fun
  7. Changes for GWS

    Agreed. As much as I'd also like to see Maynard get a gig, this week probably isn't the week to play him given that our finals chances are kind of on the ropes and if it is wet then weidman won't be much chop I wouldn't think. I'd expect that we stick with bringing in the leaders like Jones and Vince. Maybe bring weids and Maynard in against Saints or Brisbane if the opportunity arises.
  8. The Zak Jones Thread

    He seemed to be playing it pretty coy, as it was a pretty vague answer. Who knows what's going on in his head
  9. The Jake Lever Thread

    I would've thought that he'd be past that by now surely
  10. The Jake Lever Thread

    Was just a thought, stranger things have happened. But wasn't he saying not long ago he'd do whatever was in his and his family's best interests? Whatever that means I guess
  11. The Jake Lever Thread

    Rockliff could still have another 4 years of solid ball left in him, as long as we didn't give up too much then it'd nearly be rude not to have him. Same as Tippett, although he's probably a bit too inconsistent for me. His potential is intriguing but in reality, I don't think he'll work out for anyone. Reid and Aliir YES & YES
  12. The Jake Lever Thread

    What about Lever and Rockliff instead? As scrutinised as he has been, he still is a pretty decent player. Its just whether or not he could fit in with us anywhere i guess. For some reason i feel as though he could be a more realistic chance to be ours, if he were to nominate us.
  13. Changes v Carlton

    Who played on Wright in round 2? Pretty sure he kicked 3 or 4 and had like 20 touches. He had me worried that whole game..
  14. Changes v Carlton

    I would love to experiment with someone like Maynard especially because of all the injuries and what not. He seems to be playing really well in the VFL, even though in fairness I haven't really seen much of him. Who knows, we could unearth another gem hopefully.

    Yeah fair enough, I get where you're coming from. He played pretty well on the weekend too so I was expecting someone to shut me up lol.