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  1. tiers

    Lyon's Plea to Petracca: Be Like Max

    Can anyone say for certain that Tracca is not training to the seemingly "Maxie level" demanded by the commentators here?. What if he is and this is what maximum Tracca looks like or what if he is training to the level required by the FD for HF flanker and part time midfielder or what if he straightened his kicking and kicked 30 a year and dished off many more? He fills a valuable and vital role and, let's face it, not everyone can be a dashing Brayshaw or a ball magnet Oliver.
  2. To Jane02 Get a grip. To risk missing a possible demons GF just for work is unconscionable. Change job or tell the conference that you know it all and it's not worth attending and get someone else to take good notes.
  3. tiers

    Pass Mark 2019

    Incremental improvement will do.
  4. tiers

    Lyon's Plea to Petracca: Be Like Max

    Maxie is Maxie, Tracca is Tracca and Garry is just an opinion these days. I am unaware of any real evidence that Tracca is not trying 100%. Just because he looks less urgent doesn't mean he is. Apart from 42 shots at goals in 2018 does anyone know how many he dished off eg. Jones goal early in the last quarter against cats, pass to TMac near goal square in one of the finals? Quick possessions, good decision making and makes a great contribution. Let him play his game, not ours. 2020 (magic in numbers - 1+9+6+4 = 20) Go dees
  5. tiers

    Macro - 2019

    Footy is always about possession and territory. Those teams who can win the ball and maximise territory gain will ultimately prevail so long as they can retain possession where it counts in the forward line. Our problem in the past has been that, notwithstanding a majority of forward entries (i50s), we have not been able to retain possession and score often enough due to our inablity to retain possession and defend quick exits. Getting the ball through the midfield to the forward line has not been the problem. So, in order to improve, we must keep the ball inside 50 for longer periods and develop methods to score from those opportunities. One way to keep the ball in the forward line is to deliver the ball with more precision to a teammate. Weagles showed us up badly in the PF by their ability to deliver precisely. Another way is to deliver the ball quickly and deeply into the forward line and then hold it in, the so called manic/chaos theory. Players like Frost and Hunt who have both mongrel and pace can carry the ball through the midfield and deliver it deep. Tracca, AVB, Jones and others can then hold it in to create scoring opportunities. Both game plans have merit but require a mix of players who can rotate through the wings eg Frost, Hunt, Salem, Stretch, maybe KK, Fritsch, Hannan and perhaps more as 2019 proceeds. Speed is good but let's not get fixated on one plan and one style. If speedy wingers are available to be drafted, then good. If not, than let's adopt a different plan for success. We have the players for both and a coaching panel that can modify its plan to suit the players we have. Go dees, 2020.
  6. tiers

    Wallace Rates Dees Trade Period

    TMac, OMac.
  7. tiers

    Wallace Rates Dees Trade Period

    Please, no more snide comments about Jesse. As supporters, we invested far too much in his ability to score goals when his real talent lay elsewhere. He was an outstanding champion of our club and deserves to be remembered fondly. For various team management and balance reasons, he was never allowed to reach his full potential. His real talent was up the field as a running CHF where his ability to read the play and get to a contest, win the ball in the air and on the ground and dispose to the best position was second to none for a 193 player. There was even a post that suggested that he play CHB. He would have excelled in this position and, if the trade had not occurred, it was a viable option. We should thank Jesse for his contribution and wish him well at the dockers.
  8. tiers

    Wallace Rates Dees Trade Period

    Does this imply that there was no learning of his craft at kangas? Or Goldy too dominant/precious?
  9. tiers

    Wallace Rates Dees Trade Period

    Jesse was going anyway this year or next. Letting him go this year for trades to acquire established seasoned players was smart. It is not certain that even a first round draft pick next year for Jesse would have been better. Our record shows that, while Jesse was a real contributor to high goal scoring, we scored highly and won many games without him - think weagles, GWS, cats and dorks this year. Bringing in a gorilla minder to stiffen up a backline with stoppers such as Jetts and OMac and running attacking players such as Hibbo, Frosty, Jades, Sales, Leaves shows strategic planning. May was not my preferred choice but he was selected to plug a hole and play a role. If he does his job, we might stop the leaking and, together with any goals scored by Jesse's replacement, break even on goals. As weagles showed this year, two ruckmen are better than one if used intelligently. Highlights of Preuss show a big, strong, mobile, marking ruckman who can score goals. Imagine Maxie patrolling the backline and Preuss frightening the opposition in the forward line. If this can be pulled off it could be the master stroke of the decade. Wallace is a blunt, soft, broken tool.
  10. tiers

    Dees Under the Knife

    Let's wish them all a speedy and permanent recovery.
  11. tiers

    Internal options for a speedy winger

    How about Frost. Tall, strong, can mark, kicks long to position (ask TMac) and runs away from just about anyone. Use him as a target on the way out and as a weapon on the way in. For those who remember, Richo starred on the wing and, going further back, the toiges used Bourke and Clay, who both played key defence, as wingmen in their heyday. What a mismatch. Who would want to tag him? Who could keep up in space? Easy to train and coach. Just tell him to run as hard as he can at the ball and then with the ball.
  12. tiers

    We was Robbed!!

    Wayne Harmes and Dom Sheed - just 2 few of their tormentors. Life can be so sweet.
  13. tiers

    We was Robbed!!

    I take it this comment is about the self serving, self promoting and self aggrandising quizmaster and flooffy show host. There is no way the filth are entitled to any consideration. Unless they play a weakened sainters or weak bombers, having the filth in a granny is unfair to the other 16 teams as their opponents are almost assured of a flag. Colliwobbles are back (perhaps never left).
  14. tiers

    2018 Premiership ramifications

    Weagles style is based on their resources - a plentiful supply of strong, one grab marking talls such as Kennedy, Darling, Vardy, Barrass, McGovern. Kennedy, Darling and LeCras have been the mainstay of their forward line for many years and they have had a well established and experienced core for the same time. In time, we will develop a game style based on our resources - a strong midfield and strong marking forwards and backs. When we can regularly and consistently emulate their organised supply to their key forwards, so as to take advantage of our regular dominance of inside 50s, then we will flourish. It takes time. With a least seven changes to our squad there is scope for major improvement. 2020. Go dees.