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  1. I concur completely. No matter what posters say, Jesse was a real talent who had too much pain and suffering heaped on him. Standing out for a year for being too young, losing another year to a back injury, losing his dad, facing his own illness, suffering a new injury and all by the age of 25. All in public and it was not fair. He kicked more than 2 goals a game and stood tall and won games as well. To those who maintain that his on field demeanour was not good enough I say it was - he used to express his disappointment with himself for all to see. I wish him all the best for the future and hope that he becomes the champion player he is destined to become (except against us of course). I will always applaud his successes. Someone should tell Niall to go and get ........! The club did its best for Jesse. Go Jesse.
  2. I suspect that our best 22 over the last 40 years would surprise. It was not just the lack of talent that caused the misery, it was the timing. We rarely had the group of champions together injury free at the same time. Imagine if we had had outstanding talents such as Flower, Wells, Alves, Lyon, Schwarz, Jakovich, Stynes, Wilson, Healy, Smith, Fowler, Lovett B, Farmer, Neitz, Woewodin, Moore, Wight, Viney T, White, Johnstone, Tingay, Charles in the same era. I would put them up against any combination of 22 from any other team.
  3. When Clarrie was drafted I looked at his draft video. Even then, at junior level, he displayed a level of skill with his handball that I had never seen before. At that moment, 50+ years of misery slowly started to slip away. Let's be patient and watch this superstar in the making evolve. For the moment at least, he is our's alone to enjoy. That will soon change and he will belong to the whole footy world.
  4. Is it possible that Hunt's positioning is dictated by the coach? Could they be trying a thing or two? Let's not be so hasty to criticise. At his best, Hunt is a weapon and we should encourage him to find his way back.
  5. Spargo's vision, choices and disposal in close over relatively short distances are first class. He is able to create good opportunities for team mates.He also positions himself well to receive. Hunt's strengths are his ball winning ability, his speed to carry the ball and his long kicking. He is the territory man who has the potential to rate highly on the "metres gained" (another affectation of the statisticians and dumb commentators). Trying to convert him into a Salem clone will be counterproductive. All the forwards need to do is spread - the ball will fall near one of them. Frost is another who could prosper in this role.
  6. No one should ever be compared to the incomparable Robbie who played his footy in a higher universe. Clarrie will end up in the pantheon at the next level down. Very rare space. Added the following from 2016 Best hands at MFC since Obst. Best vision, awareness and selection of disposal choices in close that I have ever seen at MFC. Most successful teams have high class distributors (think Sam Mitchell, Greg Williams, Michael Voss) whose touches propel their teams forward. If handled properly, Clarry will rightfully belong in this company. The FD's challenge will be to develop the receivers to complement his role and his skills.
  7. Some observations. Clarrie plays his own game. When we learn to take advantage of his contribution, then we will roll. Tracca needs to adjust to playing a shorter game. Not every kick has to be long and not every mark is an invitation to play on. He will get there soon. Why was Gus kicking with his left foot even when clear on his right? Sore back on one side only? Still many classes above the toigs best except dusty. The new kick in rule is tailor made for runners like Frost and Hunt who can, with judicious shepherding and placement, easily gain 20-30 m with only one bounce and then kick it long so that the first contest is in our half. This tactic was not seen in the parts that I watched today. I can wait. Preuss might not be a Maxxie clone but he contests and denies the opposition an easy clearance. Some of his early taps were well directed and his contribution at ground level was useful. If used intelligently, it is the combination that should terrify other teams. Give it time. It's tough for five new players to meld in their first competitive game. Give them time to absorb the tean plan and style. At one stage one of the dumb commentators asked the rhetorical question of what TMac will do the next time he plays on rancid. I hope he never plays on him again and someone like Tracca or AVB does so that TMac's doesn't look silly playing like a small and running after him. Tracca and AVB have the strength and nous to make rencid's life difficult. Let TMac be TMac. At last real footy is back.
  8. Hope the rules allow for all of them to get a run.
  9. Re: tennis ball and ball drop. I am gratified that at last this basic fundamental of good, consistent kicking is receiving attention. I highlighted Tracca's problem in another post in another thread recently. One aspect that is not fully understood is the influence of the feel in the fingertips. It is uncanny how often good kicks are able to win the ball in awkward positions (the ball, not the player) and, because of the feel in the fingertips, instinctively adjust the ball in their hands to ensure a proper ball drop and a good kick to position. Similar to tennis players who seem to instinctively and seamlessly adjust the raquet in their hands to hit the ball. The best drill (in addition to the tennis ball) is a session of kick short kicks (10-15 m) at fast pace with a another person. This will force the hands to adjust quickly and surely. It's called muscle memory. Long booming kicks at training is a waste of time to teach good kicking technique.
  10. In order for this to make sense, I suggest that the names be restricted to those who have played since 1987, the first year of our resurrection after 1964. Should also exclude current players but struggling to find replacements for Jones, Oliver, J Viney, Jetta, TMac and Max. Consider Obst, Davey, Yze, Green and then run out of names. So many ex players played elsewhere. Liam Jurrah might have been a shooting star but he was still a star. Cat like movement and radar sharp anticipation plus he could mark and kick goals. Whether or not he deserves to be in this squad is a real question. Brett Lovett is a must. (He didn't play a senior game at dorks) The best hbf I have seen in 30 years. In for S Febey who would not complain. Gary Hardeman was also a champion but played before 1987. Otherwise a certainty even though he was only 187. Leaves Neitz as the standout for for chb.
  11. His parents named him Darren. A champion full forward who was displaced by Jakovich. Went on to a stellar career as a kicking star in the NFL.
  12. Saty gets it right. For the first time in a long, long time we have real choices for each position. Saty's list is only the talls. Wait til we add the smalls like Jeffy, Spargo, Tracca, ANB and whoever slides down from the centre and there are real, multiple choices for all spots. Good luck being on the selection committee. I will miss Jesse because his footy smarts were a standout and, in a strengthened forward line where he was no longer the only target, he had the potential to excel. Whilst we have replacements for his goal kicking, there is no replacement for his footy smarts. Posted before DemonDave's comments. I agree with his assessment of Jesse. He was that good when played up the ground.
  13. If Lyon allows Jesse to be matched against 3 opponents every time he goes near the ball, he might be back with us. Apart from family, he didn't go to freo for the same garbage style. I hope Lyon has the good sense to free him up at CHF and never be forced to stand under the ball in the goal square. Find another FF and let Jesse roam the field like he was destined to play. If Jesse does well (except against us) I will be delighted to know that we did make a good decision to draft him and also because we taught him about footy. Kudos to coaching panel and a big tick for our programme. If he doesn't do well, we just blame freo for mismanagement.
  14. Jesse is instinctively a much better forward than TMac becaus of his footy smarts and versatility in all forward positions. Both can be goal kicking machines on their day. TMac is our best classical leading and marking FF since Billy Bennett but is at his best from the goal square. The two of them together for a full season with Jesse at CHF and a roaming brief together with TMac at FF would have been a joy to see. Alas, never to be fulfilled.
  15. It will all be fun but what happens when opposition teams work out the code? Will we have to change every week? What happens if the batteries fail? Will we revive the WW11 codebreakers? How many different plays can there be? Why doesn't some genius create mini headphones so that messages can be broadcast to all or be directed at one player only? Will the signs eventually be shown on the big screen and the game stop so that players can decipher the messages and the commentators comment? Will there be one for the umpires? What if the sign contradicts the runner? What if the game is spoiled as a spectacle? Who bloody cares? Why should we let the AFL, the supposed custodians, ruin a great game? We are footy, unique to our land and we should not imitate those other inferior sports. Another Shocking Hocking idea. Send him back to the back pocket so that we can reclaim our heritage. Long live footy..
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