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  1. Yes. The Spargo who kicked two goals and had seven score involvements in a final including several handpasses and short passes that led directly to goals.
  2. tiers

    Brownlow Medal 2018

    Umpires are close to the action and have the best view of who is working hard and succeeding. They have shown a clear preference in recent years for players who are highly visible and who run hard, collect the ball and deliver to advantage by kicking. Describes Angus perfectly. Clarrie's inside work is too fast and too subtle for easy comprehension. For example, everyone has lauded Jake M for the goal against dorks but Clarrie's role in contesting the loose ball in the centre, winning the ball against 2 opponents and then delivering to a free Angus has been overlooked. Without Clarrie, the opportunity might not have been there. Angus's run and kick and Jake's goal will win votes but not Clarrie's work to win the ball. With respect, others such as Salem and Hannan, could have successfully substituted for Angus and Jake 's. But who could substitute for Clarrie? No one. He's unique and special. And too good to ever poll well in the Brownlow.
  3. tiers

    Caroline Wilson banned from Demon function

    Who cares? Caro has been around too long and will not make us better. Bartlett will.
  4. Weideman - showed real potential Spargo - uses ball well vandenBerg - needs pre season
  5. Nathan Jones needs a new role. He has earned the right to be indulged a bit so long as he contributes and he is not keeping any one out. His best position is still inside mid to hold the ball in but he is being denied the role. Maybe others should be trained to play his outside role that is more natural for them. I see Harmes and Brayshaw with the right attributes. FD better think hard.
  6. tiers

    It’s the game plan

    A game plan built around the sum of the individual abilities of available players is the key to being competitive. A game plan that can be readily overwhelmed like today is not a good game plan. The boys tried as hard as they could but were beaten by a better prepared team that had worked out how to stymie our strengths and frustrate our game style. Foot passes went nowhere, handpasses were sloppy and chopped. That Kennedy and Darling had so much space to lead was because we were spread too wide. They did to us what we have done to others - smothered our play in the first half. We'll learn. The coaches have a lot of thinking to do. 2020. Go dees.
  7. 2020. All of this is preparation. Go dees.
  8. Peanuts, peanuts, shilling a bag, peanuts. He was at every game at the MCG. The old guy with his sack of pre packaged bags. Even to this day, whenever I say peanuts, this refrain comes back to me. And I never bought any.
  9. tiers

    The SANFL Preliminary Final fiasco

    Deduct the score during the period when 19 were on the ground. Given that it was at the start of the quarter the time and score should be easy to deduce. Simple, fair and just. Tough on North Adelaide but it's the integrity of the game that counts, not the feelings of club. And who was the match steward? If appointed by SANFL then easier to adjudicate. A free kick and 50m against the SANFL.
  10. tiers

    Our supporter stereotype

    How the lexicon of football evolves. In 1964 we would scream "C'arn the demons" or shortened to "C'arn the dees" or even "C'arn Melbourne". C'arn was the contraction of the expression "come on" and everyone "barracked" for a team. These days people "go" for a team as in "I go for Melbourne". Go dees is the contraction of that. In the end, it doesn't matter so long as we can share the delight in our team's performance with anyone in red and blue. Go dees. C'arn the demons. And to stick it up the nitwit commentators, let's show 'em our class with a resounding "come on Melbourne". Go dees.
  11. tiers

    Our supporter stereotype

    It's just lazy journalism. Pick a cliche and run with it or make another trite comment because that's all you know. Perception, insight and understanding are the missing elements and it seems that articles are written to ensure that a juvenile sub editor can create an infantile headline. Think about the past two weeks. Melbourne supporters and colours dominated even though the dorks claim to have a much larger membership. The puny little gaps in the crowd after the final siren was telling - the overwhelming number of Melbourne supporters was a joy to be part of. And then the CHANT. Ignore them and save your breath to scream Go dees.
  12. How about Rhino Richards run, Davey's "candy show", Farmer's give and get, Charles's run, and the list keeps growing. Imagine the commentators wetting themselves over any of the goals.
  13. The commentators raved about dusty's goal from the boundary this year. Compared to Travis, Clarrie, Robbo and others and especially Yze's left foot from the boundary, dusty's was just run of the mill. Shows how quickly we forget. Go dees
  14. tiers

    My Melbourne highlights from Semi Final

    Bobby and Dee got the special moments right. Three stand out. 1. The dees' determination and desperation in the chases, tackles and hunts. 2. Spargo's footy smarts and silky skills in a first year player. A true rover for the ages. 3. The CHANT. It was thrilling. Go dees.
  15. My memories of 1964. They start at Glenferrie Oval in round 17. Hassa Mann kicked a goal from the boundary, we won by 4 points and we secured top spot. A loss would have placed us in real jeopardy. The following week we lost badly to the dogs but it did not affect first place. In those days, the finals were civilised. One final each week for four weeks. First semi, second semi, prelim and grand final. I had bought the cheapest standing room series tickets (yes, all four matches) in the open stand under the old scoreboard (now I believe at Manuka Oval - much more interesting but couldn't handle instant score reviews or obnoxious ads and interviews). Catters beat bombers in first semi then dees thrashed filth by 89 points in second semi. Filth beat catters by 4 points in a low scoring match in prelim. Then it was our turn. Not unexpectedly, after a 89 point flogging, we were deserved favourites. Torrid, hard contest all game and we were behind by 2 points at half time. 2.3 to 0.2 in the third gave us an 11 point lead at 3QT. Up until then the match had been an non momentous blur. Gabbo's run changed that. Ray Gabelich was a man mountain (listed as 6 foot 3 1/2 inches and 18 stone 10 pounds which translate to 192 cm and 120 kg) who, in those days, could take a whole season to get match fit because of his size and the slower pace of the game,. Until this day he had never run more than to the toilet but, when he gathered the ball and took off with no one between him and the goals, the ground shook. Step by step, crooked bounce by crooked bounce, he ran to the goal square and kicked a goal. Tony Anderson ran his guts out to reach him but was too late. I became a despondent, depressed, despairing demon and couldn't watch. I cannot recall watching Hassa miss but I came alive when i saw the ball sailing through the goals to where I was standing. Neil Crompton, the average rover who became a sensation in the back pocket, will live forever. We had reclaimed our rightful position as premiers and so the excitement and celebration was muted. If I had known what was to come, I might have celebrated harder. The following year, we won the first eight games straight (albeit some by small margins) until the day the world changed on Queen';s Birthday v sainters. Alan Jeans, their then coach, made the move of the century and swapped Bob Murray to FB and Verdun Howell to FF. They were on the road to success, we had tasted almost too much and we were thrashed by, I think, 63 points. We had started our long losing streak and didn't see finals again until 1987. This year's outcome is still to be revealed but I am heartened by the quality of the boys who represent our club. I believe that they are as good as any group we have had in 54 years and still have enormous potential. 2020 is the year when they should emerge as the beat. Fifty years later, I had the great thrill to attend a lunch at the Bentleigh Club to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the premiership. In attendance that day were 14 of the 20 premiership heroes. The team: Crompton Massey Johnson Davis Roet Anderson Adams Williams Dixon Vagg Jacobs Kenneally Lord Bourke Townsend McLean Emselle Goalkickers: Townsend 3 Lord 2 Bourke Mann CROMPTON 1 Scores: Q1 2.6.18 2.5.17 Q2 5.7.37 5.9.39 Q3 7.10.52 5.11.41 Q4 8.16.64 8.12.60 Go dees.