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  1. tiers

    Training - Wednesday 16th January, 2019

    One season, When Tony Lockett was still at St Kilda, it was decided that he should trim down and look more like a modern day footballer. The experiment didn't last long - without his bulk he was not as effective and it wasn't tried again. Similarly with Tracca. His game relies on his intuitive ability to get to where the ball is, holding his ground in marking contests and ball extraction from packs and delivering to advantage. He is not a fleet footed runner like Jones or Viney and doesn't try to be. On the other hand, they don't try to play his style either. Both styles add balance to the team and game plan. We should stop comparing Tracca to the image we have created and let him be the player that he is.
  2. tiers

    Training - Wednesday 16th January, 2019

    Tracca has been at the club for several years now. In his dedication to the recovery from the ACL he showed that he was determined to get the best out of his body. We have a highly qualified and professional conditioning team looking after his development. If any one has any serious and objective evidence that either Tracca or the team around him are slacking, then please provide it. And not just idle speculation or bemoaning the fact that Tracca is not trying hard enough or has not reached the standards that you, not the club, believe he should have. I would much rather place my trust in the conditioning team and accept that Tracca is Tracca, not some fanciful or fictitious version that others expect him to be, and is being conditioned to prepare him for the role that the coaches want him to fill.
  3. tiers

    Vanders raring to go

    The most effective third tall, mid sized, ball winning and goal scoring utility who was genuinely fierce in his attack at the ball and opponents in recent times was our own (former) Martin Pike. In Balmes only good year as our coach, before all the injuries, Pike filled a slot together with Lyon and Schwartz as a forward with no specific role other than to attack hard at the ball. We taught him so well that he went on to play the same role in four premierships with NM and Brisbane and was always in the best 22 so it was no fluke. I can see Vanders filling a similar role anywhere from midfield to full forward. His disposal should be less of an issue if he continually denies the opposition the ball or the ability to dispose effectively. Thrown into the mix with TMac, Weeds and Preuss, he offers our coaches another mismatch opportunity in the midfield or the forward line. When added to the potential of Tracca, Melks, Jeffy, Spargs, Mitch, ANB and any new guys, the potential options are so great that it might take some time for the best combinations to sort themselves out. That's why the coaches get the big bucks. 2020 Go dees.
  4. tiers

    Dream Forward Line

    In fairness to Darren Bennett. He was a classical full forward in the days when there were many classical full forwards such as Lockett, Ablett and Dunstall. Their game was to lead and to expect and receive good service from their teammates up the ground and kick goals from set shots. At that time, the service to Bennett was garbage - passes over his head, passes that dropped short, passes to where he wasn't and many other insults to his role as a leading full forward (seems that nothing has changed in 30 years). Nevertheless in one season he kicked over 80 goals and was more than competitive. His kicking style was simple and effective - good balance, controlled ball drop and high follow through (Weideman reminds me of his style). Served him well when he won a kicking competition and received a pass to try out in the NFL where he made a successful career as a punter. Sadly his game was one dimensional. That Jakovich could kick bags of goals from any position as a leading full forward or as a cunning goalsneek made life difficult for Bennett. In all my time following the dees he was by far the best classical full forward I have seen (Neitz was not so classical, more flexible and versatile and capable of playing in many positions although no less effective).
  5. tiers

    Membership packs

    No blame game. The buck always stops at the top. That's why he earns the big bucks. Nothing personal but if the response doesn't come from the top then, in a membership based club, it doesn't look right. Loyalty and devotion should be reciprocated.
  6. tiers

    Membership packs

    Update to previous post. When I opened the package addressed to me I found that my wife's package was also included. Solves one mystery. Still don't have second kid's package. Can't give one without the other.
  7. tiers

    Dream Forward Line

    From the revival in 1987 until today, I agree that this group of 6 is the best combination of pure skill, talent and footy smarts. The tragedy is that only one (Neitz) played a full career at the dees without injury or other mishap. I weep when I recall the lost opportunity that, excluding only Jurrah, the rest could have been playing together in the nineties if not for injury to Jakovich, Lyon and Schwarz. Balme's time as coach was blighted by their injuries (as well as G Lovett, Tingay, Prymke). Placing them in the best combination in their best positions would be a nightmare. But Jakovich must play at full forward. The rest can play anywhere.
  8. tiers

    Membership packs

    +1 to Poita. The lack of communication is not acceptable from a members' based club. I received my package today and received a kid's package before xmas. Still waiting for my wife's package and another kid's package. All memberships were renewed in plenty of time (we are MCC/MFC so renewed before finals). And this after receiving a text on 19 December that they were on the way. What is further troubling is that the email in the Demonland post above was not received by all members who are on the email distribution list nor was there a follow up text to update us. Even if the office was closed, someone would have been monitoring this site and picked up the complaints and made an executive decision to inform the members. We always knew that PJ loved us. GP has to earn his stripes. Disappointing but we still love our dees.
  9. tiers

    Membership packs

    Received text message on 19/12 that packs were with AusPost. Still not received today 2/1, two weeks later. I know about delays over the holiday period but on the same day that I received the text I ordered items from a Sydney store and received them via AusPost on 24/12. If they can do it, for them why can't AusPost deliver for MFC?
  10. tiers

    Training - Wednesday, 19th December 2018

    When two bodies collide at high intensity it is not always certain who will come off best. Stick to watching the ball.
  11. tiers

    Training - Wednesday, 19th December 2018

    What if Bruiser turns out to be a player, not a thug. We should not expect him to be the "pack crasher" just because he is bigger than most. My memory of the 50s and 60s is of a skillful, talented team and we won games for that reason and no other. I would prefer him to take marks or create crumbing opportunities and forget about all these other issues.
  12. tiers

    Training - Wednesday, 19th December 2018

    Certainly beautiful for the sponsors of the ball. Not too high start point and control with the right hand onto the foot. Left hand extended for good balance. His goal kicking action reminds me of Billy Bennett - straight, smooth ball drop and high follow through. Like the tongue - maintains focus.
  13. tiers

    Training - Wednesday, 19th December 2018

    Re Bruiser. From the one bit of vision, he can tap, mark, kick goals and make second efforts. And that is when he is standing still. Gets to lots of contests on the run and seems to have footy smarts. You don't kick goals from forward ruck contests or from 60+m out without some ability. Speed is not the only valuable attribute. The ability to read the play so as to get to contests and to favourable positions are just as valuable, especially for a 206 ruckman. Admittedly it is only one set of highlights but I say give him a go.
  14. tiers

    Training - Monday, 17th December, 2018

    I like "Bruiser" as a nickname for Preuss so I will use it. Game plans for forward lines are often based on trying to create "imbalances" between direct opponents to obtain clear positional or team advantage for one team, even if only for short periods until the opposition responds. 206 cm tall Bruiser playing on anyone is going to be an imbalance. Will he demand the attention of the biggest/strongest defender thus relieving pressure on TMac and Weid or will he be manned by the second/third defender in the hope that he does not create havoc by his size and strength? Will he act as a decoy for TMac and Weid or will he play as a backstop in the goal square where his height and strength could be decisive in marking contests? How does the coach prevent all three contesting and spoiling each other? Given that he would ordinarily be one of three talls all requiring attention, it would be hard for defences to multi team him, or his teammates, in contests as used to happen to Jesse when he was one out. And from all accounts, he is a genuine ruckman/follower who might allow Maxie the time and space to be even more influential. Nice problem to have for us.
  15. To rjay. That they haven't locked down a senior spot says more about our depth than their individual abilities. At times they have each shown serious potential. To FlashInThePan. I have been signing off many of my posts with '2020' for some time now. The derivation has three parts: 1. Brendan MaCartney once told me that it takes 5 years to train and develop a league footballer. 2020 will the year when many of our developing core players reach the 5 year milestone more or less ie Oliver, Brayshaw, Petracca, Harmes, Salem, Weideman, OMac, Nibbler, AVB 2. The late Dean Bailey used to say that it takes about 70 games played together as a group to develop the sense and instinctive understanding required to be a cohesive group. 2020 will also be the year when many of our players reach the 70 gamer milestone playing together as a group ie to the list above add Gawn, TMac,Jetta, Jones, 3. Our last flag was in 1964. 1+9+6+4 = 20. Could 2020 be an omen prediction. 2020 Go dees.