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  1. Favourites can mean players who the coach, unlike us, believes can perform to the required standard. To commit a heresy, there have been times when I thought that Jack Viney was not performing to his best standard. Obviously, the coaches thought otherwise as he has been highly placed in the B&F. Let's accept that they are looking for something else and that our perceptions are different.
  2. Has there ever been another way to select a team? The coaches know what they expect and, in many cases, it can be different to what we expect. I am happy to leave selection and roles to Goody. Otherwise, it messes with my mind. Go dees.
  3. Nibbler - how good can he be?

    We tend to overlook the value of the role players. If, as ProDee states, he had a new and defined role and he fulfilled the requirements of that role, then he was worthy of a top ten finish in the B&F. Petraccattack's stats are impressive - 15 goals and first in goal assists - suggest that he is more than a "battler" and is a real and consistent contributor to the game plan and deserving of his place. If he plays his role and every other player play theirs, then we will be successful.
  4. It's not how many goals Pedersen can score in the season. It's whether or not his contribution to the team, wherever he plays, could add more than the alternative selection to our number of wins and percentage over 22 games, either by scoring or defending. Given our percentage mishap this year, more wins and greater winning margins will make a difference. And given his form this year, he deserves to be considered in any discussion on best 22 and his claims should not be so easily dismissed. Watts is gone, Weideman is still a work in progress and AVB is not yet fully recovered. There is a need for another tall to support Hogan.
  5. Nibbler - how good can he be?

    In an earlier post in another thread I had nominated Nibbler as one of our four most valuable players who consistently beat their opponents one-on-one, win the ball and deliver to advantage. Green-machine's observation that Nibbler has better vision and twenty metre execution than everyone on our list excluding possibly Petracca (by foot) is spot on. He developed an ability to find space, stop, look, pick a good option and deliver over short distances. In the forward line, this is a most valuable skill to set up teammates for an easy shot at the goals. I hope our players are being coached to offer themselves as targets to take advantage of his unique skills..
  6. The late Dean Bailey used to say that a team needs 70 games together as a group to achieve success. Brendon McCartney says that it takes 5 years to develop an AFL footballer. Both happening now and not long to go. I will bide my time until their predictions synchronise.
  7. The Ox says the Dees in danger ....

    Yes. Freudian slip as I still miss Lyndon.
  8. The Ox says the Dees in danger ....

    Our most important players are those who can deny possession by the opposition, win the ball and dispose of the ball to advantage. Hence our most valuable players are Oliver, Petracca, Neal-Bullen and Jetta who consistently beat their opponents one-on-one, win the ball and deliver to advantage. Depending on the day, Jones and Viney as grunts and Harmes and Dunn as line busting dashers are valuable but not as consistent. Maxie gives us a huge advantage but the combination of Pedersen and TMac provide cover and leave us no worse of than many other teams. Hogan also gives us a huge advantage but a combination of Pedersen, TMaca and Petracca provide some cover. The real risk is if we were to lose more than, say 2 of this list, so that our ability to provide cover is stretched. On the other hand, we now have a wider group of play makers and contributors who, if they all stepped up, would lessen the loss. As always, injuries and the ability to cover count more than is appreciated. Richmond in 2017 had next to no injuries, Footscray in 2016 had plenty but had a coach who was shrewd enough and sharp enough to develop and use a wide spread of talent to cover the injuries. I believe that we are building a Footscray model but hoping for Richmond season.
  9. Colin Sylvia

    It is time to leave Colin alone and hope that he can find a way to deal with his problems. The contract between players and clubs is a two way street - the player agrees to play to his best ability and the club agrees to provide an environment where the player can develop both as a player and as a person. Sadly, in his time at the club, our club was racked by poor performance and poor leadership and failed to provide an environment where Colin could develop both as a player and as a person. He was not the only one who was adversely affected but he seems to have attracted the most publicity and comment. He deserves to be allowed to mature without our commentary. This thread should be closed.
  10. Daisycutter, you have done well and deserve praise. Clicking on the time works both when signed in and anonymous. Thanks.
  11. Demonland, thanks.
  12. Daisycutter, thanks. It's not that I don't know how, it's rather that I prefer not to be logged in so that I am not tempted to respond or comment unnecessarily. It's too easy and I prefer to limit my comments to those topics and instances where I believe that I can add to the discussion.
  13. Thanks for the advice. I am not always logged in so this will not help me. And given what I complained about some posts, going to the next unread post will not help me either. Perhaps when the site is updated next time, this issue can be considered for both logged in and anonymous readers.
  14. I have posted on this issue before - that there needs to be a sensible and easily manageable way to separate fact and observation based commentary from abusive, perjorative and time-wasting comments. The training reports should be split into those that are factual and informative (like Saty's) and those that are not. Let the two threads run concurrently so that those of us who can't be there, and don;t care about petty feuds and jealousies, can rely on those who can be there for information throughout the long, dry season when we are starved of real footy. I no longer want to be forced to trawl through the dross to find the gems. It's simple - any comment that is in any way abusive or perjorative to players, coaches, club or other posters should be sent to the dross list. Separate now. While on the subject, is is possible to reverse the order of the posts to make last post first so that I don't have to scroll through pages of previously read posts. If there is a mechanism to change, please do.
  15. Lewis to train with the Backline

    Set ups, running speeds, zone defences all sound great but what we will need more than anything is a player to replace the role that Jack Watts played in more than a couple of close games last season - to act as the long stop for the zone defence as the last man in the goal square to deny the opposition an easy goal. Needs cool head, match awareness and a defensive posture. It's more to do with positioning himself to best advantage and then becoming an "arm waver" like the lions aged recruit. He will be too busy to set up at balls ups and boundary throw ins and these should be the responsibility of the immediate players and the province of the coaches. Let's free up Hibbert, Jetta, Dunn, Salem and Lever to run and play attacking football.