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  1. tiers

    Umpire Report

    The razer/Gus low five was an uplifting Footy Moment where our great game displayed its real values. Two participants recognising and acknowledging the lighter side of the game. There should be more.
  2. tiers

    The Clarry Pass

    After Robbie, for pure exposed God given talent (not durability), I say: David Schwarz (for all round skill and the ability to to remake and rebuild his game after injury and be a champion twice) Allen Jackovich and Liam Jurrah (equal as sublime forwards each in his own way) Clayton Oliver (enough said) The rest.
  3. tiers

    The Clarry Pass

    It is not fair to compare anyone with Robbie. He played in a much higher universe to mere mortals. Clarry and Bails will develop their own games that, we hope, will maximise their own unique talents and abilities. It's just that Clarry seems to be in a rush.
  4. tiers

    Umpire Report

    I did read in breakdown of free kicks given to all teams ....Melb received the most goals from frees in their forward 50...(courtesy ofHerald Sun) Thanks to Deestar9. We will have to find a new conspiracy theory.
  5. tiers

    The Clarry Pass

    Where we once had the stab pass we now have the Clarry Pass. Low, flat, hard, fast, direct, accurate onto the chest, over long distance and performed at full speed. Others (Salem) can pass the ball perfectly but none with as much authority and class. The kicks to Neal-Bullen, Garlett and Tracca as well to kick his goal were as attractive and effective as those from the past. To go with his ball winning ability, hand passing, tackling, running and field kicking, are there any other so far unrevealed sublime skills to come? What a joy to watch.
  6. tiers

    Demonland Player of the Year - Round 17

    6. Gawn - dominant and dominating 5. Oliver - exquisite and unique skills and abilities. Best handballer is also best kick. 4. Brayshaw - never stops moving and attacking 3. OMac - never passed or beaten 2. Gawn - best tapwork for long time 1. Gawn - deserves more than 6
  7. tiers

    Cashing in on Forward Entries

    On Wednesday tiers wrote under Umpires Report: If we could only get maximum return from our inside 50s and not squander them as against Geelong, GC, St K, PA and Freo we would not need to add much to our backline and we would have three more wins. Dare to dream. Nice to know the hun reads this site. Acknowledgement would be nice.
  8. tiers

    Umpire Report

    If we could only get maximum return from our inside 50s and not squander them as against Geelong, GC, St K, PA and Freo we would not need to add much to our backline and we would have three more wins. Dare to dream.
  9. tiers

    Fun fact

    No need to explain *. It's obvious.
  10. tiers

    Umpire Report

    Notice how the outcome of the clarko breakfast cost us a goal against Freo. Hibbert jostling with his opponent for a mark when Fritsch rolls across both and takes the mark. With Fritsch's late arrival, it was clear that Hibbert was not blocking but jostling for position. The umpire, who clearly lacked the feel for the situation and the game, saw it as a block and penalised Hibbert. A block is where a player stands in front of, or shepherds, an opponent to prevent the opponent contesting the mark with a team mate who was in position first and waiting for the mark. How hard is it? Let's build a data base with curiouser and curiouser decisions for the rules committee to respond.
  11. tiers

    Roos on Oliver

    Only Clarrie is in all four categories and except for clearances is very close to top in the others. Considering Cripps has not competition at the lolly blues, Clarrie's efforts are extraordinary. Because most of his work is done in close and consists of both denying possession to the opposition as well as winning possession for the dees, his work is not yet universally understood and admired as his combination of skills and strengths has not been seen before. In time it will be be considered pioneering and elite. C'arn dees and go Clarrie.
  12. tiers

    Umpire Report

    Technically and literally correct but one would expect that, if the umpiring is fair to both sides, then the outcomes should be relatively even.
  13. tiers

    Umpire Report

    Can someone who reads the Hun please provide an analysis of free kick locations for as many games as possible. How many D50, Mid and F50 game by game over the season and then compare with scores. Do they also break down the source of the goals especially those from frees and/or 50m penalties. So much better than anecdotal evidence.
  14. tiers

    Angus Brayshaw

    Should spend more time in cotton wool after games than is an ice bath. Reads the game well and has the ability to win the ball while on the move, push through packs and tackles and kick well on both sides. Complements the skills of Clarrie, Tracca and Viney. What a midfield group!
  15. tiers

    Umpire Report

    Fair adjudication does not equate with competence. It just implies an even outcome for both sides.