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  1. NAB Draft - Closest the Pin

    They will hopefully looks for a outside mid type who might be ready to roll. Will need a bit of size about him, 80 kg 6 plus footer. Will have a look and see
  2. Billy Hartung

    Is this guy worth a look. Has speed and is young. Sure Lewis will give the heads up. Could be a three way deal or pick swap.
  3. The 2018 Fixture Thread

    Round 3 - port at adelaide round 4- sydney at scg round 5 - gws at spotless round 6- Adelaide at Adelaide and finally in round 7 a home game against St Kilda at ........ Etihad!
  4. Aaron Mullett

    Should we look at this fella. Would he bring anything to the club. Don't know much about him. Seems like NM are throwing the baby out with the bath water!

    A big yes. Watched his games and has that X factor. Will adjust without doubt. Think wce will be chasing him but could sneak through.
  6. Josh Schache

    A trade that may come back and bite us (though not our trade) I think BEv's will sort him out, though the rest of the kennel looks sus!
  7. Josh Schache

    Throw a second round pick at them. See what happens, maybe they can take Chris Dawes. Oh wait!
  8. Pick 66 would be a bargin and well worth it. Maybe use pick 29 and 31 and swap for a early 2nd rounder or late 1st rounder.
  9. Farewell Jack Watts

    Pick the odd one out!
  10. Farewell Jack Watts

    Lord Trav Sadly, so true. Great post and we need more than pick 31. Lets hope they have a plan. The big fella from the loins would be good!
  11. Farewell Jack Watts

    i agree, maybe something in mid to low twenties but 31? Well done Port.
  12. Josh Schache

    With Watts out, there is every chance we throw 2 second rounders and grab him. Would not be the worse idea!
  13. Farewell Jack Watts

    I think we get Toumpas back and a late 5th rounder!
  14. Farewell Jack Watts

    ...And we better get a good deal out of this or I will be P&sse$!
  15. Farewell Jack Watts

    I have always had respect for Jack and had hoped a visit to our first final in what is now eleven years would of had him in the side. His work this year when he came into the side was amazing and Port will benefit greatly from Watts on their list. I know he has had his knockers and critic but the fella can play. Not every player needs to get their head knocked off to get the ball. In saying this, I understand he does at times not do this enough. Admittedly we have never really played him where he should have played, as a forward. Would just like to say to Jack, thank you for being at the Dee's and thankfully, you played 150 games. I hope Port is a place where you get the best out of yourself and play to the potential you have. As much as it will pain me when you kick a few against the Dee's, it will be great to see you out there doing what you do best.
  16. Farewell Jack Watts

    Trade to Freo for Weller and pick 5 hahahahaha
  17. Josh Schache

    Offer a low ball bid and see what happens. If we get him right, could be bargain of the decade. As long as he is healthy and no underlying issues I think he would be a good fit. My fear is hogan departs in two years as a restrict free agent and we get a bit. With weids and shack in the mix we will be fine.
  18. Trade rumours

    Has merit but would it be our best option. Interesting and very doable.
  19. Mahoney, get away

    Bernie was brought in for maturity. If we had pick after pick we would be young. GWS mixed picked with older players. We have improved and thats all we can ask for.
  20. Josh Schache

    I think we put an offer in. Two second round picks- 27 and 35. See if they bite. If not we could use a player swap between a few clubs. Backline looks great, mids good apart from outside run, forward line potentially brutal. Could Balic provide the outside run.
  21. Farewell Jack Watts

    Must say it would be sad to see JW gone. I believe he made big steps last year before injury got the best of him. Endeavour? He was a ruck, midfielder, forward and back man for 7 weeks in the middle of the year and without him, we would have been stuffed. Wait and see. Would be happy if we swapped him for Ac Chee and a fourth rounder.

    If this kids is as good as Rance and has ten years with a proven track record, I think well done. We have squandered draft picks before, a proven player for mind is good. This leave pick 27, 35 and whatever we get for Watts. All of which maybe used to secure someone with dash. Hogan definitely staying now.
  23. Sam Gibson

    Sam Gibson was delisted by the Kangaroos today after playing every game in 2017 and finishing 6th in their Best and Fairest. Would be keen to grab Gibson for a year or two. Would be happy with a lifeline and we could get inside info on the one team we can not beat!