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  1. Dirts

    Changes v GWS Giants

    Want to fly over and easier to get a seat at the g. A win and I will hit the enter button quick. What day would we likely play?
  2. Dirts


    An official thank you Mr Roo’s . I hope you feel proud today !
  3. Dirts


    Who is the fella getting the Matthew bate tat? I know a good tattoo artist !
  4. Dirts

    Sam Weideman

    New thread , keep the weed!
  5. Dirts

    Sam Weideman

    Said before I love this guy. Next year will be huge for him
  6. Dirts

    What they're saying over at Roberts Road

    Must say I don’t give a hoot about them. We won and beat a top two side .
  7. Dirts

    12 Long Painful Years Finals - At Last!!

    [censored] yeah
  8. Dirts

    Round 22 Non MFC Games

    Wouldn’t mind port winning and Geelong and norf losing. Let’s hope the footy gods hear.
  9. Dirts

    Sam Weideman

    Best of luck to him. Coming in to a crunch game and with most on here wanting his head already. Big fan but feel next year will be ideal. I think he will play his role in next two games and I hope the club give the lad a chance next year. Sad thing if we miss finals he could have played all year.
  10. Dirts

    Sam Weideman

    Was picked in same draft as Oliver. Roos was all over him. Play the lad. Next year he will break it open.
  11. Dirts

    Bartlett: Dees Not Mentally Weak

    No gate shutting, simply accepting the fact we don't make the 8 again and if we do it is by default. A wasted season, again!
  12. Dirts

    Bartlett: Dees Not Mentally Weak

    Sorry not buying it. 5 years in and still no finals. 12 years if we want to be honest. We have had a host of top draft picks, traded a bunch of fellas out. Hawks rebuild a year. Bulldogs were a basket case and within that 5 year period a flag. They will reshuffle and be back while we still sit and say long term blah blah blah. we will do the same next year and then sack the coach. 3-4 players will leave stating they want success. I hate Scully a few years ago but hey, it is his job. If I work in a [censored] organisation I leave. He did, and well done to him. these supporter who are happy to ride the mediocre train, stay aboard and keep wishful thinking. I don’t think Goodwin has it and some of our players are due to go. Sincerity in football is gone!
  13. Dirts

    Trade HOGAN

    Dockers would give us 1st rounder 2018, 2 nd rounder 2019 and a player. Worth a look