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  1. I'll be in Melbourne City this coming weekend - any recommendations to go to a pub/cafe where there will be a hoarde of Melbourne supporters?
  2. https://www.theroar.com.au/2018/09/18/melbourne-will-beat-west-coast-and-this-is-why/
  3. Danelska

    Go and get Gaff!

    @layzie...he doesn't need to be traded for Some people also like the issue of $ taken off the table... ie: "I want what I am worth on the market but prepared to take a little less + presumed success "(and that presumed success offsets the extra 100k,200k). He might be a 'thug' now but I don't think he is a mercenary... 😂 Anyway we will find out if @ProDee is accurate or @Grimes Times is, in around 10 days methinks...
  4. Danelska

    Go and get Gaff!

    what logic is that? from the outside there are pros and cons for him to stay, to shift elsewhere, or come to the dee's... all as logical as one another.
  5. Danelska

    Stats-file 2018

    I've got a question around our 'process' of moving it into the forward line for a shot on goal. I'm not saying our current way is problematic (yes it can be tightened up) - but I recall very few long kicks for goal on the run from 50, or at least entering from 60/50. Are there any stats on, how many goals the team have kicked from beyond 50, or even 'streaming in' and kicking it between 50-40m. If we have variability in our style, does this add to the unpredictability (although it increases the risk of missing). Or with TMAC, HOGAN, WEID and Captain Sparrow... and that fact that we are the highest scoring side, and in a prelim - does it matter nought anyway..
  6. Danelska

    Go and get Gaff!

    Sigh... irrespective of what happens this week - we will still have to wait til after the the GF for Gaff to announce his coming to The Dees... In his press conference, he’ll talk about family reasons for returning, and if questioned, will rave about our list demographic and won’t take any questions re his relationship with Gus.
  7. Danelska

    Prelim Mini Review...

    Happy to merge this with the preview, when it comes up... WC have played one game in 27 days... That's a long time away from the fast and frenetic pace...just sayin'.
  8. Danelska

    Changes v Eagles - Preliminary Final

    Nah, we're better on paper... just need fair umpiring.
  9. Danelska

    Where to watch the game - Melbourne V WCE

    Right, so Im headed to the Sporting Globe in Richmond and got a room booked for the night nearby... Can anyone recommend some good yumcha styled food nearby?
  10. Danelska

    Go and get Gaff!

    Fair enough " I can see how others may see it's a long bow...and by looking at how the FD have operated in managing past trades since the beginning of the Roo's era...one case would be J Lewis...." I am happy to be wrong (ill be happier if I am right)... I feel quite confident for those reasons outlined above.
  11. Danelska

    Go and get Gaff!

    I've just tried to find it online - it was back in april/may this year... alas I can't find anything. Happy for someone else to back me up on this one. Just stumbled across this @demon191919 - if youve got access to the sun.... I suspect this may confirm my memory.... AFL free agency: Melbourne to pursue another senior player | Herald ... https://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/.../cd1231eb818ce14221037bc4d766ef6d Apr 16, 2018 - Melbourne football manager Josh Mahoney said the Demons would be ... Asked if they would target a big fish, Mahoney said on Triple M: “You ... My point overall, is that Josh and the club have always been circumspect in what they put out to the media. I don't think it's such a long bow to say, that by confirming that they're merely looking at bringing someone in - means they've actually got an agreement in place with said person(s).
  12. Danelska

    Go and get Gaff!

    Believing that his punch links into his decision making about his future, is as useful as looking at tealeaves. FWIW, I'd imagine OMAC is on a lower $ contract to accomodate someone who is locked in...for the next two years...with an understanding that he will bump up in significant value...in 2020. Again my hunch comes back to Mahoney and his overt statements that we will land 1-2 significant players. The relationships between clubs and players are formed over many many months, not just the last quarter of a year...it'll take more than $ to lure Gaff to North... My feel is he is ours... and he'll get a good look at our squad again this weekend
  13. Danelska

    Herald Sun Brownlow Predictor

    herald sun...in cohoots with bookies (i believe the neoliberal language, is "strong economic partnership")...this table is false information... Gawn will win by 4.
  14. Danelska

    Proposed new rules for 2019

    I assume as per status quo - you mark anywhere in the goal square and its directly in front?
  15. Danelska

    Post Match Discussion - Semi Final

    I think I understand what you are saying... he can butcher the ball like his Dad did...BUT his effort, leadership and ability to get the ball in contested situations and get it out, as well as his tackle pressure, surely surely, far outweighs the butchering... not just last game, each game...
  16. https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/demons-in-sweet-spot-for-long-term-success-20180915-p50417.html?crpt=index
  17. Danelska

    David King thinks Eagles will Belt Us.

    it's nice that we can have a 'poorer' game..and still win. Signs are good... King, nor Ling, nor @ding, nor I @Danelska, know the permeations that will determine the outcome of the game... If we get belted...still a successful year... Quite frankly, the spectrum is simply, (we belt them.....we win close....draw....they win close....they belt us). And I'm surprised (but not for the sake of writing an article to fill a quota) that King has brought into fleeting form.
  18. Danelska

    Post Match Discussion - Semi Final

    Interestingly in the presser - Goodwin was asked about the head free's - he dispatched the controversy to the boundary, by saying from where he sat - they looked like there was contact below the knees. Charm offensive for the umpires...
  19. Danelska

    Post Match Discussion - Semi Final

    felt like that on the couch too!
  20. Danelska

    Post Match Discussion - Semi Final

    Loved the grind... not sexy, not frontrunners, a bloody skillful bunch of hard as nails blokes who are committed to the cause... Built for finals for sure.
  21. Danelska

    James Harmes take a bow.

    @KingDingAling - ol' mate o'meara is a withdrawal
  22. Danelska

    Training - Thursday 13th September, 2018

    mmm, i think so mate, local and at afl level... fit's in nicely with what Captain Sparrow was talking about last night (podcast ref to Spargo) - he mentioned a value that is 'togetherness'.
  23. Danelska

    Training - Thursday 13th September, 2018

    love and acknowledgement of the blokes who aren't playing...