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  1. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    We will just have to disagree on that one then... I'd rather a coach help players understand how to play the game structurally and through tactics and help them refocus on task, rather than motivate...which is short term, feel good stuff...
  2. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    That's you buying into the media's trajectory.... maybe we are not for this year... but that doesn't mean we have under performed, only in relation to expectation (but that was Richmond every year, until they OVERPERFORMED). Apologies @america de cali, this post is not actually directed at you, but the pervasive buy in that we can all have at times, dependent on what news corp etc put out there...
  3. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Goodwin himself has said (words to the effect) that these players have nothing to do with the players in 2008, 1998, 1986, - so quite frankly for anyone to bang on about the culture/fabric of the club perpetuates this, is well ludicrous. It's not a Melbourne thing, its every team at every level in every competition where their resources are NOT far superior than other teams, FCS, Richmond had a blow out last year... It's structural, its personnel and their age 'demographic' and their own personal psychological stuff, that they walk into the club with on the field, its not cultural...and hang my head to get chopped off here... its also not 'leadership' (said in the most patronising voice possible)... all coaches (and players) (Clarkson, Harwdwick, Thompson) have had the burner of them BEFORE becoming premiership coaches and being lauded for it... The coach is NOT there to motivate... I'll do a Terry Wallace and SPEW over my own little computer screen if I see that again... He(or she) is there to implement structure, develop physiological supports (through staff) and drive the psychological factors that can help them perform in relentless pressure of finals...and I can see (with a touch of insight and knowledge) that he has it in spades...AND HE/AND THE TEAM STILL MAY NOT WIN THE GF... Nothing is guaranteed, as you have limited control over so so so much. Now on a point that [censored] me to tears... He is not demonstrative in the box, nor on the ground (so I have been amused at the footage of 'doing nothing'... There is reason for this lack of smashing phones and get angry..... and acting on PLAN B...or C, or D... which he does but is done with minutiae.... In the meantime, I'd imagine he's pretty well versed in some cool stuff to read up on, such as is Relational Frame Theory (RFT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and the space of stress and context. Now, I am down on Bruny island (humblebrag) smashing some beers and cheese, and its dark... but happy to elaborate for people in a PM that care on such matters...as I am clearly putting myself out there with dare I say it, some expertise.
  4. Lyon on Brayshaw

    blame her, my wife cant stop watching the re runs....
  5. Be Patient with Lever

    great find @Lucifer's Hero
  6. Josh Wagner

    whatever happens from here - I'll always love him for his tackle on Selwood in the 3rd in round 1 - and the pain and anguish displayed.
  7. Clarry's goal

    And therein lies the beauty. Multiple talented individuals in the midfield help you as the individual out, a la Brisbane in the early 00's - Geelong now - I'd argue that if Nate dog had a few sublimely skilled mids throughout his career - he'd be valued a lot more in wider afl circles. The football club and its supporters are lucky due to birth dates and drafting that we have these 3 (and 4 with viney) to rotate being the individual talents that they are.
  8. the fact that this topic appears on a forum, is the reason they write it - it promotes any version of discussion... its merely click bait. Opinion pieces are like assholes...yadda yadda yadda
  9. Round 4 Non MFC games

    Best captain in the league apparently...
  10. Bomb it long!

    most certainly a definite tautological statement, that reiterates itself.
  11. Bomb it long!

    our defenders or other team defenders? - rather than marking uncontested - ours are quite skilled at the mulitpronged medusa fist,which whilst spectacular as you never quite know whats going to happen next, it is a little problematic as it leaves no-one on the ground...
  12. Hawks on Sunday - Predictions

    whilst people are potting umpires... does anyone actually RATE any of the umpiring fraternity, and if so who and why?

    Sometimes, you don't know what you don't know. I can appreciate from the outside they're the only reasonable options that you can come up with to make sense of it. All players from all clubs, receive a range of guidance to plug certain gaps at certain times... and none of it speaks to the reasons above.
  14. Charlie Spargo

    Intersting language in this article http://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/2018-04-09/spargo-faces-one-game-ban MELBOURNE youngster Charlie Spargo's bid to make his AFL debut this season has been delayed by at least one week after he was offered a one-game ban for striking in the VFL on Sunday. Is he good to go? Also, mod's please merge this with the Welcome Charle Spargo thread - tried search button numerous times, even filtering by Topic to bring up purely Spargo topics... no avail and kept timing out, wouldnt let me check any other pages etc ...quite annoying actually.
  15. Goal review review review review

    my favourite theme music when the review happens