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  1. I think its to do with whether you have a supportive stance and can relate to the notion of development and are the type to forgive errors in the short term - vs those who see things in black and white, who want instant gratification and that the only place to develop is in the VFL as opposed to the context of developing skills under high pressure contexts. Also these same people are just really tired of mediocrity and are anxious about the future...
  2. Personally I'd persist with Bugg...not sure what he has done to upset people... disappointing to miss goals...but hey it happens to champions as well, and he is getting pill, so the goals will come. He is a terrier, can take a mark, and he's far from simply been picked for being a 'pest'. He could had one goal that was attributed to Hannan if Hannan wasn't so greedy so he'd be 1.7 over the past fortnight
  3. The post hoc analysis by some shits me to tears... and @Older demon this is not about you, its about the simplistic way people try to make sense of things. None of the players out there 'drink their own bath water'...and its exactly the same issue in qrt2 that becomes the launching pad to win the game (going into the corridor). No player aims to eff a disposal up, yet it happens... thank god they continued to do what they did in qrt2 and the pay off came for the rest of the game. Maybe its a generational thing (older demon (hell, you could be 20 for all I know) but to fall back into - them being lazy, arrogant, not hungry enough, chose when to play, to make sense of not performing well is at best naive and at worst ignorant at how people behave in contexts of high stress and scruitiny.
  4. What do you mean by this @Skuit?
  5. Perceptions eh. I can see why you'd feel as though I'm being disrespectful. I picked it as it's an acknowledgment of how physical and brutal the AFLW is.
  6. For those who are really vigilant about errors that individuals make (be it 'decision making, or execution (help me pick the two apart please)) What is the benchmark for a player in your eyes - error per game. All teams make errors, all coaches make errors, all players make errors. All Australians make errors. Personally, I'd rather an athlete take a positive risk and it not come off -then play safe. The other thing for me is - for that individual athlete - I don't know what a positive risk looks like for them personally. Viewing it on tv doesn't give me the insight. Again regarding errors - if you want your players to take positive risks - then they'll [censored] a few up. Is that ok? Is the only way you can assess that effectiveness via the outcome of said risk? That is if it comes off fantastic and if it doesn't - error. For me - there is a massive difference between positive risk taking behaviour and reckless unhelpful behaviour and it isn't about the outcome of a particular kick/handball/decision. I'd rather the players keep pursuing positive risks, irrespective of outcome, to learn that a) they can execute it, and most importantly execute it under stress an pressure...so they don't go into safety behaviours when the heat is on...ie: finals.
  7. I highly recommend for those that haven't been to Alice to come up and support - it's awesome. On a very personal note - not that anyone knew... nice win for the old man looking on - exactly one year on. Finally. Jones was immense the negativity that pervades supporters drives me to drink (currently at Montes in Alice again, it's awesome) its not about 2017 and yes finals makes me feel good - but they show grit, time and time and time again. From a coaching perspective they make relevant changes where appropriate- 2018 will be a cracker. oliver is just sublime harmes is stepping up and remember - no defined ruck and no key forward for structure - glad we lowered our eyes in the second half. Melbourne have done effing well for the past 5 rounds without the services of some athletes that really are crucial to structure and planning. Personally I commend the coaching staff with all things considered
  8. Current conditions Tis perfect conditions for TMAC to helicopter kicks through the goals at the moment...
  9. Taller in person, leaner in person...an adonis....yet lets not get confused with koutifides
  10. Nice one - she's a beauty...independent thinker...like the ol man...
  11. Hope wifey doesn't see this pal... there will be a penance.
  12. I wondering whether staking your teams chances of success based on being the youngest team (or at least second in this case), when the oldest is a mere 112 days older (3 months) is pi$$ing in the wind...
  13. And they're done. No sweat worked up. Familarisation with the ground, reinforcement of a few strategies/systems. Fin.
  14. No idea where TMAC will be in the setup...
  15. Practicing kick outs, to the boundary with attempts at breaking lines.... Hunt was tackling, so I assume replicating GC?