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  1. Fair call and don't disagree - the midfield is where he will end up. For me its important that a young group of guys play together and learn each other's quirks. Ultimately I think Salem is also going to be a very polished midfielder - however thankfully it's tough for spots. I think playing in different positions and rotating through midfield is big picture stuff
  2. It's a good question. Being a gun junior midfielder this new role will probably take some time to adjust to and is important to the teams development. Going back to the 2's and getting a heap of it in the midfield isn't really going to assist with this role (in my opinion). He is a smart footballer that is always looking for good options, stats will not always show this. I love it when he backs his ability even if it results in a mistake. Last thing you want a talented junior to go into his shell. Unfortunately the result of that is they become a timid senior players. Grimes for me is a good example - talented junior that didn't expand his game (mainly due to circumstances at the time) and the result was a career below his potential.
  3. Just reading through some of the rubbish about brayshaw. Absolute nonsense, the boy will be a star. People forget (or don't understand) what confidence in sport is. It was really great to see him backing his skills - using both sides of the body depending on the situation. There will be some serious humble pie about him - same ones now praising Salem (who is also a gun!!)