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  1. Things are never as good or as bad as they seem. We gave it a crack and just didn't quite get there. Missing probably our 2 most important players (at least structurally). Also I hate blaming umpires but they were shocking. Get our players back and get on a winning streak and we can make the finals.
  2. I think consistency is the key. Win a few games in a row, players start to trust each other and skills improve with confidence. Not sure what this season will hold, but the undeniable strength is our midfield. They are ferocious. We have stopped picking players that have "attributes" and now picking contested animals that actually know how to play the game. I'm convinced that opposition teams would not look forward to playing us now. This reminds me of the good teams in recent years - particularly Brisbane. Hoping finals this year so they can get a taste of what it's about. Then hopefully they get addicted to September action
  3. Interesting reading. 2 things always intrigue me about discussion with our midfield stoppages: 1 positioning and 2 handballing it around to create the loose man. 1: I like it when we position the midfield to win the ball, not to stop the opposition. When we are in top it looks awesome and no one criticises, when we get beaten the talk is we should man up etc. 2: Handballing around at a stoppage to create a loose man makes sense and the good teams do it well - I remember Geelong in their prime were brilliant at it. Simply the idea is to free up someone so they can the hit a target - not just throw it on the boot. It amazes me when it doesn't work out fans go nuts, but simply hacking it out is what crap teams do and good teams punish them on the turnover. Worse case is you get tackled and give up a free, however at least this lets the backs to set up. In my opinion both of these areas are a sign of a positive attitude our young midfielders have. They are backing themselves to win - exactly how I want them to think and play.
  4. Fair call and don't disagree - the midfield is where he will end up. For me its important that a young group of guys play together and learn each other's quirks. Ultimately I think Salem is also going to be a very polished midfielder - however thankfully it's tough for spots. I think playing in different positions and rotating through midfield is big picture stuff
  5. It's a good question. Being a gun junior midfielder this new role will probably take some time to adjust to and is important to the teams development. Going back to the 2's and getting a heap of it in the midfield isn't really going to assist with this role (in my opinion). He is a smart footballer that is always looking for good options, stats will not always show this. I love it when he backs his ability even if it results in a mistake. Last thing you want a talented junior to go into his shell. Unfortunately the result of that is they become a timid senior players. Grimes for me is a good example - talented junior that didn't expand his game (mainly due to circumstances at the time) and the result was a career below his potential.
  6. Just reading through some of the rubbish about brayshaw. Absolute nonsense, the boy will be a star. People forget (or don't understand) what confidence in sport is. It was really great to see him backing his skills - using both sides of the body depending on the situation. There will be some serious humble pie about him - same ones now praising Salem (who is also a gun!!)