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  1. bringbackthebiff

    2017 Player Reviews: # 33 Jake Spencer

    Including smart, Gold Coast and Spencil is very impressive...
  2. bringbackthebiff

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Is there even such a thing??
  3. bringbackthebiff

    Post Match Discussion - Semi Final

    In the last quarter when we were piling on the goals, a Melbourne supporter was yelling out - where are our f’ing fireworks. Classic 😂
  4. bringbackthebiff

    Finals Week 1 - Non-MFC Games

    Too good
  5. bringbackthebiff

    Finals Week 1 - Non-MFC Games

    Really interest point of the game. Instinct when behind is to be brave and take the game on. But experience is generally the key, composure and do the basics really well. Interesting what Collingwood do from here.
  6. bringbackthebiff

    Post Match Discussion - Elimination Final

    My new favourite expression “we are built for finals”
  7. bringbackthebiff

    The moment you know when you’re going to win

    ...as it approached the 30 minute mark of the last quarter. I even whispered to myself - we’ve got this
  8. bringbackthebiff

    Changes v Hawthorn - Semi Final

    No change, including Ronald Dale Barassi Jr in the grandstand
  9. bringbackthebiff

    Aaron vandenBerg

    Team sport is about everyone playing their role. One of his major roles is setting the on field standard for attack and aggression. Once again 100% executed!
  10. bringbackthebiff

    Post Match Discussion - Elimination Final

    Exactly what I was thinking.
  11. bringbackthebiff

    GAMEDAY - Elimination Final

    Goodluck demonlanders.
  12. bringbackthebiff

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Elimination Final

    From an article last year when the Tiges beat the Cats in the qualifying final “mauling Geelong with an unrelenting brand of pressure that carried them to a 51-point win”. That’s the template on how you beat the Cats.
  13. bringbackthebiff

    Key tactical issues v Geelong

    Agree. In last years final Richmond embarrassed them with manic pressure. At our best we can replicate this type of contested footy. Just need to settle early and play our brand.
  14. bringbackthebiff

    Changes v Geelong - Elimination Final

    Oh well, at least you saw the first 2
  15. bringbackthebiff

    My 3 word player analysis V GWS

    Weideman - the real deal