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  1. I've ran out of alcohol arghhh
  2. Hate to be negative, but a bit disappointing not to crack the 100
  3. Well done boys. Also now have a resting forward, 2nd ruckman. Tom McDonald - tick
  4. They are playing great. C'mon demons, bring this home!
  5. Hopefully an even performance with another ferocious attack on the ball. Always hoping it's the players you don't expect to step up. Go demons!!
  6. Good win Casey! Reckon joeboy would have trouble coming up with a 3 word player analysis for vickery. I will have a go with a 1 word player analysis: Vickery - SPUD
  7. Go the weid!!
  8. Loved it. Kinda expect it from a pest like buggy. But didn't expect old "crazy eyes" watts
  9. It's a shame he will have to settle for an AFL premiership medallion instead 😀
  10. For me the most pleasing thing about the result is that list above. Well done lads!!
  11. Easy to think about it from a Melbourne perspective. From a doggies perspective: out of form, lots of changes, playing an inform team, against a midfield that is up for the contest. Go demons!
  12. Well done wattsy!! I have always thought wattsy will become a better player as the team improves. It not an excuse, he is just that type of player eg relies on skill from his team mates. Also massive thumbs up to omac. Unfairly criticised for such developing/young player. Sitting at the ground listening to melbourne ferals (yes I know - to my surprise we have them) blaming him for every goal in the second quarter! Surely people must realise your backs are only as good as the way the ball comes in. More pressure in the second half and our backs (including omac) were terrific
  13. Technically correct - but I like my version of events. In some way Howe f'd it up for them!
  14. I might be imagining it, but I reckon the game changed after Howes screamer.
  15. You do realise it's Nathan Buckley?