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  1. The Jack Petruccelle Thread

    Ball comes out to Petruccelle who twists and turns before handing it off to Petracca who then snaps over his left shoulder for a sausage roll ... yep flows nicely, lets lock him in with pick 29
  2. Would you not buy a Membership if ......

    More annoyed with the insipid end to the year than player movement. Dont get me started on that ...
  3. This is pointless if you are going to flip things all the time ... over it
  4. You said I could quote you. Don't think I need to answer that one.
  5. Trade rumours

    You seem a little defensive / sensitive to criticism of the club on this occasion AF - its not a pot shot its debating. Industry thinks we paid overs and we did. Would love SOS doing the negotiations for us with Taylor and co doing the scouting and selecting of the players
  6. Trade rumours

    Don't disagree but what has that got to do the current trade period and who did most with what they had?
  7. Trade rumours

    Yep, they are the clear winners. Carlton has done well getting quality picks in for the rebuild, SOS and Dodoro play hard ball and it shows in their results. Lessons to be learnt for next time for MFC
  8. Trade rumours

    Mitch Clarke is the only player I can recall doing an about face like that to join us ... rest my case
  9. Trade rumours

    The Suns have sent the Eagles picks No.21, No.26 and No.37, and in return received the Eagles' 2018 first-round pick and this year's No.50 selection.
  10. Trade rumours

    Suns just traded into 1st round. Looks like we missed our chance
  11. Prefer you don't put words in my mouth. My comments are very measured. Mahoney has done an outstanding job with others to rebuild our list. Am critical of the Lever deal only. We made a rare 'trade' mistake which cost us a 1st rounder. Off to talk about something else.
  12. Farewell Colin Garland

    Absolute footy head. Expect he will climb the coaching ladder very very quickly
  13. Trade rumours

    Totally on the money KDA. They received an unexpected bounty and were happy to let it go because they know Carlton are hard nosed
  14. You asked how the Gibbs trade was going for Carlton as you indicated being hard nosed doesn't work. Now that it has been an overwhelming success for Carlton you try and flip it the other way ... hypocritical and convenient
  15. Trade rumours

    Gibbs contracted (SOS expect extra value) Lever was uncontracted ... should have held firm like Carlton did and they have shown they would buckle