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  1. Post Match Discussion: JLT #1 vs North Melbourne

    They way we played and moved the ball was impressive and perhaps more important than the result and the opposition we played
  2. Viney on Track for Round 1

    Pennant I get what you are saying but that's why we have some many support staff to make decisions on the players and get them wrong so often. It comes across to me as excuses as to why we stuffed things up. At what point do you say they stuffed things up once too often? Refer to Lucifer's earlier post of more players that also came back from injury. If watts is to busy selling shorts to rehab properly then send him to the VFL to start with. If Gawn is coming back after 10 weeks off then play him for a half then a full game in the VFL first or do more intense training. If Viney says I have a serious foot injury but I'm going to play anyway, then don't let him play as he is our most valuable player and we won't risk him unless we deep into finals already ...
  3. Viney on Track for Round 1

    Mature aged players (we don't have many of those) seem to be able to draw from fitness reserves and have set standards of performance they seem to be able to maintain when coming back from injury. Our players seem to struggle,. Some time in the VFL should be part of the solution but the club needs to get better at making decision about when to bring them back and at what level. They failed dismally at that the last 2 years maybe 3
  4. Viney on Track for Round 1

    At last some independent thought without knee jerk defensive reactions
  5. Viney on Track for Round 1

    Have you thought that you might be being just a little precious about the club and the sports science team? Its never nice hearing / reading negative comments but in this case there are facts that warrant at least a review the department. Perhaps I could have expanded on the fact early. Here are some without looking back at the year in detail. 1. viney, gawn, watts all came back clearly underdone 2. viney has had a secondary foot injury that places his career somewhat at risk 3. the team has stalled in the back half of the season for the 2 to 3rd years 4. Salem got a brick on his head and tyson injured himself in some macho SAS course last season to the point where the players bypassed the club to go to their players association
  6. Viney on Track for Round 1

  7. Viney on Track for Round 1

    your entitled to your opinion but like mine earlier its only an opinion. fact is that.viney gawn and watts struggled and werent fit on return and it cost us. we can look at their stats pre and post injuries if you want some facts
  8. Viney on Track for Round 1

    lets shut this forum down then if we can't make an observation without being a paid employee. results are what count not inner workings. viney, gawn, watts all came back clearly underdone and it cost us finals. there no acceptable excuse for placed the career of our greatest player asset at risk
  9. Viney on Track for Round 1

    spot on re trenners. club should have held him back. dave misson in action and the sports science team needed an overhaul years ago. one the last parts of our club still in the dark ages. will wait for trenners career to end to see if he rightly sues the club.
  10. Viney on Track for Round 1

    let's not get ahead of ourselves. he hasnt started training with intensity yet and with tricky food injuries the road to recovery is mostly up and down even in succrssful cases. he will likely miss due to a hiccup once the loads increase as normally happens but doesnt mean he isnt on the right path. dont want him playing underdone in any case. there were enough issues with that last year with players coming back from injury and it cost us a finals spot
  11. Ollie Wines

    a player seap and 1 of 2 first round picks we gave to adel for lever would be handy came the end if the year.
  12. Leadership Group

    Jones, Viney, Lewis, TMac, Jetta .. all consistent performers last year as well ...Gawn (consideration given to his injury but he was still inconsistent), Lever (leadership happens on the field as well as on the training track, next year if justifies the expensive price we paid)
  13. Ignore anything Lyons says. He thought Neeld and Bailey would be good coaches also. Speaks with a sense of purpose and knowledge but has little. Great captain though
  14. Anyone else feeling sick in the guts

    wasnt that last year
  15. Jack Viney will Return to the Track in January.

    Agree with you PF, it very worrying. What is worse is that he was not the only player returning from injury last year that was mismanaged and it cost us.