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  1. Might be a touch optimistic GCDee. While many are becoming available and/or passing tests,, I'm not sure we can carry more than a few players with niggles/little match practice into round 1 when the intensity will be high. We are going to need to finish the season pretty strong and hope for some luck and better player management with injuries.
  2. The positive is he gets an extra week on the track after coming back from injury and only playing the one game.
  3. happy to lose $160 mill if I still have a few mill left at the end !
  4. Those comments were just hype. Comments are made between opponents all the time. They only gain prominence when it suits a narrative
  5. I get that SWYL, and its nice to be reminded. I guess my standards and expectations have risen since those dark old days when Trengrove, Grimes, Mitch Clark etc were mostly on the injured list Also true however that he has been there for a long time and things don't appear to have improved. Injury / player management was one of the main reasons we missed the 2017 finals series. The recent spate of foot injuries meant fresh ideas were needed
  6. Each to their own I guess. I would argue we had injury issues under Roos also, some foot related also
  7. I did actually but that's another story. Its the only department of the MFC that hasn't moved with the times. We are otherwise a modern football club these days. Maybe you can send me some of your rose coloured glasses 😉
  8. Lets be honest, he hasn't had the best record of keeping our key players on the track. Peter Jackson announced a review of the sport science department late last year after all the foot injuries and this appears to be a subtle changing of the guard. Well done by mfc for managing his exit the way they have. Don't doubt he tried his best. Not a bad time to be leaving by Misso given that we will reflect on all the injured / rehab players we have at the moment and those that re-injure if we don't make the finals this year. A real possibility unfortunately for those of us that are realists
  9. Does anyone know how many years the deal is for? Typically if its not mentioned in the announcement its only a 1 year deal . Hope to be wrong.
  10. Apparently hamstring injuries are now minor ... gotta love the spin the comms team put on our injuries ... "Minor hamstring injury for May"
  11. Great reading about journo's with their tails between their legs
  12. I'll remain concerned and hopeful until I see him hit the track and can judge his condition for myself. Can't rely on the club to update us about key injuries when they occur
  13. Easy to take post shots at the guy. Will remain a favourite even in freo colors. Gave us hope when we needed it. Hard trainer off field coming back in great condition at the start of the last preseason and was leading b and f or close before injury. Can't doubt his commitment to the club and hasn't broken any laws. We have all been on a bender in the past and good luck to him what he does during his break as long as mentally he is ok
  14. Goal line to goal line sprints.Painful. ANB the winner
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