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  1. Demons1858

    Jason Taylor getting the nod

    More credit must go to T Viney. The negotiations to get Hogan and have J Viney slip out further in the draft order were the beginnings of the new Melbourne. T Viney, Jason Taylor and the recruitment team have been awesome for the most part
  2. Demons1858

    Where will you be watching The Big Game

    I'll be at the snow with many of my fellow supportors ! Just kidding, actually hate the snow but love the beach. Will pop into see mum and watch it with a family of Dees!
  3. Demons1858

    Shout Out to MFC Media Dept & FC Management

    Players and coaching staff get most of the credit here. All club media want to be accessible, its the players and the coaches that allow it to happen however
  4. Would hope we have someone lined up as a free agent to justify giving away the picks we did for Lever last year. This years draft picks 32, 43, 50, 86 aren't going to get clubs excited
  5. Demons1858

    The Road to the Cup

    Oops forgot the bye this week
  6. Demons1858

    The Road to the Cup

    Stuff the afl, how dare they prioritise broadcasters so blatantly and leave us with a 5 day break to deal with
  7. Demons1858

    GAMEDAY - Round 22

    Gee ... I know I don't watch much of the eagles so I'm sure there is some talent in their side ... but for a team that has won so many games they seem like a bunch of no names with injuries to some of their talent
  8. Demons1858

    Neville Jetta: "On the Mark"

    Heart and soul of the team
  9. Demons1858

    MFC has created generational negative supporters

    Looking forward to preseason reports already ... Headline: "Viney and Hogan are off the track after experiencing soreness in their feet". Misson/Goodwin with his never misleading reports on the stars of the team "... so we are deloading them but we expect them to be available for round 1, we identified it early and want to set them up for success ... but its not a set back!". Even though we all know its a recurrence, the club has no idea how to manage foot injuries, scans show massive hot spots, and their careers at risk.
  10. Demons1858

    Dees who may be gone in 2019

    Forward pockets go in and out of form ... its the nature of the position ... you do need a couple of small forwards to rotate in an out of the side depending on their form ... happy for spargo/garlett to rotate in and out of the side next season ... Garlett hasn't lost any of his pace and was talked about as AA not that long ago
  11. Demons1858

    Oscar McDonald signs on until 2020

    No chance
  12. Demons1858

    Injury List - Season 2018

    If l hear anyone on this forum say that we are not doctors and we should back the clubs sports science and medical teams l will throw up. Hogan clearly had a significant injury during the game, why bring him back on if you don’t know how serious it is? “We feel we have got it quite early”. More rubbish from Misson
  13. Demons1858

    Losing Jack Viney

    He is no good in the first few weeks of his returns from injury so l wouldn’t want him playing finals unconditioned and destabilising established midfield roles
  14. Demons1858

    Losing Jack Viney

    Learnt long ago to not trust the injury reports on any Mfc player of significance. Viney being one of them. No chance of returning, and looking forward to the mooted review of our sports science team.
  15. Demons1858

    Brayshaw Re-Signs Until 2022

    Yes really