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  1. Farewell Jack Watts

    While not disagreeing that the club badly mismanaged his initial career Watts has never shown the drive to improve- Jones, Jetta and Pedersen are examples of less naturally gifted players who worked hard on improving their games and have cemented their places in the best 22. Watts has been kicked up the arse multiple times by different coaches (Neeld, Roos & Goodwin have all dropped or challenged him at one stage or another to improve his game) and it still hasn't clicked for him. I'm not sure moving to Port will change that as I think it's all above the shoulders for Jack.
  2. Tim Watson's outrageous faux pas

    Anyone who stands by and supports an organisation that pumped his son full of unknown drugs doesn't deserve to have their opinions taken seriously. Besides, given how OTT Adelaide's reaction was to Lever moving, decking him out in club colours while still negotiating would likely have led to the Crows digging their heels in and demanding more.
  3. They bent us over in this trade.
  4. Success? They folded like a cheap deck of cards in the grand final. At full tilt they're a good team the Crows but they seem to be a bit mentally brittle
  5. Colin Sylvia

    Clearly learnt some bad lessons at the Dockers
  6. The Harley Balic Thread

    To be fair to Balic, he (and his fellow youth players at the FFC) didn't get a look in to the senior side until the Dockers got thrashed in their first two games of the year. Lyon has his system and preferred players, and was loath to mix it up even after their 2016 season.
  7. Farewell Jack Watts

    Don't think it's been handled particularly well but I'm hoping it's the shot across the bows that the playing group needed after the Collingwood capitulation- don't train/perform and you're out the door. Which is as it should be. It speaks volumes that a professional athlete would not be consistent enough in their training and approach to their career that teammates would call them out on their behaviours. Passengers won't win us finals and when it comes to the pointy end of next season Jack won't be the difference between Port winning a flag or not.
  8. Feeling low but starving for Success

    Sick of everyone saying the fans need to dream or not sook etc. The club would have folded long ago if not for us and I for one have had it. The players and administration don't respect the club or the fans that much is clear, we won't win a flag with the current list because they don't care, bar a notable few like Pedersen, Oliver, Petracca and Viney. The rest are content to collect their pay and turn up when they feel like it, without fear of ramifications
  9. Farewell Jack Watts

    Jones alluded to his extra-curricular activities in a post-season interview, would imagine that's the catalyst for this move
  10. AFL Finals - Week 1

    Ffs we would have wiped the deck with this Port outfit
  11. End of year delistings

    Taberner is rubbish, no way we should go for him when we have Weidemann in the VFL. It speaks volumes to a forwards abilities when they're unable to lock a spot down in the current Freo set up.
  12. Melbourne's Communication and Online

    To be fair I think it's 3 working days for metro deliveries now, but yeah definitely not the best idea in the world
  13. Nathan Jones Media Conference

    That's concerning if true as Viney should be driving improvements in training too. He's a leader of the club now and as such is responsible for his team mates.
  14. Nathan Jones Media Conference

    Tbh press conferences mean nothing, every pregame interview where a player says something along the lines of 'this time we're ready' we lose. Better we avoid the press insofar as we can contractually

    Adelaide did us a favour in a way. It would not have benefited the club to limp into finals and get belted by Port. Yes, I want to see the club play in September again as badly as anyone but at the very least the nature of the end of season collapse may force the footy department to reassess and make tough calls rather than persist with minor tweaks after achieving the club's goal of playing finals. And FWIW I think WC may end up ruing finals, as this is a crack papering exercise for them.