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  1. Simmo weighing in on this is pretty pathetic. I suppose it's a convenient deflection from his teams abysmal record in Victoria and a nice excuse if the Dogs beat them
  2. I was there last night, believe it or not the Eagles members thought they were being hard done by the umps. Felt compelled to pull my phone out at one stage and tell the whinging [censored] behind me that they were winning the free kick count by 9.
  3. Unfortunately at Subiaco 'luck' translates to 'umps willing the Eagles across the line'.
  4. I've been critical of Goodwin, overly so perhaps, and today has made me pick up a fork and start eating humble pie. The mongrel we have brought to our wins and the reaction of opposition fans (outraged offense by Carlton fans over Hogan and Lewis, Pies fans losing it over umpiring, Tommy Bugg today vs the Doggies) shows we are not a weak footy club anymore, the aggression and arrogance we are displaying week in week out is making our club a respected contender and one that opposition fans delight in beating, not a pitied also ran as in past years
  5. We almost beat the Eagles with Chris Dawes and Matt Jones in the starting 22 last year, if Kennedy is out we win, even with him I think we'll take it well up to the Eagles.
  6. Who cares about the umpires if we were a serious club we'd win without them
  7. I live in WA and am a member of the Perth footy club in the WAFL - our record in the WAFL is worse than that it of the MFC, no finals since 1998 and no flag since 1977- club slogan this year is 'no xcuses' even when getting belted, MFC could take a leaf from the book of the PFC
  8. Enough is enough, we're playing a team who were universally considered to be behind us and we are getting well beaten on our 'home' patch. When does this end and when will we win a game we're favourites in?
  9. We don't play the MCG well anymore, for some reason boys look flat and slow, played our best games this year at Etihad and in Adelaide
  10. Quick look at the stats, Bombers are 9-0 in the free kick count some sweet Karma for the Eagles there (still want them to beat the Bombers though)
  11. Not sure if Tassie has the population to support a new club. It's questionable too whether a new franchise could pick up members when most Tasmanian football fans would already support a Vic team. Yesterday I read an article which seemed to indicate that the AFLW are planning an expansion outfit for Tassie, that's probably the closest they're going to come to a team unless North or the Hawks get relocated.
  12. Yeah, against poor opposition. Our backline playing as they did last week doesn't need Howe
  13. Was this on Bigfooty? Read a post a few years ago by an Essendon supporter too, the year we almost beat Port in Alice. He was commenting on how Roos had spent a week on th paddock modifying a game plan to beat Port when they were in red hot form, there was a bit of back and forth with oppo fans but that Essendon poster claiming that they were an employee of the MFC. Wondering if it's the same person
  14. That club reeks of death right now, and looking at how the AFL has treated us with our rebuild versus the Lions (Roos and PJ, which effectively saved us, Fagan for the Lions, who while a good assistant coach is on a hiding to nothing taking this as his first gig) I'm starting to think that the AFL doesn't really care about Brisbane and is happy to have them as a feeder club.