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  1. I’ve no doubt Jack was up to similar hi jinks when he was with us but it seems Port have something of a culture problem right now. You’ve the Jack Watts stories, Sam Powell-Peper and his two highly publicised incidents, and there are rumours on their board that Dixon came back out of shape and Rockliff is having attitude problems. Would not be one bit surprised to see them drop sharply down the ladder this season
  2. The Dockers released an ‘Jesse Hogan membership cards’ email to supporters today, perhaps time to close this thread.
  3. The kid is gonna have a big shock to his system. He’s going to be a senior player over here, ‘Jonno’ retired this year, Sandilands on his last legs, Mundy & Ballantyne likely to be out too. Neale wanted out, and as their new star KPF there’ll be a lot of pressure on Jesse to provide leadership on field especially if, as expected, the Dockers are down the bottom again. One thing’s for sure there’ll be a heap more pressure on him to perform than there has been at the MFC this past couple of years.
  4. Maybe it’s an ego thing? At Freo he would be a marquee player, best paid on the list and set up for life post-career. That’s leaving aside the other commercial opportunities he’s likely to get as face of the club. Freo will be rebuilding for a few years at least, and barring Fyfe & Walters, the players on their list would not be very highly paid, they’ve more space in the salary cap than we’re likely to have especially if Petracca, Gus & Oliver continue their upward trajectories and demand larger contracts in 2-3 years time. I also believe there would be less pressure on him, odd as that may sound; his potential team mates can’t hold a candle to him in talent terms, and their dysfunctional midfield will likely be blamed if he fails to eclipse his goal-scoring achievements at the MFC.
  5. So no Neale, no Hogan, Taberner & McCarthy leading their forward line again and RTB sitting in the coach box. No wonder their membership renewal emails are telling current members there are plenty of seats to upgrade to, they will be haemorrhaging members after the season they’ve just had, this debacle and WCE winning the flag. Absolute disaster for that club.
  6. The bloke spends his spare time on the turps with bikies, hardly the type to bring to our club whatever his undoubted talent. He’s out of chances, will be playing WAFL next year. https://thewest.com.au/news/crime/dockers-star-harley-bennell-defends-bikie-associates-who-brutally-bashed-father-in-2016-ng-b88961342z
  7. Lucky them, some of us live here and will be copping this for years
  8. When do the members allocation tickets go up, 9am AEST Monday?
  9. Ffs misses will kill us by the end of this, should be 7-8 up.
  10. Hmm Brendan Bolton is currently giving him a fair shake for that title
  11. Goffer

    Camp wars

    What a guy the Texan http://m.afl.com.au/news/2018-08-31/crows-deal-with-tex-over-drinking-indiscretion
  12. Rumour doing the rounds is that Lachie Neale wants out of Freo and the Lions are into him big time, apparently a direct swap of pick 4 is on the table. Would pick 4 & 5, their first round picks, be enough to get Hogan to the Dockers?
  13. Quiet train of Eagles fans back from the ground, go you [censored] Dees
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