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    Rumour File

    That whole trade has a big whiff about it to me Lucifer. Either that ankle is a serious problem or Mcarthy is the worst negotiator in known history. We managed to do better than that in offloading Watts!
  2. FlashInThePan

    Jack Scrimshaw

    He sounds like a familiar story to a demon fan. Lots of raw talent but either doesn't like to work or is always injured. Apparently Lloyd coached him at Halibury and could never get him on the track and firing. They have been unable to get anything out of him at GC and are prepared to trade him for nothing. Doesn't sound promising.
  3. FlashInThePan

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    I have no idea about the truth of it, just that it is a terrible piece of so called journalism and has no view other than what Freo say is behind their ‘due dilligence’ comments. It is also logically inconsistent.
  4. FlashInThePan

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    It’s hard to know where to begin. Firstly it is not a description off the trade taken from multiple angles, it is a press statement from Fremantle siting only their view of why they are behaving like idiots. Next it does not logically hold water, as others have mentioned, how did the deal get to club to club negotiations without them having an in principal agreement on the contract. That just doesn’t happen these days, before tings even progress to the club that holds the player the purchasing club and player have a deal in place. Next: The substance of the article is that Jesse’s contract length is the killer what could Melbourne buckling doabout that? The whole article is just a PR statement from Freo. I am not saying that the journalist is biased, just lazy and more like a PR agent than a journo
  5. FlashInThePan

    2018 Player Reviews: # 42 Josh Wagner

    Wow, I had forgotten he was on our list. He has never really seemed comfortable at AFL level. A couple of years ago his disposal seemed as if he was playing on the opposing team. Earlier in the year he looked a little better but just doesn’t seem to bring anything much to the team. They must rate him as they keep giving him chances but I haven’t seen anything to believe he would deserve a new contract. Good luck to him though.
  6. FlashInThePan

    2018 Player Reviews: # 2 Nathan Jones

    I really like Viney on field, but for me Jones is the most credible voice for the club. He has been an absolute stalwart and still plays a critical role on field. I know he can't play forever but the way his last few years are managed will be the mark of the club we have become.
  7. FlashInThePan

    Rumour File

    Trade period starting to shape up nicely. Tyson for Preuss, finally a serious backup ruck and the possibility of rotating rucks in a game is really interesting. Hogan stays, regardless of the DL carry on, this is a geat outcome. He is a serious talent and makes a flag next year more likely than without him Kent pick for KK? Or something around that mark. This kid could take tyson's place on the wing and bring some real speed and height. I can't see the may deal getting done unless the suns change their tune but I am not that worried about it. We have a pretty nice selection of picks for Jason to do his magic.
  8. FlashInThePan

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Hahaha, 283 pages of angst... net result? Nothing to see here
  9. FlashInThePan

    Rumour File

    Henneberry is their Tyson but taking up even more salary cap space and a question as to whether he can even play his inside mid role anymore.
  10. FlashInThePan

    2018 Player Reviews: # 6 Jordan Lewis

    I think you would be best to take this to the highly speculative Jesse Hogan thread. There are no shortages of opinion there for what is really going on with Jesse
  11. FlashInThePan

    2018 Player Reviews: #5 Christian Petracca

    He has all the attributes and is still building. I just can't help but feel he should be better than he actually is. Gus went past him this year both in impact and consistency. I still think he has another gear or two left to go. I keep waiting for a break out game where it all comes together but it is looking more like a slow incremental build. I'm ok with that so long as it keeps going, he is nowhere near his full potential. I agree with the earlier comment that dropping a couple of kgs and building a bigger tank will get him into more contests. I think he is better in the midfield too, until he can sort out his head with his set shots.
  12. FlashInThePan

    2018 Player Reviews: #9 Charlie Spargo

    Could be anything, it is very hard to say. We have had quite a few players who have shown a lot of potential in their first year and then dropped off badly. Let's hope he keeps building, I see a lot of potential, particularly if he gets some weights into that kicking leg and develops a more penetrating kick. I agree he seems to have a very good instinctive game, that is something that is almost impossible to teach. If he does the hard work and puts the rest of the pieces into the puzzle he could be the small forward we have been looking for.
  13. FlashInThePan

    2018 Player Reviews: # 10 Angus Brayshaw

    Always knew he had this in him. I'm really looking forward to next year and seeing him bring this form into a full year.
  14. FlashInThePan

    2018 Player Reviews: # 16 Dean Kent

    I've got mixed feelings about Kent. He is another who can be awesome when he is on, but goes missing when he is not. It is easy to forget that he has been dropped as many times as he has been injured. He has been in the system too long to believe that this pattern is going to stop due to a more mature body or more experience. As much as I love what he brings when he is in form, ultimately I think trading him to the saints is the right move. The long term deal gives him and his family some certainty and we can use the spot to develop another player.
  15. FlashInThePan

    2018 Player Reviews: # 17 Sam Frost

    Frosty is another who is really underrated at DL. I thought his form toward the end of the season was outstanding. His attack on the ball was super aggressive and he consistently turned defense into attack. High risk play will inevitably lead to some turnovers but the rewards are worth it. As already mentioned that torp up the middle of the ground was awesome! He just about landed it in the centre circle. I get a bit sick of people flogging defenders constantly. It is the hardest part of the ground to play in as every mistake had consequences. The way people put the boot into frosty, omac and previously tmac is entirely missing both the context of their mistakes and the difficulties all defenders experience when there are lapses in running and pressure up the ground. Anyway, great second half of the year. I hope to see him in the team consistently next year (form willing).
  16. FlashInThePan

    2018 Player Reviews: # 19 Mitch Hannan

    The jury is out for me on Hannan. He is great when he is on, and he can rotate into the midfield but he is just so inconsistent. Maybe another preseason and experience will smooth out the lumps. I'd love to see him put it all together at the same time consistently.
  17. FlashInThePan

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    No, nothing, no
  18. Based on the stats quoted in an earlier post this is not a massive turnover, it is about middle of the road. A big part of this is a cull of several players who never played and were just taking up space, from a list management perspective. AVB and Tyson are different and will be traded for picks or another player. What interests me is what the FD are thinking. I am certain none of this is a surprise, it is quite intentional. There is a very concrete plan for 'balancing our list' as Mahoney put it in his interview. Obviously KK and Preuss are part of it, I'm not hearing anything else except the May rumours, which I can only assume rely on a Hogan trade. Surely there is something in the works for a running midfielder of the likes of Gaff and Dalhaus who are clearly sent getting.
  19. FlashInThePan

    2018 Player Reviews: # 30 Alex Neal-Bullen

    I really like Nibbler.i feel like he cops a bit of criticism on DL because people don't get how important his 2 way running is to our structures. He can be a little frustrating with his finishing in front of goal sometimes but I think experience will iron that out.
  20. FlashInThePan

    2018 Player Reviews: # 31 Bayley Fritsch

    I agree. This kid is a great get. Wing or high half forward are his best positions. He can intercept but I don't think the back is his best spot.
  21. FlashInThePan

    Farewell Dom Tyson

    Okay, okay... GENERALLY they don't recruit ball butchers
  22. FlashInThePan

    Farewell Dom Tyson

    I must be in the minority then. He is steady and solid, a great leader and heart and soul of this group. He brings 100% each game and has probably the least variance between best and worst games of anyone on our team. This is the kind of rubbish thinking that got Junior pushed out of the club. We could see the results of that shallow thinking play out for years.
  23. FlashInThePan

    Farewell Dom Tyson

    Hawthorn don't recruit players who kick like Tyson does
  24. FlashInThePan

    Jayden Hunt

    I put Brayshaw's number 10 on my jumper after his first year and I always thought he was just a clean run away from some special footy. He is a clean mover with excellent footy sense. I was surprised and pleased when Hunt produced what he did the season before last. Even during that season he still looked very one dimensional. I'm not going to write him off just yet though. I too thought Harmes didn't have enough in his bag of tricks and I am happy to be proven wrong on that one. Maybe with some Macca magic Hunt can produce a season like Harmes did this year.
  25. FlashInThePan

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    This This thread has multiple parts. It started with speculation based on something Boomer Harvey of all people said on SEN. Now we are discussing what sounds like the inevitable loss of a young key forward with mountains of potential. Seems like many are trying to equate one discussion with the other.