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  1. John Demonic

    Round 18 - Non MFC games

    How the [censored] did we not lose to Richmond by 120 points? Am I doing it right?
  2. John Demonic


    We can expose Henderson who's had 3 surgeries on his knee since October last year, have Hogan or Tmac run him around up the ground until he's exhausted
  3. John Demonic

    When we beat Geelong, I will...

    Forgive but never & forget until it happens again
  4. John Demonic


    Maybe you shouldn't bother watching
  5. John Demonic

    Will 12 be enough

    You definitely picked Brisbane and Freo last week too?
  6. John Demonic


    Who do we assign to Dangerfield when he's up forward? I thought Hibberd would be his man so now i'm quite unsure of who we have than can go with him.
  7. John Demonic

    Goodwin Presser 18/7

  8. John Demonic

    Hibberd Ruled Out of Cats Clash with Quad

    You forgot Dangerfield who is not in an easily boxed category, I thought Hibbo might've been our best option for him going into this game.
  9. John Demonic

    Hibberd Ruled Out of Cats Clash with Quad

    We basically need to do the third quarter v Bulldogs again, to all future opponents... so the defence is not needed.
  10. I really loved the looping handball he did into space to lead a player into an open goal, I think it was ANB who initially called for a handball which would've put himself under a little pressure. Has that footy IQ to know which is a better option and to not be afraid to override more senior players when he's in a better position to sum up what to do.
  11. John Demonic

    Who else do we realistically target at season end?

    Does anyone see us in need of a second tall defender alongside Omac to free up Lever as a 3rd tall? Or is it a matter of going with what we had pre-ACL and having Frost & Keilty as depth and Petty developing, next year?
  12. John Demonic

    Brent Harvey says we'll lose Jesse Hogan

    Ben Brown runs off with Cirque de Soleil perhaps?
  13. John Demonic

    There is a role for Bugg

    The only problem with Harmes as a tagger is that he might be too friendly a bloke!
  14. John Demonic

    vanders launches long bomb from the middle

    PLEASE DELETE THIS VIDEO (We can't let the NFL poach another one of our players!)
  15. John Demonic

    The Clarry Pass

    If I recall correctly, Joey Montagna had a 3-5 min video segment on Oliver on fox footy's 'The Weekend Lowdown' about 2 months ago saying he wasn't yet a top 5 (or was it top 10?) midfielder because of the kick/handball ratio, after Oliver texted in the week earlier in a joking way asking why he wasn't in the top midfielders of the AFL list that was run on the show. There was a slight shift the following weeks as you noticed him taking the kicking option a little more often. But the past month has been an absolute flip of the switch as you see how much confidence he now has to burst away and fire in those long bullet passes.