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  1. John Demonic

    Why the Dark Days May be Over

    Over for us, just beginning for the rest of the competition
  2. John Demonic


    "ADELAIDE URGED TO TARGET LEVER" How about we target the Doedoo bird in return?
  3. John Demonic

    Roos: Dees Pair the Next Big Things

  4. What about TMAC & OMAC, Aren't they related to DMAC?
  5. John Demonic

    Changes vs Adelaide

    Funny how people are offended that someone got offended, irony much? should probably thank the offended person for giving them an excuse to happily release the diatribe on "lefties"
  6. John Demonic

    Tom McDonald Contract Talks

    i wouldve thought that a few 100k could be knocked off the predictive future salarys of what the club thought tyson, hunt, garlett would be worth at start of year, and allocated for TMAC
  7. John Demonic

    Clarry vs Cripps

    id take parish over both clarry and cripps, if we're choosing who would make the best altar boy.
  8. John Demonic


    Im just glad no one has ever called him The Wiz
  9. John Demonic

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 9

    Called the tim smith over pedo selection after last weeks game. why? because we should be hedging our bets on developing two key forwards in the seniors. so both he and weid will cover for each other, in event of injury or in the hopefully unlikely event of losing one of them to another club should a big offer be made. We're also creating trade value that could net us something we need somewhere else should one player seek opportunity elsewhere because they've been superceded by the other. if theyre both developing w senior time they can also become interchangeable with mid/fwd role like Tmac and hoges and perhaps even all get a game in there together. Looking forward to seeing Tim Smith get his opportunity and seeing the boys get around him for a first goal.
  10. John Demonic

    Post Match Discussion - Round 8

    I agree that Weid has been playing a crucial role in freeing up Tmac and Hogan, and of course has had low impact as he's developing, but Weid for Viney is a bit silly structure wise. If Weid was to be omitted then perhaps we should look at a mature developmental replacement like Tim Smith. At least in that instance , we're hedging our bets on two players getting some good goes at snr level.Then at worst, you've got a player who's shown something and provides trade value if he is poached for opportunities. Or if staying, adds to list having super interchangeable depth should Weid be injured. Pedo at this stage is not hedging a bet as he'll be gone soon. Vfl watchers: Tim Smith? Having said all this I don't think now is time as we have a crucial match v Adelaide in two weeks , and should be settled 22.
  11. John Demonic


    Incorrect. We have none in the team as they're being rested for fear of re-injuries that will harm our chances of a back to back premiership. ?
  12. John Demonic

    Melbourne Father sons

    With or without Gary Lyon as the step ladder?
  13. John Demonic

    Melbourne Father sons

    It will be canned when we find out Essendon are running an underground fan insemination program with Hirds sprog
  14. John Demonic

    Melbourne Father sons

    I thought perhaps both couples attend the same outdoor gatherings w nudist drum circles in tipi's
  15. John Demonic

    Salem and the Nic Nat tackle.