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  1. Need to renew my mcc membership a lot earlier than usual
  2. 9.69 marks per a game. Surely not 9.69 intercept marks per game
  3. My 3 word player analysis V Brisbane

    Delete off IQ

    Some say if you walk past the mcg at night, you can still hear the collingwood boos
  5. Hand in your membership

    I didnt have that pleasure however i had the pleasure of sitting in n45 in the mcc where i was next to an essendon nuff nuff who kept wanting to talk about essendon and behind me were 2 old blokes who kept asking for 50m penalties for everything. Think ill go back to the standing area on the ground level next week

    How good is melksham on his left foot. Hit two absolute bullets today. Must be that weird dart kicking style
  7. GAMEDAY - Round 22

    Poor forward structure. Everyone leading back at goal with no one leading to the ball carrier. We've been lucky a few times where they've been out and its been max one out with someone small or jetta one out with hipwood
  8. GAMEDAY - Round 22

    Are we doing the free ticket thing again?
  9. GAMEDAY - Round 22

    Frankston line is absolutely chockers
  10. Casey Demons v Williamstown

    Jones has been good for his money
  11. Casey Demons v Williamstown

    He's been the beneficiary of us having to pay the salary cap
  12. Casey Demons v Williamstown

    A lot of his touches were in the last 5 minutes when they were icing the clock
  13. Casey Demons v Williamstown

    Watts strikes me as a person who likes footy but doesnt love footy. Seems happy enough to be in the 2s.
  14. All Australian: Which Dees Deserve a Nod?

    If i recall correctly. Priddis didn't make AA when he won the brownlow in 2014
  15. Aaron Davey's field kicking was elite. Salem is above average.