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  1. Not to fuel the fire but I actually think Weid is a better mark then Dec is. At this stage they wont be dropping Sammy for Dec. Could we play 3 tall forwards with Max and Dec rotating through the Ruck?
  2. Pruess, no. Like I said he was good in the ruck but did nothing else. Keilty maybe, here’s hoping. Not sure with Baker. Could be close to a debut but I’ve got no idea haha
  3. Oh I forgot Jordan and Chandler. Chandler was good, I kept having to look at the name sheet because I kept forgetting who he was but he had some good moments. Jordan was quiet but did okay as well.
  4. Casey came away with a well fought win today. It was hot and windy and by the start of the 4th quarter everyone was cooked but we held on against the wind to finish well. Our inside 50's and shots on goal were pretty terrible and we got hurt on the rebound a lot which will need work throughout the year. We were in control most of the day and should've won by a lot more. Final Score Casey 10 - 17 - 77 to Box Hill 10 - 6 - 66 Melbourne Listed Players (Be warned I wasn't in my normal viewing place so didn't have the best view of the ground and I was focusing on Dec most of the game): Stretch: Good attack on the ball and did well on the inside Kolodjashnij: Took a little while to get into the game, but reads the ball well off half back and has great skills. Could see him coming into the Seniors pretty soon. Lockhart: An average game by Jay's standards but did his usual good work Maynard: Didn't notice him a lot but he was inside all day and its hard to tell with loads of players around the ball who is doing well or not Bradtke: The surprise for mine. Was very quiet the first half but took some good grabs and kicked a goal in the second Bedford: Again didn't really notice him but did a couple of nice things out of the back pocket Preuss: Was a monster in the ruck around stoppages, but did nothing of note around the ground. Talking to him after the game he was running around sore J. Wagner: Solid game but made mistakes with the ball, his attack and aggression was great though Petty: Great game as the main key defensive peg with some good overhead grabs and spoils until he rolled his ankle in the last quarter Baker: I think he is going to be a good winger, runs hard and fast and hits the ball well. Some sloppy disposals though. Keilty: Best forward on the ground by a mile. Jumped well at the ball, took a few strong marks and if not he always bought it too ground. Did some good work at ground level too. Didn't do much Ruck work as Pruess probably did 80-90%. Was stuffed in the last quarter as he didn't come off the ground for the whole 2nd and 3rd quarters but I really liked his game. I am being biased but he played well. Did I miss anyone? Also Jade Rawlings is a great coach. I listened to the 3/4 time huddle and his instructions to the boys were well given and you could see the affect it had in the last quarter to enable us to hang on for the win.
  5. Got a good description after the game. It was actually Tim Mohr not Lewis. He had simultaneously dislocated his knee, and broken both his Tibia and Fibula. Dec said it was easily the worse injury he had ever seen.
  6. Fought hard and well against the wind to win 10-17-77 to 10-7-66 Will do a write up when I get home
  7. Petty limping off with a rolled ankle, doesn’t look too serious.
  8. Kolodjashnij has done some good stuff, Baker as well. Pruess dominating in the ruck at stoppages but otherwise not doing a lot. Stretch been good too. Casey have had most of the play but have missed easy shots and gotten hurt on the rebound. Casey 6-13-49 to BH 9-3-57 nearing 3/4 time
  9. 5 mins into the first quarter a Hawks player goes down holding his leg. I’m not sure what happened but the Umpires have called for an ambulance. Gonna be a while before play starts again.Poor bastard, never want to see injuries but definitely not serious injuries in a practice match.
  10. I’d like to think but there’s no way he’s playing down back with May and others to come in, he will have to find a spot as a FWD/Ruck
  11. Hey boys we know we’ve had a dodgy pre season, I wouldn’t be surprised if we have a [censored] start to the season with 4 or 5 loses before we kick into gear and come home strong. It’s gonna be a rough few weeks.
  12. Also I’ll be at the game tomorrow and will put a write up of how the AFL listed boys play
  13. Not sure where or how they would fit him into the side, but if Keilty has a good game in tomorrow’s VFL practice match I’d could see him come in for a chop out for Max. Fingers crossed boys.
  14. I had work until 10pm so I didn’t check the scores so I could watch the recording of the game when I got home. Really didn’t like the signs at 3/4 time so I check the scores..... yeah I’m not watching the last quarter. Disappoting start to the year boys. Let’s see what happens from here.
  15. Practice Match. VFL season doesn’t start until Round 3 of the AFL
  16. Box Hill at Casey Fields at 12pm on Sunday
  17. Awesome to see Corey getting a go. how good is it too see boys come from the VFL into the big time. We’ve got Fritsch, Wagner, Hore, Keilty as an emergency, Hibberd originally VFL as well. Good stuff.
  18. Yesssss boys awesome stuff. I said during the draft period I was really surprised Jay didn’t get picked up as a rookie. Some of the games he played for Casey last season were unreal. Handy pick up for sure and I’m super glad he gets a run at the big time.
  19. Keilty got found out a bit today, did a couple of nice things but was otherwise quiet. In his defence the rotations were screwed up. It was supposed to be him and Max rotating between forward and ruck but that didn’t happen as well as it should have. As such he wasn’t able to get settled and found himself out of position a lot. Was pretty awesome seeing him line up on Hodge though.
  20. Stoked Keilty is getting another run at it. Much stronger team this week, at a home ground should see us have a good hit out. Even the boys playing in the VFL will be good to watch.
  21. I do wear a Melbourne cap with his signature on it but that's as far as I'll go.
  22. Hahaha no I'm not that much of a nuffie. Although Dec has done some work with the cheer squad so he has a lot of fans amongst that group.
  23. Yeah. There is s a reason he was in the top 6, 8 out of the last 10 games for Casey last year. He puts in a lot of effort and is usually a very solid player in the VFL. Hopefully he gets an opportunity sometime this year and we can see if he can really handle it at the top level.
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