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  1. This is my thinking too, if they play both Pedo and Dec to rotate through the ruck, it frees up Watts to stay up forward and have a formidable forward line with Hogan. But as I and others have said, he isn't quite ready for AFL yet and needs more developing, but you never know.
  2. As much as I would love for this more than anyone to happen, Dec isn't ready for the AFL yet. Maybe some better form during the year might get him a gig but he needs at least another preseason in him.
  3. Was pretty imtimidating sitting there as a Dee supporter
  4. Flipper is playing in the development league of the VFL, so is a long way off. King looked really good for his first game in 12 months, but being he has had so little game time I very much doubt he is ready for AFL. Pedo has to come in.
  5. Any update on Bulls injury? Hoping hes okay
  6. This will be my 3rd game seeing live for the season! Pretty good effort considering I work many weekends and live 2 hours from Melbourne 😄 Having to use my MCC to get reserved tickets as the players reserve was already full but super keen for a big game in front of a big crowd. Hogan, Wattsy and Bull to kick 10+ between them!
  7. Copped a small corky and is pretty sore but will be fine, his cold should be all cleared up by next round too
  8. So not to continue this derailment of this thread into concussion talks, but the hit on Brayshaw was after he had desposed of the ball and Casey will look to get footage to present to the MRP to hopefully get some kind of repercussions to what was a dirty hit in a side that reportedly played dirty all game.
  9. So god damn happy Bull is back in the team!! Yeah he had a quiet second half in his debut but the bloke has worked so hard for his opportunities it's satisfying to see that getting rewarded.
  10. Your probably busy but how'd Dec go overall? He's carrying a cold atm
  11. Yes Dec!!!!! Back to back goals in the last QT
  12. Tommy Bugg killing it, 26 touches, 10 tackles and 4 goals at 3/4 time. Gotta be a shoe in for next week
  13. [censored] that's not good
  14. HT. A much better quarter from the boys. We lead 9.5 (59) to 4.7 (31) at the main break From Twitter
  15. HT Stats 👇🏽 Disposals - Bugg 17, Maynard 15, Kennedy 15, Ferreira 14. Goals - Fritsch 3, Bugg 2, Pedersen 2, Maynard, Lok.