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  1. Got to go into the rooms for the song, the boys were absolutely up and about!!! All getting around Sammy too What a win! Now for the seniors to finish it off tonight and make this one helluva day for the MFC!!!
  2. Some kid just won $1000 kicking a ball into the back of a ute with a hard top open
  3. What's the score anyone? The scoreboard at the ground is showing ads
  4. How good was Keilty's pack mark then!?
  5. That Weid mark was right in front of me!!!! What a game he's playing
  6. 2 were roosts from outside 50 the other 2 coming from strong marks in the hot spot
  7. Weids putting on an absolute show!!
  8. Just a heads up, Keilty's carrying a decent head cold. The Docs at the club gave him some good drugs but don't expect him to come out flying today
  9. Hey KC where do you usually find the team selections? Last season it was easy to find it on the VFL site or Facebook but I've been struggling to find it this year
  10. Will be televised on Channel 7 too
  11. You forgot Hannan, he did his job too well today to sum it up in 3 words. His pressure and ability to make a contest either in the midfield or up forward has been outstanding all season. How we managed to get him at pick 46 I'll never know.
  12. Gawn definitely in next week: http://www.afl.com.au/news/2017-06-18/gawn-no-more-big-max-set-to-return Who do we drop to make room for him? After today's performance I don't envy the selectors! Going to be hard to decide when all 22 blokes did their job.
  13. Pretty close I'd say, but almost impossible to call. So many of the boys contributed amazingly well today. What a win for both the AFL and VFL teams!!!
  14. Grand final replay, should be a good precursor to to the Sunday game!
  15. So just a little update on Keilty, he was feeling real crook for the first half of the game against the Pies, but managed to settle it after half time, but don't worry I got into him after his poorly missed goal hahaha Just want to remind people that he played as a key defender all of last year, and trained as a key defender during all of pre-season. So now that Melbourne want him to play in a Ruck-Forward role, it is going to take some time for him to really learn, develop and prosper in his new job. He is a late bloomer sorta player who probably won't hit his prime for another couple of years. For those calling for his delisting at the end of one season, I think is very short sighted.