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    Keilty will be an emergency this week, just to give him a taste of the pre-game routine, and incase a big man goes down. Was told it was a reward for his latest form.
  2. What!?!?! This is news to me! He's still at work so I haven't spoken to him yet. I wonder why they've done this, if he was getting a debut I assume he would've been told by now, and he hasn't rang me to tell me so. So maybe they just want to use him as an emergency, or possibly a backup for finals?
  3. Casey Demons v Williamstown

    So Keilty was in the hurt locker today, had some foot issues that required a jab, nothing too serious. And damaged his hand in the 3rd quarter after a contest. Despite this I thought he played pretty well, not as good as his last couple of weeks but got his hands to the ball and took some important grabs.
  4. Casey Demons v Williamstown

    Umpiring pretty bad today
  5. Casey Demons v Williamstown

    A goal to Moncreiff after the siren from 50m sees Casey obiliterate Willy's dev team 23-21-159 to 5-6-36 Great start to the weekend for the Dee's
  6. Casey Demons v Williamstown

    Rain coming now, hopefully it passes before the VFL game
  7. Casey Demons v Williamstown

    Just arrived. It's wet but doesn't look like a lot of rain is coming, a little windy but I don't think it'll be too bad. Should be a good day for footy.
  8. Casey Demons v Williamstown

    I've asked myself the same question, the dude is an absolute beast and destroys anyone he rucks against. He just out-bodies everyone who tries to take him on. Im not sure the reason he's never been on an AFL list, maybe he's been offered in the past but turned it down because he has a great career already? I don't know, Rookies don't make a lot of money. Also from what I've seen, his endurance is pretty terrible and requires a swap out quite frequently, which doesn't sit well with a lot of AFL coaches. Maybe he likes to drink and smoke a lot, who knows.

    Hahaha damn iPhone autocorrecting Hannan to Hannah

    Looks like I had solid intel
  11. Casey Demons v Williamstown

    Just pulling up the stats now. FYI for anyone that is interested, you can download the 'Footy Live' app for IOS which eventually has all the stats from all the high-level games nation wide. AFL, VFL, SANFL, WAFL, NEAFL etc. Its pretty great. So it was round 15 (3 weeks ago) Williamstown home game, they beat the Dogs 102 - 23. Willy kicked 16.6 where as Footscray kicked 2.11 It doesn't tell me any stoppage stats but the Dogs actually won the inside 50 count 57-45. The disposals, kicks, handballs, marks, and tackles are all about even but Willy had double the Rebound 50's, and obviously for whatever reason the Dogs just wasted all opportunities going forward, probably had some crazy wind down at Burbank Oval that day. It's hard to know going from this limited information to really tell, but to me it looks to me that even with the ruck dominance (103-37 hit-outs for the day) Footscray's midfield still won the majority looking at the Inside 50's and Rebound 50's count. Its hard to get a good understanding of this game because those are some crazy stats, and without actually seeing it I couldn't tell you exactly but that's what I can extract from the information. Hopefully being a Casey Home game, even if it is windy we seem to use it well at home so the ruck dominance shouldn't matter too much. When Casey played Williamstown in Round 1 they lost the hit-outs 83-18, and lost the game by 4 goals. That was at Burbank Oval however, and although you could argue the Casey line up was stronger that day, given Pedo, Hibbo, O.Mac and Bull were playing that day, with Frost and Bugg into the side, along with Casey's current form and home ground advantage, this is absolutely Casey's game to lose. Sorry for the long winded response, but I do love my footy stats

    Stretch coming in for Viney, Hogan replacing Weideman. Kennedy the carry-over emergency. So the bench will be Brayshaw, Stretch, Hannah and Wagner. Maynard and Sammy playing for Casey. This might change tonight but that's the team as of right now.
  13. Casey Demons v Williamstown

    Meese is in great form at the moment too, had 94 hit-outs against Footscray a couple of weeks ago. Gonna be a big test for King and Watts. No Salem, but I'm expecting Bugg to come out swinging (hopefully not literally) With Keilty, Frost and Hutchins down back it's gonna be hard for Williamstown to score, but the Gulls are one of only 2 teams to have beaten Casey at Casey Fields in the last 2 years. I'm cautiously optimistic we can win, but it's not gonna be easy.

    Lin Jong did it last year and destroyed Casey in the VFL Grand Final, its crazy what those inserted plates can achieve
  15. Changes v Brisbane

    Keilty playing VFL, probably Maynard to come in for Viney if he doesn't get up