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  1. Yesssss boys awesome stuff. I said during the draft period I was really surprised Jay didn’t get picked up as a rookie. Some of the games he played for Casey last season were unreal. Handy pick up for sure and I’m super glad he gets a run at the big time.
  2. Keilty got found out a bit today, did a couple of nice things but was otherwise quiet. In his defence the rotations were screwed up. It was supposed to be him and Max rotating between forward and ruck but that didn’t happen as well as it should have. As such he wasn’t able to get settled and found himself out of position a lot. Was pretty awesome seeing him line up on Hodge though.
  3. Stoked Keilty is getting another run at it. Much stronger team this week, at a home ground should see us have a good hit out. Even the boys playing in the VFL will be good to watch.
  4. I do wear a Melbourne cap with his signature on it but that's as far as I'll go.
  5. Hahaha no I'm not that much of a nuffie. Although Dec has done some work with the cheer squad so he has a lot of fans amongst that group.
  6. Yeah. There is s a reason he was in the top 6, 8 out of the last 10 games for Casey last year. He puts in a lot of effort and is usually a very solid player in the VFL. Hopefully he gets an opportunity sometime this year and we can see if he can really handle it at the top level.
  7. No you are correct. Was originally going to be Ruck/Fwd with more forward time to give TMac and Weid some more rest, but the combo with him and Preuss in the ruck was working better so they chose to keep him Ruck only. Would've liked to see him go forward and maybe kick a goal but he showed some good signs. Obviously was helped out a lot by the fact he was much fresher coming off a 2 quarter break but still competed well and made up for a couple of mistakes. We will see what happens from here.
  8. Yeah they’re only playing the second half
  9. Keen to see how Keilty can handle this level. Coming up against a very strong defence so if he does well he’ll take a lot of confidence from it.
  10. Corey Wagner gonna be a great addition I reckon
  11. I like drinking and 167 sounds cool 😂
  12. Vanders looking really proppy, grabbing at his foot. He is trying to fight through it but doesn’t look in a good way.
  13. One of his best games this season was against Port Melbourne when they threw him forward in the last quarter. I still maintain Dec almost singlehandley won Casey that game. No one was hanging on to marks forward of centre but he was able to bring down 4 or 5 big grabs, set up a couple of goals and kicked one himself. Got BOG that game too.
  14. Can’t say for sure but given Keilty has played forward before many times, I’d bet good money of him being trained as a forward next season.
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