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  1. worldwideweb_demon

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Yikes, so many pages? Not sure what I've missed but reading the last few, it doesn't seem much. I think it's pretty simple. We need to trade Hogan. It's about getting the best deal for the club so that we don't get shafted as we always do when guys go out of contract, like Jeff Farmer. Problem is Freo isn't going to offer too much in return. We have to use our head here and know that if Jesse doesn't extend his contract, we're going to get very little this time next year. Best outcome is to trade now. I know it's hard to accept that given how much we love Jesse.
  2. worldwideweb_demon

    Who are our bottom six? And where do they rate?

    Haha funny how people dissect such things. I'll beat everyone and say one team's average player has to be better than the other teams average player. By logic, if the average player is better than the opposing team's average player, their team wins. If they are the same, it's a draw
  3. worldwideweb_demon

    3 Dees in 22Under22

    Let's hope he can do it twice then. Don't think they've done that.
  4. worldwideweb_demon

    3 Dees in 22Under22

    Anyone know the list of players that have made both All Australian and the under 22 team? It must be a special achievement by our Clarry.
  5. worldwideweb_demon

    If Clarry CHOO CHOO DOESNT make AA I will..

    Tmac & Hogan
  6. worldwideweb_demon

    Who do we realistically target for a trade?

    Think those picks are wrong. It's 36, 43, 54 and 90.
  7. worldwideweb_demon

    Jimmy Toumpas

    Club stuffed up too many times. Can't change that. Look forward.
  8. worldwideweb_demon

    Rd 23: AFL Team of the Week

    No big deal. Think about it.. even if no dee makes the all australian team but we win the flag, I couldn't care less. Think again.. we are in the finals!!!! who cares what Cornes thinks? His team of the week can have 22 port players. I can't wait for Friday week!! Damn AFL had to have a bye...
  9. worldwideweb_demon

    The Elephant in the Room

    Not directly the camp but more than 50% of professional sport is mental. Just look at our tennis stars as example, they have been blessed with talent but lack the mental application. Making that 4 foot putt to win a golf major or kicking it through the sticks to win the flag. All about performing under immense pressure. Without pressure, any Joe down the street can do it. The camp may or may not help at all, but I fear the boys don't want to push themselves to the next level.
  10. worldwideweb_demon

    If we beat Meth Coast I will ...

    and still expect the club to send out info on final tickets before the game
  11. worldwideweb_demon

    Run home to Finals - 2018

    Desperate or not, there is no way in hell I'm cheering for the Pies. We either beat Eagles or I rather not make up the 8. If Melbourne can't win, the only small satisfaction is seeing Collingwood lose.
  12. worldwideweb_demon

    Run home to Finals - 2018

    Since finals are out of the question, I say we just try to tank and get draft picks.
  13. worldwideweb_demon

    What is the point?

    We're all in it together. Some hurt more than others. I gave up hope for a premiership when we lost lever (i dont think our backline is good enough without him). I gave up hope for the season and finals after the st kilda loss, yet for some reason the cats loss still stung badly. The way i see it, we're out of the finals race. I told my friends to put money on the dees to miss the 8 at those juicy odds. They were amazed when we were sitting at 4th position but they are not suffering demons supporters. Disappointment isnt in their dna. If we happen to beat the eagles or the giants, i will take it as a bonus. Due to work and family, i dont attend too many games and sadly the ones i've gone to with my kids were all horrible losses: hawks, tigers, pies and now swans. Young daughter would ask why we always leave early so i promised to stay to the end yesterday. My daughter tells me 'daddy our team is useless'. She doesnt understand the pain and i let her sing and dance to the swans song at the end.
  14. worldwideweb_demon

    Run home to Finals - 2018

    What's with the pages and pages of ladder predictions... Never done the ladder predictor ever before but I've got us finishing top after Tigers are upset by Essendon then rest their star players in the last round. Eagles to lose to Port also.
  15. worldwideweb_demon


    Already made plans to go the snow. No jokes. I wonder if people have made plans for the school holidays in September?