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  1. Port Melb VFL Premiers 2017

    Lucas cook now a VFL Premiership Player.
  2. The Brandon Jack Thread

    Tough crowd..
  3. The Brandon Jack Thread

    Has been delisted by the swans. With their midfield depth I can see how he would of struggled to get a game. In my opinion and from what I've seen. Definitely worth a look!
  4. 17 Years Ago: At the Gates of Glory

    Brad Green on SEN Afternoons talking through his career.
  5. 17 Years Ago: At the Gates of Glory

    Funnily enough I don't remember much of the game except for Woewodens run down tackle and goal.. Then lining up for GF ticket registration straight after. (I was 14)
  6. Farewell Jack Trengove

    Col was an overrated one way runner..
  7. Farewell Jack Trengove

    This bloke deserves life membership more so than A Colin Sylvia did..
  8. Dom Tyson - Yes or No ?

  9. Delistings

  10. Delistings

  11. The Angus Scott Thread

    I think he has abit more than that in the tank.. the elite performance set up might bring it out.
  12. The Angus Scott Thread

    When I watched Casey this year. This guy was all over it, reasonable shot on goal with good speed too. Thoughts?

    By god! Did I enjoy watching that Second Quarter of Essendons Final..
  14. To trade Watts or not to trade Watts..?

    He'll no. His name is a click bait special! came back poor after injury. So may have never really gotten back to full fitness.. was at his peak v the dogs.. had he continued on that form he would of propelled us to top 4 not just the 8!!
  15. 2017 Post Mortem