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  1. 2018 Membership Thread

    So did Danger until he got older.
  2. 2018 Membership Thread

    Kids only play 2 seasons. Bursts away from packs. Wins ball out of the middle. Loves a goal. Takes a good contested mark. Kicks long. Strong core. Over confident cheeky bastard. Yeah nothing like Danger..
  3. 2018 Membership Thread

    As [censored] off as I was at the end of the 2017 season. I unfollowed all melbourne social media content and gave it away. Two weeks ago was bored watched about an hrs worth of Jones Hogan & Petracca highlights, now I’m keen again. As far as I’m concerned Petracca is the next Danger in waiting! Been a member since 2011 (off my own back not dads) next year makes it 8 in a row & 3 as red leg. I sat through 2012-14.. I’M NOT JUMPING OFF NOW!!!
  4. 20 Great Games

    Happy to say in recent times I was at Geelong v Melb in 2015 one of the few to stay til the end for Corey Enrights 300 😂😂😂 AND For some unknown reason went to Adelaide last year and watch us Stone the Crows to the tune of 41pts!!
  5. List Analysis Potential v Reality

    Vanished in the last month??! What games were watching? Dominated Port Brisbane and the Saints? I really wonder about demonland sometimes..
  6. List Analysis Potential v Reality

    I think the only thing you’ve botched is saying Pedersen isn’t starting 22. He is 💯% starting 22. Hands are as good as Hogan’s reliable Kick has a massive tank and can play ruck. Hope he starts rd1 and makes Weiderman warm his spot. If the Weid starts rd1 on potential again I’ll be annoyed.
  7. Jack Trengove signed by Port Adelaide as a Delisted Free Agent

    This is fantastic news! Glad he gets a lifeline and Probly makes it easier for him that his great mate Watts will be there with him.
  8. Top 10 Exciting Demons

    Yeah I have to agree! I was playing too much footy on Saturday’s to see Davey live at his peak. Saw plenty of Jurrah! Absolute freak show! Also remember I think Howe’s debut maybe not but he kicked 6 against WCE at Etihad and was jumping on blokes Heads for fun!
  9. The 2018 Fixture Thread

    I would rather 4pts
  10. The 2018 Fixture Thread

    Amen brother!
  11. The 2018 Fixture Thread

    I look forward to watching Viney murder him if he plays!
  12. The 2018 Fixture Thread

    Playing Adel and Freo In NT is a [censored] joke. We should be playing another Victorian team otherwise what’s the advantage? The club needs to end this stupid sponsorship ASAP!!

    Short answer. You need both. Toughness can be gut running and it can be physically endangering ones self. No point having skill if there is no one to get it to them!
  14. Peter Jackson on SEN 24/10/17

    I disagree but his suspension cost us at least 1 win.
  15. Peter Jackson on SEN 24/10/17

    The club needs to string along Peter Jackson for the next 13 years! This bloke is a very well articulated man!