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  1. Viney started the game at a bull out of a gate & actually played a very good defensive game.
  2. Hold his spot because he actually links up at Half forward. Carey was saying about Daniher. The harder thing to do as a Fwd is win the ball (which Bugg is foing) as soon as he starts kicking straighter he'll more than hold his spot. (Side Note seems to me as Ben Kennedys papers have been stamped)
  3. goal kicking

    Garlett now needs 5 goals to bring up 100 at melbourne in and from 50 Games for Melbourne. Lets hope he does on QB. And with rumours flying around Hogan may be back QB (and only needs 4 to kick his 100th) Let's hope both of these milestones happens and we make it 5 in a row against those flogs from Victoria Park!
  4. If we go 6-6 with a good percentage. I Think we can make it.
  5. I don't think our draw is as tough as it looks. Our last 3 games are all at the G against teams outside of the 8 as it stands now. Saints Brisbane & Collingwood.
  6. Best game so far: Yet to Happen Worst game so far: Fremantle Most improved player: Frost/Oliver A player who needs to lift: Watts Who is currently leading the Bluey?: Oliver Best recruit: Mitch Hannan Will we make the finals?: No I've seen 8 games live this year & Not felt comfortable in anyone of them. Injuries have hurt us after being relatively lucky last year. Can't see us making the 8. We would need a lot of luck to get in from 5-5 after rd10. The losses to Freo & Hawthorn will end up costing us.
  7. Couldn't agree more about Bugg. He has been linking up at Half forward beautifully for us. I'd be more inclined to push him to a wing so he has less shots..
  8. I'd be reluctant to do it. But Watts last 3 weeks have been sub par. Been opting for chest marks instead of hands out front, looks lethargical.. (Dream Scenario) IN Gawn Hogan Salem Out Wagner Oscar Bugg? (Likely Scenario) IN Salem OUT Wagner
  9. Of All of them. I want to beat collingwood twice. So next year in the preview blurb, we have will have beaten them 5 times in a row!
  10. Don't know about you guys. But I'd live to have Viney lining up next to Zak Jones in Melbs midfield for the next ten years.. Can never have too much Jones!
  11. Much of a muchness.. depends on how good your internet is. Good enough for me!
  12. If anyone is still trying to watch it on an IPad. Settings>General>Accesibilty Turn zoom on Turn up the magnification. Then when you tap with three fingers to Zoom It will zoom in and make the game fill 75-80% of the screen and cut out most of the useless champion data stats.
  13. Valid point. But with Frost showing more run out of defence. Imagine him being able to kick over the top or kick to Hunt on a fast break?
  14. I'd like to see Hunt started at Half Forward.. He like Kent is quick (er) Plays tall. Takes the game on. But Hunt is better by hand. Not limited to one side. A better kick and applies more defensive pressure.
  15. We don't have anyone good enough to play as a modern day CHF. Hogan has barely played & Watts/Pedersen have had to ruck because Gawn has been missing. Weiderman doesn't know when to lead and not do our smaller fwd.. No one leads at the ball carrier.. they all want the cheap out over the top..