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  1. Dæmonic

    Trade Radio Discussion

    "Required players" are worth much more than those publicly on the table.. Of course he said that. Almost all players are tradeable, dependant on the offer.
  2. Dæmonic

    Trade Radio Discussion

    You'd have to admit that's some seriously good injury list depth..
  3. Dæmonic

    Trade Radio Discussion

    Well it's not a Howe meeting..
  4. Dæmonic

    Trade Radio Discussion

    Prestia and O'Meara mega trade a year early for better value..
  5. Dæmonic

    Harley Bennell

    Jetta has just announced he's leaving Sydney for WA, so that part of his leak/prophecy has been fulfilled...
  6. Dæmonic

    Demonland Supercoach 2015 Comp.

    Anyone want to join a league, you're welcome. I was Daemons last year, in Cordner, I think. Crackton (528715) Oh, and I'm in Cordner as The Sickness this year, btw.
  7. Dæmonic

    Just rang Sportsbet

    Sorry mate, and all. Rest assured that you'll all be out of your misery soon.
  8. Dæmonic

    Just rang Sportsbet

    I'm not worried - I know we will get him, but I can't divulge why (in someone's confidence). I don't know when it will be announced though. People that know me over at Demonology should know that I don't start rumours, or regurgitate hearsay or crap (actually, the latter may be debatable for some, lol). I hope this will make some of you feel better. That said, I will apologise if it turns out he says he wants to go elsewhere. Regardless, if we hear that it's not Melbourne, that in all likelihood will not be the final word - we won't know until he is signed, sealed and delivered on paper - until we see him in a brand spanking new guernsey. There's a lot of chatter going on at the moment, mainly because West Coast want the best deal possible, and the only way this will happen is if multiple clubs go into bidding battle against each other. The most tangible senario is that he chose Melbourne a long time ago, but added 3 other (powerful) clubs to his list to get his price jacked up and not alienate himself from the many close friends he is leaving behind in WA. Anyway, like I said, hope this will calm some nerves and make people feel a little better - for a while. Chopper.